How to prepare for your future.

Being 23 and surrounded by friends who are buying their own houses and cars, getting married and even having children really does get you thinking about your own hopes and dreams. On the one hand, it makes you wonder about your own plans for the future and on the other it makes you wonder how these people have managed to get themselves on their feet so soon. It made me take a look at how I can prepare myself for my own future.

Save and save some more: 
Saving can be harder than ever to save in 2018, especially with a minimum wage job, I currently have an office job and work freelance on the side which helps to supplement my income, I am guilty of spending the majority of my pay on items that aren't always necessary which can make it harder to save anything substantial. It's an idea to set up a direct debit that will come out from your account and go straight into savings. Recently, I've seen a huge range of apps pop up that would be great for being able to save, including Moneybox which is great for saving and investing. 

Your home and the future:
I am currently renting a house in the town I live in with my boyfriend but the aim in the future is to purchase our own house like most people dream to be able to do. I feel like as much as renting feels like your own home, it doesn't have the same levels of security as purchasing your home for when you get older. SunLife has more information on this if you'd like to read this here.

Build your dream career: 
Most things in life start from building a career with a career you enjoy usually comes happiness and often money, once you get these inline things seem easier. Writing is something I've always wanted to do and my blog allows me to be able to do this and work towards my goals. I from a young age always thought I would be destined to be an author, but as times have changed. I want to keep growing as a blogger each and every day.

*This post is in collaboration with SunLife


  1. I need to so all of these! I properly need to start saving so I can actually rent a house wherever I want to. Though I am busy studying all the time so I guess that something I'm doing!

  2. It is pretty touch nowadays to get on the housing ladder, I have to say I am glad that I am a bit older now and did it quite some years back. Good luck when you choose to, Mich x

  3. These are some great tips - I have to admit I'm in my 30s and still haven't done most of these things, one day perhaps though.. I would like to have my own home and kids.

  4. This is a great post, I'm about to turn 24 and I think it's definitly time to think about the future! xo