Baubles with a difference.

As soon as the Christmas baubles arrived in the shops, I started to collect them to build up a collection ready for when the tree goes up. I prefer to buy 'out of the box' baubles and in more recent years, they're just about everywhere. I thought I'd create a small post to share with you my collection and also where I got them, in case you want to pick up any of your own. I have so many more I'd like to add to my own collection soon too, Paperchase I am coming for ya. Let me know in the comments if you're more traditional when it comes to decorating your tree or as out there as me (or even more so!) 
Glass Balloon Decoration £6.00 from Paperchase* (Also on 3 for 2) 

Ice Cream Bauble £6.00 from Paperchase* (Also on 3 for 2) 

Cotton Candy Bauble £1.50 Primark 

Croissant Bauble £5 Paperchase* (Also on 3 for 2)

Swan Bauble £2 Flying Tiger.

Battenburg Bauble £22 Not On The High Street

Pink Duck £2 Flying Tiger

Lollipop Bauble is no longer available, find similar from Amara here £12

Cupcake from George at Asda £1.50 find similar here

*Contains an affiliate link 


  1. Oh wow - what a fun addition to any Christmas tree! I can certainly see my daughters liking these on their mini Christmas trees in their rooms :)

  2. Oh wow how fun are these!! Loving the croissant, ice cream and batternberg cake xx

  3. I have a collection from all the places we have lived and visited. Love that lolly pop, I was recently introduced to Amara, what a fab company! :) x

  4. I love fun baubles, I have some rather odd ones like a Flamingo, an Owl, a Vegas sign x

  5. oh I love the cupcake! We love choosing our baubles for the tree, each one has a special meaning for us and our family!

  6. omg these are incredible, i can not believe the cotton candy one is only £1.50, amazing xx


  7. These are very unique and different. I really like the ice-cream cone and French Croissant ones. They would really look good on our tree.


  8. Oh my God, I love these! I have very few traditional baubles on my tree, I have everything from Star Wars to cupcakes on mine. Looks like I'm going to have to find out where my local Paperchase is!

  9. I got some beautiful new Christmas baubles from Paperchase too - wish I’d seen the balloon though! X

  10. Some really lovely and different baubles here. I like the swan and the cupcake myself

  11. These are so cute - I tend to go for traditional baubles but love these. Kaz