Lush: Meet Me Under The Mistletoe First Impressions.

I've had an on-off relationship with Lush for the last few years, mostly for the reason of not having a bath, the stores being too far away and not really having the chance to explore what is new in their stores. I was recently invited to the new Lush store in Birmingham but was sadly unable to make the event, however, they were super kind and sent me over a gift set to review instead. From what I saw of the outside of the store last time I was in Birmingham it's going to be a lot bigger than their old store and have a similar layout to the Oxford Street store. Over the last few years, I've noticed Lush have started to tailor towards those who don't have baths by offering alternatives such as shower scrubs, soaps and bubble bars. I will always be a fan of their bath bombs as they will always be one of a kind and give you that full bath 'experience'. From Lush I received the Meet Me Under The Mistletoe gift box which retails at £80.00, I thought I'd do a post based on first impressions of the box, value for money and also go a little further in depth into some of the products. I will be doing this post in two parts due to the high amount of goodies within the gift set. 

Let me know in the comments below what your thoughts are on this box so far. 

Cranberry Fizz Lip Scrub:
The first thing I ever purchased from Lush was one of their lip scrubs and loved it. Many years later, trying a new one of their lip scrubs I am still madly in love. Not only is it simple to use and makes your lips feel so much healthier, but it also looks adorable too. Simply to use, you rub a small amount over your lips and then buff it in and ta-daaa, smooth and moisturised lips should be yours once more. I love to use lip scrubs around once a week as that usually does the trick. 

Holly Berry Massage Bar

Holly Berry Massage Bar:
I am yet to try a massage bar from Lush, but I am excited as I have heard great things about them, the massage bar in this set has a Christmas scent to it, however, it isn't a smell I am familiar with. The key ingredients within the bar are cocoa, mango, illipe butter and buchu. Although I am not the biggest fan of the scent of this massage bar it's not massively overpowering so I would still be happy to use this. Plus the design on the bar is adorable and super simplistic. 

The four pots:
Magic Crystals-
I opened the pot of magical crystals and was greeted with a bright purple liquid and the smell of mint, which instantly made me feel more relaxed, the smell is strong and I feel like it does clear your airways when using this in the shower alongside the hot water. It's such a great feeling using this is in the shower to exfoliate your body. Left my body feeling smooth and refreshed and would purchase a full sized pot of this for sure. 

Bucks Fizz-
When I opened the pot of Bucks Fizz I fell in love, it's the fresh citrus scent I've been pining for throughout the box so far. The body conditioner is similar to a moisturiser however you don't apply when dry. Whilst drying off rub this all over your body for a complete moisture boost and to smell amazing. A little really does go a long way in the form of this bad boy.

Charity Pot- 
I have not actually ever tried a 'charity pot' before, but I wish I had, not only do all proceeds (minus VAT) go to charity, it is one of the best creams I've ever used on my hands. I am yet to try it on my body, but I rate it for sure. I will be buying another one of these next time I am near a lush! 

Pink Peppermint-
Bright pink peppermint scented intense moisturiser for your feet. After one try of this, it improved the dryness on my feet as well as making them feel relaxed and less achy and as an added bonus they were left smelling great too! 

 Strawberry Santa Soap:
When Santa arrived, one of his eyes had sadly fallen off, however, once we gave him some eye surgery he was back to his usual self #phew. This Strawberry scented soap is one of a kind. Shaped like Santa and even after it is used it keeps its shape which is amazing, you can use this soap for just about anything, I love how moisturising it is on your skin and I am sad it is limited edition as I would love to buy it over and over. 

Rose Jam Shower Gel:
One thing Lush are always amazing at creating without a doubt are shower gels, and they last ages, I remember a few years ago I had a huge bottle of snow fairy and it just didn't seem to go down at all. The Rose Jam shower gel stays smelling strong long after your shower has ended which is always a win. Don't let the idea of it being all about roses get into your head as in previous years this has put me off buying it, Lush describes Rose Jam as "Turkish rose absolute and conditioning argan oil dance their dizzyingly floral fragrance over skin, leaving a gentle, lingering perfume behind." It sounds amazing, doesn't it? Be sure to grab it quick before it's gone from the shelves for another year or two. The colour of this shower gel is insanely beautiful can I just add? 

Anddddd, part one is a wrap! I'd love to know in the comments what Lush Christmas collection items you're loving this year and I'll be back in a few days with part two! 


  1. omg how cute is that massage bar! i must say i just loveeee snow fairy! its my absolute fave from lush xx

  2. I'm addicted to lush products and always make sure to stock up on the Christmas scents and items. I need to grab me some of these before they're no longer available!

  3. My daughter LOVES Snow Fairy after a party she went to at Lush in Munich. 8 girls creating bath bombs, testing make up and the like, and they all came home with goody bags. I need to go and buy some of the things you've reviewed!

  4. These would be perfect for my nieces who love all things beauty related for Christmas, the lip scrub looks super cute

  5. Ooooh I haven't been into Lush in ages! That lip scrub looks amazing! Kaz

  6. I cant use LUSH products but I am always so jealous! These products sound so heavenly, and I love the little Santa, he's adorable! I've always made my own lip scrubs too, I couldn't live without them now!

  7. These all sound amazing I know what I’ll be buying for my cousin for Christmas! She absolutely loves Lush 🙂 thank you for your honest review and looking forward to reading part two! 🙂

  8. You cannot beat snow fairy - hands down my favourite lush product EVER!

  9. I just finished my last Lush Christmas from last year, need to check out some of these items

  10. Wow! The products look very good and I'd love to try the Cranberry Fizz Lip Scrub.

  11. I haven't used mich of Bush's Christmas range before but knos my family have got me a few treats for Christmas this year. I tried one of their show gels (Sleepy) in store the other week and loved it. The smell is amazing and left my skin feeling really soft. That massage bar and soap you got are very cute!