Hosting the ultimate games night #1

Weird Crushes: 55 Hunks
Weird crushes game

When my friends come over these days we often opt to play a game of some kind, I may be turning 24 in a matter of weeks but going out is overrated and playing games with your pals are much more fun in my opinion. Recently I've been gifted some games from Firebox and decided to review each of them for you and let you know if they're worth your hard earned cash. I have a part two of this coming too as I have some other awesome game recommendations but decided to split it up so this post isn't *too* long. 

Weird Crushes, British Hunks £9.99: 
Think the childhood classic, Top Trumps but with British celebrities, politicians and the addition of Ian Beale and Phil Mitchell from Eastenders. This game is the battle of the fittest *literally* and can be played with as little as 2 players. The cards make me laugh as they have a bit information on each person on them. Oh, and I'd love to know who made the ratings up for these cards as some of them are questionable. I mean, who decided that Danny Dyer deserves a 10 for sex appeal and why doesn't Louis have straight 10s as he clearly deserves them. 

The Noodle Game £15.99: 
This game is one that all the family can be involved in and can be super competitive. The rules work by each player having a bowl and a matching pair of chopsticks, all of the noodles are in the carton (the box) and then the players take it in turns to pick up a noodle from the box and get it from the box to their bowl. The other players can attempt to get this from you, however, they can't move their chopsticks from their bowl until the noodle is away from the box. The noodles are a variety of sizes, so at the end, you have to count them up to find out who won. The concept is great, but the fact the way you count the noodles point value is by size and the sizes can be hard to tell apart, a colour scheme would possibly work better for this game, although I assume they made the noodles the colour in which they are to keep them looking authentic. 

Make Your Own Gummy Pizza £7.99:
What is a games night without pizza right? You can opt for the traditional Domino's which is always a solid choice, however, thanks to Menkind you can also get a gummy create your own one, which is much more fun and would be a great prize for the winner of the games night or just to snack on throughout the night. 

If you HAD to... £16.99
This game is one of my favourites ever, it's such a simple concept but gets everyone laughing and also you get to a learn a little more about the people around you. The way in which the game works is, everyone is dealt cards and then you go round the room and take it in turns to be the judge, the idea is you give the judge the cards they'd hate the most and then you have to sell them your idea as to why it is the worst for them. You can decide what circumstances apply to the card, e.g. live your life as Barney the purple dinosaur, the judge may ask you if this is forever, and then you can decide how it would play out. The first to five is the winner, however, we kept going for ages when we played. It's a great drinking game or just one to break the ice at a party. Think Cards Against Humanity gets personal. 

If you had to
If you had to

Have you played any of these games? If so, what were your thoughts? 

*These games were gifted to me by Firebox, however, all thoughts are my own as always and I loved playing each one, and they're 'special' in their own way. 


  1. ‘If You Had To’ sounds really fun and a gummy pizza would always go down well with me too :)

  2. What a perfect selection of games to play on games night! We tend to have family around for Christmas so this would be perfect for the holiday time

  3. I've never heard of these games but they sound like fun. We always play games as a family ovwr Christmas and Easter, the "Weird Crushes, British Hunks" card games sound great.