Top tips to optimise a small room!

Are you living in a house with a small room? It might be nice and cosy during the winter months, and it might be a bit of a squeeze if you have guests over, but have you ever thought about making your living space look a little bigger? Don’t worry, there’s no moving house or knocking down walls involved! Check out these home style tips to make your room look and feel a little bigger than before!

Your Walls:
Dark colours and busy wallpaper are definitely a designers best friend, but they do tend to make a room look and feel smaller. If you stick to paler colours like cream, beige, pale greys and blues it’ll make any room appear wider and brighter. Don’t forget your skirting boards too! A modern style skirting board will make any room look brighter and airier than before.

Use mirrors:
It’s an old designer trick, but it does actually work! You don’t have to recreate a fun house, wall-to-wall style room to create the effect either. Try positioning one large, full-length mirror against a key wall or create a salon-esq feel with more than one mirror on a wall to create a statement piece.

The illusion of height:
Yes, you’ve been advised to keep your walls pale and light to create the illusion of space. But what about the illusion of height. To make your room seem higher and taller, consider painting the ceiling a darker colour than the walls It not only draws the eye upward, but it creates depth.

Your furniture:
You might be under the impression that having small furniture in a small space is the best way to create the illusion of a room. Well, in actual fact a large statement sofa or cabinet can do that for you. It leaves the space around it clear and makes the room look more spacious than it really is. Also, be wary of the type of furniture you purchase. If it’s square or boxy then it’ll look larger in a smaller space. Try to focus on furniture that has small, sleek arms or none at all. Visually, these pieces will look smaller than their square, boxed off counterparts.

Your rug:
Choosing the right sized rug is really important if you’re hoping to create a more spacious look. Understandably, most homeowners go for a smaller sized rug but this actually has the opposite effect – making the room look disjointed and squared off. Always go for a larger sized rug, and if you’re unsure of the size, always go with the idea that you all the legs of the main pieces of furniture in the room should be sitting on it. The front legs at least.

Say no to clutter:

Even the largest of rooms can seem smaller if they’re filled with clutter. So now is the time to have a good clear out. If you still find you have a lot of items hanging around then invest in some new storage solutions to keep them safe but out of sight. 

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