2019: Travel, Targets and Taking Back Control.

This post is in collaboration with Jet2. 

I can't believe how many days are left of 2018, we are swiftly moving towards 2019, and this time of year is often full of reflection, accomplishment and future dreams for most. Each year we start out of with the biggest goals and often don't' accomplish them. For the last two years, I've gone for the approach of not trying to make each new year a new me, more like a more refined version of me and it helps with relieving the pressure of needing to change. This year I set myself some mini goals which were things as simple as getting my hair cut often to help it grow, nail my skincare routine and do more social things and I am happy to say these were all something I was actually able to do! My 2017 goal was to return back to the blogging after struggling to commit to my blog after a tough few months, and my goals were just to stick to blogging at a pace in which I felt happy, I got rid of my 4 times a week posting schedule and went for a when I can type of approach and my content has become a lot more substantial and I've fallen back in love with writing, two years later I am still loving it. So I hear you say, what about 2019? I want to make 2019 a year where I actually go and see some places, experience some things and live a little more. 

With the help of Jet2, I think this may be something which is actually possible. With a lack of funds being one of my top reasons for struggling to be able to explore. I've learned that Jet2 have a variety of package holidays that include flights and accommodation which helps when looking into the planning process as it feels like one less step to worry about. Their site is full of helpful tips including advising you what is nearby, how far to visit different locations and shares a variety of reviews from other customers. In their brochure, it even tells you the cost of a pint in the local area which I think is a great added touch. When looking at city breaks section of their site, it advises what is great about the hotel you want to stay, what you can do and also some information about the place. As much as I'd love to go back to America (without my parents in tow) for my anxiety, I feel like I need to try to tackle a city break or two first. 

In 2019 I'd love to visit Venice in the warmer months as I went as a teenager and remember there being so many great things to look at and enjoy but I didn't have long in Venice so it would be great to spend a weekend there and then Berlin or Krakow around Christmas time to really experience what the Christmas markets have to offer. As much as I enjoy visiting the Birmingham one most years it would be amazing to experience this in another country. Jet2 kindly sent me a hamper full of goodies which you would find at a traditional Christmas market and it's got me in the mood for planning myself a weekend getaway for early December next year. The photos of these places which I've seen on other blogs look amazing! 2019 is going to be the year I attempt to take the plunge and break out of my comfort zone and jump on a plane, train or even boat to visit new places. 

For 2019, I am hoping I can keep my anxiety at bay and visit the places I want to visit and explore this country (a work in progress) as well as others. For anyone who has travelled or been on trips with anxiety/other mental illnesses, how did you overcome your fear and just do it? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter (@dungareesdonuts) as I'd love to discuss it further with you. As far as my other 'big' goals for 2019 go, I am yet to set many, however, Will and I did get engaged this year so it would be great to start the wedding planning and begin to save for a deposit towards our own house. For the smaller goals, I want to keep this year's goals going, as well as adding getting a better sleep pattern in place, and also cutting down the amount of time I spend on my phone as since Apple has added in the reports to share how much time on a weekly basis, I've spent looking at my phone it has shocked me (anybody else shook by how long they actually spend on their phone?). I want to spend less time looking at the screen and more time enjoying life. 

Let me know in the comments what you want to achieve in 2019 and also what goals you set yourself for 2018 and did you manage to complete them?


  1. I have a lot of travel plans for next year! I love solo travel, you should just book somewhere so you can't back out of it. My first solo venture was to Amsterdam and I had a great time! I have been to 7 countries on my own this year!

  2. I would love to travel further afield but I'm terrified of flying anywhere! Definitely something to work on in 2019.

  3. I'd love to travel further afield next year, after surviving my first long haul flight this year. A solo adventure would be a dream but I'm worried my travel anxiety would get in the way.