How to build a sustainable wardrobe.

I swear no matter how many clothes I have in my wardrobe I always find the need to buy new ones. I have a wardrobe full of items that some that have barely seen a look in, others still have tags on. Then, of course, there are my favourite outfits. Those outfits that are worn several times a week until they're falling apart and then they end up in a rubbish pile. In an effort to make my wardrobe (and life) more sustainable I decided to sort out my wardrobe to allow me to fall back in love with those once loved pieces, to clear out those clothes and give them a new home and even breathe a new lease of life into some of my favourites which have seen better days, for sure. I decided to share my journey with you due to my previous post on how to live a more sustainable life being massively popular. 

Look after your clothes:
I am 110% guilty of not looking after my clothes properly, I don't even remember the last time I read the care label and I am forever mixing whites and darks together and the *occasional* coloured sock within and they often end up on the floor or scrunched up in a draw too. I am not saying I will end up completely changing my ways, as I am pretty sure that is impossible but separating colours and reading care labels more is something I will attempt to do more as I heard washing them at the correct temperate keeps them softer (just saying!) for keeping your clothes soft and brighter for longer I'd recommend trying the Dr Beckmann Colour and Dirt collector as clothes really do run and ruin each other which I was pretty much in denial for most of my adult life about so far. 

DIY your clothes: 
Going through clothes you may not wear anymore for one reason or another is a great way to decide if they looked different, would you wear them again? If your favourite shirt has lost its colour, could you redye it? Your jeans have a hole in, can you make this look better by fraying it. You get the gist, check out Pinterest for tons of cool hacks on how to DIY your clothes, easily. 

Reviving those favourite pieces:
If you're anything like me, you will continually wear an item of clothing until it is destroyed, for me with bright coloured hair it's easy to destroy my favourite clothes. I have a few white tees I love to wear, but of course, with me having bright hair, being a messy eater and clumsy in general these get stained and over time your white clothes become this weird grey colour which is not the desired look most of us are going for. With the help of Dr Beckmann and their Glowhite Ultra your clothes can once again be white. By doing this it helps you to keep your favourite clothes for longer and also is more sustainable than just throwing them away and re-purchasing them. 

Is your clutter someone else's treasure?
As someone who goes through a lot of sizes in clothing from gaining and losing weight, a great way to get rid of these is to give them to a charity shop. I know some people who just toss them in the bin which is a complete waste. Whether you're giving your clothes to a friend, a local charity shop or even selling them online it's worthwhile. It allows someone else to gain happiness from an item you no longer want. 

Less is more:
As much as I love new clothes and Primark is a place I am forever shopping in, the clothes are cheaper and aren't likely to last as long as more ethically sourced pieces. Although this is may not be an option for everyone for me I feel like I could purchase fewer pieces and save up for those items I really want and often are made better and tend to last that little bit longer.  

What are your top tips for building a more sustainable wardrobe?

*This post is in collaboration with Dr Beckmann, however, all thoughts are my own, and I am clearly just really bad at washing and I am glad for Dr Beckmann who is now my saviour.


  1. I literally never read the care label, and I really need to start because I can see some of my clothes becoming worn and discoloured! These were some really great tips, thank you!

    Jas xx

  2. I really try to look after my clothes, especially my favourite pieces but I am guilty of wearing something until it falls apart so they sound great to help keep things fresh x


  3. I am trying to buy more expensive clothes that I know are going to last longer. Cheap is only good for so long.

  4. I love the idea of having a wardrobe that works with you. I think caring for your clothes is key to making them last. Just horrible when your favourite items start to feel worn out.

  5. I am so guilty of not taking better care of my clothes! I get makeup and fake tan all over them! I could really use these to get my clothes looking new again!

  6. I swear by the colour correctors! I also only wash things that are the same colour, so whites, blacks, greys, blues, light pinks, dark pinks, yellows and oranges etc. Yes, I use slightly more detergent and energy, but at least my clothes look newer for longer :)

    Louise x

  7. I am terrible for not reading the care labels and have ruined many a favourite outfit because of it