Yes To Tomatoes: The solution to acne prone skin?

Yes To Clear Skin products

Having acne has always been a big part of my life if I am not trying the latest craze to ban the blemishes, I am constantly judging myself in the mirror. At 23, I am the happiest I've ever been with my skin. Well, for as long as I can remember anyway. The breakouts are a lot less frequent than they've ever been too. Back in 2015, Em Ford from My Pale Skin created a video called 'You Look Disgusting' which was centred around the comments she gets online from posting bare-faced, and I hugely related to Em, as I know what it is like to get these comments, especially at school and throughout my teenage years. But it such a great movement which she has started and I hope this continues for a long time to come.

2018 is the year I truly focused on my skincare routine. As in previous years, I'd use a bit of micellar water, to remove my makeup, spot cream and a moisturiser when I remembered to. I've tried a variety of different routines this year, but so far have found Yes To, to be my favourite. There are so many reasons as to why I favour Yes To over some of the other skincare I've tried. One of the main reasons is because they have full collections of items for each skin concern. I often feel like people with acne have to avoid most products because of what is contained in them. Whereas Yes To for Tomatoes (their acne and blemish range) loves to break the rules.  

The pricing is super affordable for Yes To since I have been testing out the range, I've been to re-purchase some of the items including the 2-step nose kit, which I have now used 3 times because I love it so much! Recently Sainsbury's have started to stock some of the range, I know right?! Exciting. So it makes it a lot easier to buy their products, for the ones which are not yet available, Boots is my go to. The nose kit is one of my favourite products they offer as the nose strips really do what they say on the tin and it's so satisfying to feel how amazing your skin feels after using it. The micellar water in the range is in an amazing bottle which is fab for being able to get out the right amount of the product, so less waste and a lot less mess. I have to admit I am not keen on the smell of the micellar water, but then again from what I know, none of them smell great.

2-step nose pore kit Yes To.

The masks in this range are to die for, with so many different varieties on offer it's hard to pick my favourite from them all. I love to use the detox SnapMASK stick, as it's great for easy application, quick drying and you get a lot of uses out of it. I also love the sleeping mask which I have purchased a couple of times, as they are easy again to apply and you just leave them overnight. It doesn't leave any residue behind either, which I was pretty impressed with. The final products I tried out were the face wipes, and although, I am, not a huge face wipe user, they are great to remove the excess makeup off your face before doing a full cleanse. 

Overall, from a brand, I have only seen in the states and on Instagram, I am pleasantly surprised. As someone who suffers from acne, I did find the routine to be of benefit to me. I found the most effective products to be the 2-step nose kit and the tomato micellar water, as I quickly noticed a huge improvement after using these products. The prices of the products are reasonable and if you're interested in my skin journey even further, there will be an Instagram post to follow this.  

Yes To Tomtatoes Range

Have you ever used any Yes To products?

*This post is in collaboration with Yes To, but all thoughts are my own as always and I am so happy that people are breaking the stigma of acne and skin conditions it rocks. 


  1. I have never heard of this brand but the products sound really good. I am glad they seem to be helping you. Kaz

  2. I haven’t heard of these, I’m glad they are helping. Will have a nosy next time I’m in Sainsbury’s

  3. I have to admit I've not tried a whole lot from the Yes To.. range, I have acne prone skin as well though so I think I might have to check this out and give it a whirl.

  4. I am not familiar with the brand but sounds really great and looks like its helping you

  5. I've used a few products from the Yes to range and they are lovely, it's good that you're in a position to be happier with your skin x

  6. Ooooh I have never heard of this brand before - so will have to check it out! I had pretty bad acne in my teenage years, which seemed to subside in my 20s, but since turning 31 this year, it's got sooooo bad, specifically around my jaw line and on my neck. I have been going to the doctor for the last 12 months to get lotions and potions to help - but nothing seems to be effective yet. So I will have to give this a try - I really like the sound of the nose strips! x

  7. My daughter is having so many issues with her skin at and this sounds like something we should definitely be trying

  8. I love the sound of these products! I am always desperately looking for some nose pore strips and a mask that actually do the job! I am so picking these up!

  9. I love trying out new masks & I’m now really looking forward to trying this one.


  10. I love Yes To too! I have the charcoal cleanser, the coconut oil micellar water and I used the cucumber micellar water before, and I have their carrot and cucumber hair range too! I didn't know they had a sleeping mask though! Sleeping masks are my new fave so I'll have to look it up! 😎

    Rhianna x