17 January 2019

Junkyard Golf Club Manchester Review

Since I discovered Junkyard Golf Club last year, I've wanted to visit as from pictures it looks amazing and what is not to love about bright lights, alcohol and mini golf right? With three themed courses. I believe that they do vary from place to place, but they do let you know once you arrive the choices. You can pre-book to make sure you get the course of your choice as at busy times I am assuming it's a lot harder to get in. The three courses at the Manchester Junkyard Club are Pablo, Gary and Bozo. With Pablo being a jungle theme, Gary being a scrapyard and Bozo being a clown theme. The Golf Club was a 5-minute walk from our hotel and decided to just go for it. Remember your ID as you will need it to get in. There is a bar downstairs which I wish we had of gone to, as when we went upstairs we were greeted by a huge group of people all waiting to served drinks. Whilst I was waiting for a drink, Will went and got the tickets for the course. The tickets are £8 in the week which I thought was super reasonable. Will chose the Pablo course, then we were both given wrist bands and time we can go into the course. There is a cloakroom at Junkyard, however, I forgot to bring any change so couldn't use it, wouldn't recommend lads. Carrying your coat around is super annoying. My drink was super full of ice and was similar to a slush puppy and kept melting everywhere so we had to sort that out before progressing. 

When we walked through to the Pablo course we were greeted by a photo booth which I knew we had to take advantage of and luckily for us, it was free and all done online, then you can get a GIF of your images for your social media and I had mine emailed to me, to allow me to use it in this post yay. The course was 9 holes and filled with amazing surprises. The whole place was lit up and was rammed with props. It looked amazing and from above we could see the Bozo course, I was a little bit envious as it looked more colourful than the one we were doing and I'd definitely go for that course next time. Each of the holes has a name which is on a screen and the screen also tells you how many shots you should have at each hole, which is definitely not a lot. Some of the holes were crazy and I can't imagine how much worse they'd be when drunk, however, it was so much fun and we couldn't stop laughing. Going with a group of friends would be even more fun as there are plenty of opportunities to take selfies and enjoy your drinks along the way. 

The course itself is full of stuffed animals which I thought was a great touch to the course, as well as lights which allowed the course to be a variety of different colours. Throughout the course, I felt more confident in my ability to do mini golf. I mean previously I've only done it when I was under 10 when it was the middle of summer and the last time was when I was hungover, the last two I wouldn't recommend. The Junkyard Golf Club is a lot of fun and great for date night, meeting up with friends and is an experience for sure. To finish off the night we went and had a drink at the downstairs bar before heading back to our hotel. The next time I go, I will definitely be taking some change to get rid of my coat. 

Have you ever been to the Junkyard Golf Club?


  1. A Junkyard Golf opened up in Leeds a couple of months ago and I STILL haven't been. I'm desperate to go as I bloody love mini golf, especially themed courses. Definitely going to have to schedule a visit into my diary for the very near future.


  2. I'm booked to visit friends in Manchester in May, so I might suggest a visit here. I'm not very good at golf but it will be a good laugh

  3. wow this sounds like a fun time! haven't done mini golf since my friend's hen do but will have to find to go again sometime soon xx

  4. I've been to junkyard golf in London and it's so much fun even though I'm so bad at mini golf x

  5. This place looks so much fun! We have a similar mini golf place called Mr Mulligan's Lost Golf near us that I'm dying to visit.