28 January 2019

Loyalty cards: Are they worth it?

I don't know about anyone else, but my purse is constantly overflowing with cards, vouchers and receipts from different shops, and it seems like everyone has a reward card to offer. But how much do these really benefit us as a consumer and how many of them are just another piece of plastic to carry around? I decided to feature my own loyalty card key to go with the post, 5 cards is the best and 1 is totally not worth it. I hope this helps and let me know in the comments which your favourite one is. P.s. Check out this amazing post on Mrs Pinch about getting the best freebies on your birthday! 

Hands down, Boots have one of my favourite loyalty schemes and give me the most reason to always go back. With vouchers on their app, as well as special ones in the post every quarter the points quickly add up. Although you can only use them if it covers your purchase in full which to me is their biggest downfall, however you soon find out that they build up quickly. If you're an avid makeup fan like myself, I am forever getting bonus points buying different makeup items. Plus the vouchers get more tailored towards you based on previous purchases. 150 points for buying a lipstick? Yes, please! You can spend the points on just about anything in store too.
Similarly to Boots, the points rack up and you can spend them on your purchases, Superdrug has the advantage of letting you use your points to part pay for items, which is always good when you get to the till and they offer for you to take some points off your card. The points do always seem to be harder to build up, it feels like many purchases are needed to even get a pound or two off the bill. If you're a regular shopper I would advise signing up to their card, plus you get free delivery and special online offers for being a beauty card member. 

Costa and Nero:

Both coffee chains have a reward card worth being a part of. Each drink gets you closer to a free drink with Nero it's every 10th drink free and the Costa points add up each time you purchase from them. With Costa, you can scan the machines at the grab and go stations too which is great as I live across the road from Co-Op which has one in. If you're massive coffee (or tea) drinker it's worth getting one of these cards/apps.
Hell to the yes, the Nandos card is way worth it. With Nandos, you collect chillis on your card which can be redeemed as a variety of food items, dependant on the number of chillis on your account. These are coloured so you always know where you're at if you use their app. You can get points equal to be able to get a starter (their houmous is to die for!) or save them up to be able to get a full on meal! I know that if you eat chicken (I am that person who goes and is vegetarian) each chilli works out at 1/4, 1/2 and a whole chicken. 

The Debenhams beauty card is one I've never really used prior to signing up a few weeks back. The card itself is similar to other beauty ones, once you have earned 500 points this gets turned into a £5 voucher which you can use as part payment towards an item or if you have enough points you can use it pay for a product. The points are 3 points per pound so it can take a while to build them to something worthwhile. If you're a regular shopper though I'd recommend. Also for your birthday Debenhams offer you a free eyebrow wax with Benefit and a facial from Elizabeth Arden which is a pretty good deal on its own. You can also go into the store each month and collect selected deluxe samples. The main downside of the Debenhams beauty card is that your points expire after 24 months. 
The Works:
My first job was actually in the works, it was a dream at the time as the discount was amazing, plus their products are cheap af. Recently I've been told about their reward card which each quarter they turn your points into a voucher when you have a fiver. Which in the works you can buy a pretty large amount of stuff or at least a chunk of a purchase. I usually purchase their craft items so it will quickly build up for me. 
Paperchase has a Treat Me reward system. The way in which it works is once you spend £50 you get a £5 voucher, which isn't bad. They give you a £5 gift card on your birthday which has no minimum spend which again is pretty good. When you buy 6 cards you get the 7th for free and Paperchase isn't short of cards so you'll get a free one in no time and finally, they offer a free upgrade to next day delivery which is fab. 

Ikea offers a variety of perks on their card which is called the family card. I think in terms of getting the most out of your card then and there the Ikea one is the best. They offer an extra 10% off sale items, as well as discounts on a variety of items throughout the store just for being a family member. You can get free tea or coffee when you visit a store, no strings attached and a variety of food offers too, and when the food is already super cheap you can't really get much better. 
Late last year TKmaxx brought out their own reward card, it isn't a points type one, and to this day I still don't understand the worth of a card. I signed up as the guy said if I signed up, I'd get a free tote bag and I had a lot of stuff so I went for it. I haven't actually been asked for it since I am pretty sure all that the card does is enter you into monthly giveaways which is a bit disappointing compared to other reward schemes. 

What are your thoughts on Loyalty cards?


  1. I have most of these too. I actually love my loyalty cards, the other day I paid for my whole order in costa with my points and it felt like a win!

  2. Boots is my absolute fave loyalty card. I use it SO much. The one I'm most disheartened with is Pets at Home - they literally send me expired vouchers every single time. I'm not sure what the whole point of it is!

    Louise x

  3. I have a few - most of the supermarket ones as we buy other stuff not just food from there (fuel etc) so they're useful and Costa, Boots, Superdrug, Subway. I use some of them regularly and some barely at all but I keep them all just in case haha

  4. I freaking LOVE loyalty cards, particularly Boots and I use it constantly! The points really build up quickly and I like to use them to treat myself. I don't really like to spend money on makeup and stuff for me, so boots points are perfect for that!

  5. Fatima30/1/19

    Even I have a lot of loyalty cards, but to be very frank, I never use those cards.

  6. I think we only use Costa and Subway although I like the sound of Boots.

  7. I have Tesco, Sainsbury's, Boots and Suoerdrug. In fact I have a purse full but those are the ones I use

  8. Really good round up here. the bottom line is if you spend in the store anyway then you might as well have one. Boots is my fav too xx