21 September 2018

Tips and tricks for a bedroom makeover with (next to) no effort.

If you follow my Twitter, some of you may know I've recently moved house (last week), and getting everything in order can be a pain, however, new house usually means new homewares. As I know I have quite a big student following, I decided it would be cool to share with you some new bits I picked up which I am in love with, as well as some of my own hacks to transform your university accommodation with next to no effort.  

Shelves and drawers: 
Not all accommodation will allow shelves which is annoying as they're a great way to store things and they usually look great too. I spend the majority of my life using plastic drawers for just about anything for the ease of them. They're usually quite compact so fit anywhere and can be purchased for around £10. When I do have shelves, I love to put cute items on them such as ornaments or books. Currently, I am using a bookcase to store all of my books, as well as my perfumes and trinkets which I think looks cute. 

Dependant on whether you are going to be in halls or a student house, the variations of the room can make a huge difference. But I have previously lived in a student house and it was pretty easy to make it homely. I am in love with fairy lights and put them all over the room as they're cheap, easy to put up and usually battery powered and last for ages. 

If you follow my Instagram you'll know I am obsessed with duvet covers and buy them all of the time. I think they might a huge difference to a room and love to change them up with the season. I think the brighter duvets are great for bringing some extra colour into your room as most student accommodation has magnolia walls and they can be a *little* boring. The bedding pictured above is from Dunelm and is awesome as it is reversible so you can mix and match what side you have it on. Asda also always have fabulous duvet covers in their stores and these are also reversible.     

The walls:
Now, this can be the tricky one dependant on the rules of where you live, I know my landlord was always chill with what we put up. I think for those who aren't allowed to hang up frames or mirrors, I'd recommend going down the poster route. You can get great posters and they always fill up some of the boring wall space. For those who have fewer limitations, I'd recommend a mirror on the wall, to me having a mirror on the wall makes the room feel bigger and it's always great to do your makeup in. I also found this adorable clock notice board from Dunelm which I think works well in your room or if you're living in a shared house it would make an amazing addition to your front room as you can write down notes about meals or chores etc, and it also has a clock on it which of course is always handy and 4 clips which could allow you to hang up pics of who is in the house. 

I hope you enjoyed this post and let me know in the comments where your favourite place to get homeware from is! 


  1. I love fresh new bedding - it can really revamp a bedroom. For homeware I like John Lewis if I can afford it!

  2. Really great ideas. I agree with you about lighting, fairy lights are so inexpensive, but can make a room feel so cosy! A nice bedding set is also a good idea!

  3. I agree on how important the bedding is and it brings so much comfort when sleeping. I love a fresh clean bedsheet before sleeping.

  4. This are some great ideas. I'm currently revamping my bedroom so this will come in handy! I love changing up my bedding and have my eye on an Autumn coloured one in Dunelm at the moment.

  5. These are great tips. I'm desperate to change my bedroom around but we're also planning to move shortly so I'm apprehensive too!

  6. Such great ideas and tips on this post and I totally agree with you about lighting as well as having nice things hanging on the walls

  7. These are great tips, I love getting new bedding x

  8. I love the idea of the rainbow colour books! That looks so cheerful.

  9. I love how you have colour coordinated your books. When I get a proper bookcase I’d love to do that. I’ve only rented for a year of my life so I always forget the limitations when you are x