$30 Colourpop Haul You Need to See

Colourpop Supershock Shadow

Colourpop has become one of my staple brands over the last few years, for their amazing products at an even more amazing price. A couple of years back they finally started offering shipping direct to the UK, which has made the beauty bloggers of the UK very happy people. For the purpose of this post and the fact I wanted to shop elsewhere too I used a shipping service called My Mall Box, who I used when I had my first experience with Colourpop, they offer a range of options to get packages consolidated, chose who its shipped with and roughly how much that will cost for the size of your package. I decided to go for the DHL express delivery (as I am impatient) this cost around $34 which is a little on the pricer side, but worth it and within a week of my order, my package arrived totally not like for the entire day of the delivery, every time I heard a noise I got excited and jumped up to go to the door. I was impressed with how small the package was, and it was completely well wrapped and there were no customs charged on it. Although it feels a little bit less exciting that it doesn't arrive in the Colourpop box, however, the card was still included. Despite only ordering it a week ago, when the package arrived I was clueless about the contents. 

Colourpop Liquid Lipsticks

So what did I order?
Four liquid lipsticks, two super shock shadows, and an eyebrow pencil. Which for me this is a pretty tame order. I was shocked the entirety of the contents came to $30 which is around £22, bargain right? I have recently been into liquid lipsticks since rediscovering my Kat Von D one, and the lipsticks within the post were all $6.50. All of the liquid lipsticks I purchased were from different collaborations and each came in the cutest boxes. 

The first lipstick I opened was an ultra satin lip in Felix, which is a beautiful bright orange shade, which is SO me and I haven't seen a shade like this in any other store, I think would be the perfect festival companion for a pop of colour. I like the satin finish due to it having good staying power, but doesn't have that stuck lip feeling which can often be felt with matte liquid lipsticks. This is not smudge proof and you will end up applying this throughout the day, but with such a lovely finish and a pretty colour, you won't mind as much.

Next, I picked the shade in the mysterious black box, which is a collaboration between Ellarie and Colourpop, when I opened the box I was greeted with this beautiful and bold pink shade, not what you would expect within the box. The with the shade name Yoshi. It is a bold look for sure and I can confirm now that ultra matte finish is an almighty beast! No matter what I did to it, it did not budge or crumble, I was amazed. I would recommend this for any time you need long lasting lip colour without topping it up. 

The third liquid lipstick I purchased which was in the shade Coquette a shade completely out of my comfort zone (this is coming from the girl who wears bright blue lipstick), it is a beautiful red shade with a metallic finish. I am crazy in love with metallic finishes at the moment as they're so out there and look great. This lipstick did have to be re-applied a few times, however, it looks gorgeous!

The final liquid lipstick I purchased was in the shade Zipper, this is the shade I think I will get the most wear out of, as it's the typical shade I would usually reach for. Like Yoshi it was ultra matte, and I noticed the formula of this one was more drying and did crumble easier after a few hours. It is still long wearing but may need topping up from time to time throughout the day. 

Colourpop Haul

Supershock Shadows:
I purchased two of the Supershock shadows from Colourpop which is unusual for me as I usually purchase around 6 of them. I fell in love with the shades Cusp and Superfly. Cusp is a turquoise colour and is an ultra glitter shade, and amazing for finishing off any look. It's bright and easy to build. Superfly is a lot darker than Cusp but is harder to build. Both shades came in a cute little box and the Supershock shadows from Colourpop always have a unique formula which I find enjoyable to use. It is very creme like and bouncy and great to have fun with and their super shock shadows are $5 each, so well worth the money. I can't wait until my next order to get myself some summer ready shades. 

Brow Boss:
The final item I purchased was an eyebrow pencil in the shade dark brown and is fabulous to apply as the pencil is really thin so it is super easy to apply. It doesn't come out heavy and perfect for creating your dream brows. For only $5 I was I had purchased several as it is a serious game changer. 

Have you ever ordered from Colourpop?


  1. I definitely need some more Colourpop in my life, I just wish we could get it easier in the UK x

  2. That seems a bargain for what you get. I like the Felix colour, so bright and cheerful

  3. Those lipsticks look gorgeous! Surprisingly, I haven't delved into the world of Colourpop as of yet. Definitely need to though after reading this post!😍 Thanks for sharing Darling. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!xoxo