Home Decor, Small Changes Can Make The Biggest Difference?

I am forever moving around the furniture within my house, from my bed to the pictures hanging on the wall. Living in a rented house can often feel like any changes that are done to the interior can be a waste of money as you may move and your money will be gone, so it really is the little changes that make a huge difference to your home. I recently painted my front room and added a bookshelf full of adorable ornaments, purchased a sign which you can add your wifi password to, I mean are you really in another house if you don't ask for the wifi password at least once? Then just gave the bits of white a little going over and finally painted the door again too. Those changes were minimal and have turned the room into a completely new living space.

Living in a rented space often feels like a blank canvas, all of the walls are a strange cream shade which for some rooms it works well, but other rooms you just want to inject a pop of colour. I love bright colours but apart from in the bathroom, I think every wall in my house being a bright colour would give me somewhat of a headache (when did I become my mum?!) which is a shame because I would totally be okay with having a rainbow coloured room. I went all out in the bathroom and purchased two large tubs of teal paint and within two days the bathroom had a complete makeover, with a bathroom in a rented house you can't do a whole lot expect to add colour and possibly storage, so I went for the colour card. 

Next, I am looking at redoing my bedroom which would be a huge task if I was going to paint the whole room, so I decided instead to create a feature wall using a wall mural, this was inspired by my recent trip to Zizzi, as all of the restaurants seem to have them! I have found a number of places online who sell them and they're as easy as peeling them back and sticking them. I've seen some lush map wall murals from Wallsauce as well as some other alternatives like a brick wall and sea life, oh and you can also use your own photos.  

I am a huge fan of being creative in my rooms, I love to paint things in fun colours and I love to have the alternative pieces, I mean I am currently sat on my bed staring at the inflatable flamingo that I thought it would be cool as a chair, oh and a bookshelf filled with pop vinyls. I'd love to know what home decor projects you have coming up in the comments. 

*Collaborative post


  1. I am in the process of decorating. My bedroom would have been a lot of work also so I may just put out a feature wall. Great tips 😊

  2. I love the idea of wall murals! They would look so great in my children's bedrooms!