There's Just Something About A Road Trip

Road trips are massively underrated, there's something about the freedom they encounter and you can get from A to B with loads of stops in the middle. Or you can just let the roads take you and end up somewhere you've never been before dependant on how adventurous you are. I think as a blogger a trip around the UK meeting different bloggers would be so fun! Whether you want to stay in the UK and make your way around or whether you want to get a ferry with your own car or just rent a car once you get to your destination the opportunities are endless. Whether you going to plan your stop points beforehand or just wing it you can achieve so much in a short amount of time. I decided to share with you my top tips for having the best road trip, ever. 

Prepare your vehicle:
This is probably the most important tip on the whole list, as you don't want to get stuck in an unfamiliar place with an issue, make your car is fit for a long drive. It's worth checking your tyres as well as your car bulbs, the screen wash and the oil are checked and if you're unsure about whether your car is safe for the journey ahead its always going to a garage and getting it the once over. Make sure your vehicle is clean, I mean as fun as it is sitting in the back with stale Maccies is, some people might not enjoy it as much? 

Music is key:
Is it really a road trip without music? Whether you're creating one for the occasion or finding the best that Spotify has to offer, music is key and for long journeys, my friends and I create collaborative playlists that way everyone has something on the playlist they like, although the driver has the ultimate power if they can skip songs on their steering wheel.


Take an old-fashioned map:
Granted a road trip isn't really a road trip until you get lost, and with multiple people, in the car with, phones it is likely you'll be able to locate a way back on the right path. However, it is always worth having an old fashion map handy, you never know when you might lose 4G! Does anyone know where to buy a map these days?

Pack the essentials: 
The essentials vary from person to person dependant on what you count as an essential but for me, food is at the top of the list, I can't go more than 10 minutes without thinking about my next meal, so I definitely could not go hours without it! Crisps, sweets and cheese and onion rolls are the ones for long journeys! Also, drinks, toothbrushes, some clothes, and deodorant are pretty essential imo. Wouldn't fancy a long car journey with me after not brushing my teeth for a few days.

Have fun:
Of course, the centre of any road trip is fun you're hitting the road in search of an epic adventure and this is something you will hopefully achieve. Wherever the roads take you, enjoy yourself!

What are your tips for going on the best road trip?

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  1. My BFF and I went on a road trip to Vermont one year and it was so much fun. We sang to bad music the whole way, stayed at dodgy motels, had no particular plan whatsoever. I'm not sure any luxury holiday since has ever been so fun!

  2. With young children, having enough snacks with us is a must. Plus a good playlist!

  3. Great tips, we love our road trips, we just got back from one through Spain and Portugal.

  4. Great tips, these! A road map is definitely an essential, but I love just stumbling across things spontaneously too by driving down random roads. :)

  5. Omg, I've been dying to go on a road trip to Wales or Scotland. It's one of the reasons I can't wait to drive and then once I'm confident enough, I think I would do a road trip somewhere in Europe. This is such an awesome post, full of great tips. I will definitely be coming back to this post when I start planning my first road trip. I think I'll have to take lots of snacks or I will be stopping at every McDonald's I find.


  6. We are travelling further by car this summer than we usually do, and exploring west Wales. I can't wait!

  7. The right travel music is definitely important for a road trip x

  8. We do many road trips! For the ones without kids we like to make sure we have an epic playlist, snacks and drinks to keep us going. But, when we have the kids we make sure we have plenty of books, car games and the iPad for them to watch a movie on x

  9. OMG - a blogger road trip sounds like so much fun! Haha. I agree that they're awesome and SO underrated. I do think they're gaining popularity nowadays though :)

    Louise (With love from Lou)x

  10. These are great tips for road trips - you definitely have to make sure your vehicle is prepared otherwise you could end up in trouble in the middle of nowhere. And what would a road trip be without music? - for Anosa x