16 November 2018

Highstreet Bargain Beauty Haul

I love to find a good bargain, I mean who doesn't? It's a great feeling when you find a huge discount on an item you've been wanting for a while or even seeing an item you once knew was 4x the amount of what it is being sold for currently. TKmaxx is one of my favourite places to shop all things discount beauty, earlier this year I wrote a post about bagging a bargain and it was massively popular so I thought I'd share with you some of my latest discount beauty items. I am writing this post just after buying the items so I am hoping you guys will be able to locate these in your local stores. Let me know in the comments what your best bargain of all time was. 

Too Faced Unicorn Dreams £22 - £7.99
When I go to TKmaxx I am a little wary of how old products are for the price in which they are being charged at, but when I saw the mermaid and unicorn collections within the items I knew the collections are both relatively new. So when I saw this amazing unicorn dreams mystical effect highlighting stick for £7.99 when it is still on sale in Selfridges for £22, I knew I needed to snap it up. The other thing about TKmaxx is that often people use the products for swatches which means that often there are faults with the items, but this unicorn horn was completely untouched which made me super happy. They had two shades of the highlighter and I went for Unicorn Dreams.   

Freederm Pore Minimiser £6.49 £1.63
I was looking around the skincare in Boots and spotted this Freederm Pore Minimiser for £1.63, I suffer from acne and I am constantly looking for new products to keep it at bay. I picked up this as I know that Freederm is always a great go-to for troubled skin. 

Biore deep cleansing pore strips £8.49 £2.13
As far as I am aware of the reason that these are currently £2.13 is due to Biore are rebranding their packaging of these strips. However, I believe the product will be exactly the same. For the sake of an old box for a quarter of the price, I am pretty happy with that. 

Masque B.A.R Anti-Blemish Mud Mask £7.99 £2.50 
I first heard of the brand MasqueBAR on ASOS when I purchased some of their charcoal masks, I believe I paid around £9 for them at the time. They are some of the best face masks I've ever used and for £2.50 for 3 masks you can't really go wrong. I can't actually see any reason these are reduced as of yet, but it is likely to also be due to a re-package of the product.

Too Faced Mermaid Tears £16.20 £5.99 
Another Too Faced bargain that I picked up from TK Maxx, I was shocked to find that this gorgeous colour changing lipstick from Too Faced was just £5.99. The packaging of the product drew me in and once I opened the product to check it wasn't already used (and it wasn't, win) I saw a beautiful greeny purple glittery shade and I fell in love. For the price and the fact I knew I'd wear it so much I had to purchase it. I know a lot of people wouldn't want to wear the colour so that may be one of the reasons it's cheaper. 

Honourable mention- Popbands: 
Finally, I thought I'd give a quick shoutout to Superdrug as their clearance section has some bargains in it and I found these Popbands for just 30p for 3. They're great for tieing up your hair and don't hurt like normal bobbles can. They come on a card so they're also great for storing in your bag. I'd totally recommend seeing what bargains you can find in your local Superdrug as I know sometimes it can be pretty hit and miss. 

It's amazing what bargains are available on our highstreet and half of the time we don't even know they're there. Plus I still got Boots points on my Boots purchases as I had additional ones loaded to my card for a face product. Win. 


  1. Gosh, what a helpful list for my stocking fillers! Thank you!

  2. I need to go to your TK Maxx, I never find such great bargains in mine. I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for some Too Faced goodies ending up in there, great haul

  3. You saved a fortune on your bargains! I love hunting for a bargain when I am shopping.

  4. I love scoring unused beauty bargains in TKMaxx! I'm shocked that the pore strips are usually over £8,that's really expensive, I assumed their regular price was around £3.

    Lyd- whatlyddid.com

  5. Wow some amazing bargains. I bought the Too Faced unicorn lip topper and face mist when I was last in New York in Sephora, such great prices you got them for x

  6. You can't beat a bargain! I just wish my toddler would actually let me stand and look at things in TK Maxx properly! Love the sound of that lipstick!

  7. Super bargains! We don't have a TKmaxx on my island, but I always pop into one when I'm south on the mainland. Was wondering how the Love Hearts factor into the beauty haul too, lol!

  8. Oh wow - your TK Maxx bargains are amazing! I do love shopping there. Kaz

  9. I have heard of two faced before but not tried it. sounds like you got s bargain

  10. TK Maxx bargains are life! I love pore strips...although definitely a bit trickier with a nose ring haha! I love the sound of that unicorn highlighter.

  11. That's such a good bargain for the toofaced highlighter, TKMaxx bargains can be the best thing sometimes, I love scoring bargains there! I'm really surprised about how expensive the pore strips are usually though, I assumed they were £5 at most if I'm honest.