Birthday Wishlist 2019

This is a collaborative post.

There are less than two weeks until my Birthday, which is somewhat exciting and rubbish at the same time, having a January birthday sucks *a lot* as nobody has any money, everyone is depressed as they've had to go back to work and Christmas is over for another year. Oh, plus everyone is broke and nobody wants to do anything. I am not alone in this as I know people who have their birthday so close to Christmas and even ones who are born on Christmas day (now that's a poor end of the deal) as a child it was the greatest thing having a Birthday so close as any presents you didn't get for Christmas could then move over to your Birthday wishlist. As an adult, the wishlists get smaller and more expensive, and for my 24th Birthday there so many designer pieces I'd love to get, my favourite brand Love Moschino is on OD's Designer Clothing and I couldn't help but lust over what could be. 

Love Moschino, Olivia Burton, Android Trainers and Boss are just some of the brands on site and they even have a sale currently. Which I have to admit is one of the few perks to having a January Birthday, sales, sales and more sales. Being able to get a lot for your money is always a plus. I thought I'd share with you some of my wishlist faves and I would love to know in the comments which of these items is your favourite.

Olivia Burton Mother of Pearl Watch-
Last year I got into wearing a watch after being gifted my own Adexe watch, and I couldn't imagine not wearing it now. For ages I've been lusting over the Olivia Burton watches and when I saw the Mother of Pearl watch I fell in love. It's such a 'me' item. 

Love Moschino Stud Clutch-
I was instantly drawn to this bag after seeing the colour and the studs and then found it was a Love Moschino item and I was completely sold, it's a gorgeous red colour and looks like a great bag for going out with as it has the chain on. I also saw their purse and had to add that to the list as it's a great size and will last for years. 

Swarovski Mickey iPhone 7/8 Case-
Anyone who knows me knows that I am a huge fan of phone cases and I currently own around 10, possibly more. However, when I saw this Swarovski Mickey phone case it instantly caught my eye. This is the phone case of dreams for sure.

Olivia Burton Daisy Earrings- 
As much as I'd love to buy tons of earrings for every occasion my ears won't allow it. So I have to buy ones which are sterling silver, these are adorable and perfect for the spring and summer months. Adorable

Valentino Belt-
There's just something about having a designer belt isn't there? I feel like it makes any outfit that bit more stylish with a belt in tow. As you can tell I am digging the red this year, and this belt is timeless.

Love Moschino Tee-
The final item on my wishlist is from Love Moschino *shocker*, this studded heart t-shirt would be great to wear on a day to day basis to work and would look great dressed up and down dependant on what you pair it with. 

*This post is in collaboration with OD's Designer Clothing, but all thoughts are my own and if anyone fancies buying me anything off my wishlist, *hint hint Will* I'd be super happy.