$30 Colourpop Haul You Need to See

Colourpop Supershock Shadow

Colourpop has become one of my staple brands over the last few years, for their amazing products at an even more amazing price. A couple of years back they finally started offering shipping direct to the UK, which has made the beauty bloggers of the UK very happy people. For the purpose of this post and the fact I wanted to shop elsewhere too I used a shipping service called My Mall Box, who I used when I had my first experience with Colourpop, they offer a range of options to get packages consolidated, chose who its shipped with and roughly how much that will cost for the size of your package. I decided to go for the DHL express delivery (as I am impatient) this cost around $34 which is a little on the pricer side, but worth it and within a week of my order, my package arrived totally not like for the entire day of the delivery, every time I heard a noise I got excited and jumped up to go to the door. I was impressed with how small the package was, and it was completely well wrapped and there were no customs charged on it. Although it feels a little bit less exciting that it doesn't arrive in the Colourpop box, however, the card was still included. Despite only ordering it a week ago, when the package arrived I was clueless about the contents. 

Colourpop Liquid Lipsticks

So what did I order?
Four liquid lipsticks, two super shock shadows, and an eyebrow pencil. Which for me this is a pretty tame order. I was shocked the entirety of the contents came to $30 which is around £22, bargain right? I have recently been into liquid lipsticks since rediscovering my Kat Von D one, and the lipsticks within the post were all $6.50. All of the liquid lipsticks I purchased were from different collaborations and each came in the cutest boxes. 

The first lipstick I opened was an ultra satin lip in Felix, which is a beautiful bright orange shade, which is SO me and I haven't seen a shade like this in any other store, I think would be the perfect festival companion for a pop of colour. I like the satin finish due to it having good staying power, but doesn't have that stuck lip feeling which can often be felt with matte liquid lipsticks. This is not smudge proof and you will end up applying this throughout the day, but with such a lovely finish and a pretty colour, you won't mind as much.

Next, I picked the shade in the mysterious black box, which is a collaboration between Ellarie and Colourpop, when I opened the box I was greeted with this beautiful and bold pink shade, not what you would expect within the box. The with the shade name Yoshi. It is a bold look for sure and I can confirm now that ultra matte finish is an almighty beast! No matter what I did to it, it did not budge or crumble, I was amazed. I would recommend this for any time you need long lasting lip colour without topping it up. 

The third liquid lipstick I purchased which was in the shade Coquette a shade completely out of my comfort zone (this is coming from the girl who wears bright blue lipstick), it is a beautiful red shade with a metallic finish. I am crazy in love with metallic finishes at the moment as they're so out there and look great. This lipstick did have to be re-applied a few times, however, it looks gorgeous!

The final liquid lipstick I purchased was in the shade Zipper, this is the shade I think I will get the most wear out of, as it's the typical shade I would usually reach for. Like Yoshi it was ultra matte, and I noticed the formula of this one was more drying and did crumble easier after a few hours. It is still long wearing but may need topping up from time to time throughout the day. 

Colourpop Haul

Supershock Shadows:
I purchased two of the Supershock shadows from Colourpop which is unusual for me as I usually purchase around 6 of them. I fell in love with the shades Cusp and Superfly. Cusp is a turquoise colour and is an ultra glitter shade, and amazing for finishing off any look. It's bright and easy to build. Superfly is a lot darker than Cusp but is harder to build. Both shades came in a cute little box and the Supershock shadows from Colourpop always have a unique formula which I find enjoyable to use. It is very creme like and bouncy and great to have fun with and their super shock shadows are $5 each, so well worth the money. I can't wait until my next order to get myself some summer ready shades. 

Brow Boss:
The final item I purchased was an eyebrow pencil in the shade dark brown and is fabulous to apply as the pencil is really thin so it is super easy to apply. It doesn't come out heavy and perfect for creating your dream brows. For only $5 I was I had purchased several as it is a serious game changer. 

Have you ever ordered from Colourpop?

There's Just Something About A Road Trip

Road trips are massively underrated, there's something about the freedom they encounter and you can get from A to B with loads of stops in the middle. Or you can just let the roads take you and end up somewhere you've never been before dependant on how adventurous you are. I think as a blogger a trip around the UK meeting different bloggers would be so fun! Whether you want to stay in the UK and make your way around or whether you want to get a ferry with your own car or just rent a car once you get to your destination the opportunities are endless. Whether you going to plan your stop points beforehand or just wing it you can achieve so much in a short amount of time. I decided to share with you my top tips for having the best road trip, ever. 

Prepare your vehicle:
This is probably the most important tip on the whole list, as you don't want to get stuck in an unfamiliar place with an issue, make your car is fit for a long drive. It's worth checking your tyres as well as your car bulbs, the screen wash and the oil are checked and if you're unsure about whether your car is safe for the journey ahead its always going to a garage and getting it the once over. Make sure your vehicle is clean, I mean as fun as it is sitting in the back with stale Maccies is, some people might not enjoy it as much? 

Music is key:
Is it really a road trip without music? Whether you're creating one for the occasion or finding the best that Spotify has to offer, music is key and for long journeys, my friends and I create collaborative playlists that way everyone has something on the playlist they like, although the driver has the ultimate power if they can skip songs on their steering wheel.


Take an old-fashioned map:
Granted a road trip isn't really a road trip until you get lost, and with multiple people, in the car with, phones it is likely you'll be able to locate a way back on the right path. However, it is always worth having an old fashion map handy, you never know when you might lose 4G! Does anyone know where to buy a map these days?

Pack the essentials: 
The essentials vary from person to person dependant on what you count as an essential but for me, food is at the top of the list, I can't go more than 10 minutes without thinking about my next meal, so I definitely could not go hours without it! Crisps, sweets and cheese and onion rolls are the ones for long journeys! Also, drinks, toothbrushes, some clothes, and deodorant are pretty essential imo. Wouldn't fancy a long car journey with me after not brushing my teeth for a few days.

Have fun:
Of course, the centre of any road trip is fun you're hitting the road in search of an epic adventure and this is something you will hopefully achieve. Wherever the roads take you, enjoy yourself!

What are your tips for going on the best road trip?

*In Collaboration with Kwik Fit. 

Places you need to visit when in Spain!

Just about everyone and their dog (literally) is off on holiday this summer and it's giving me seriously wanderlust, as someone with anxiety I do find it hard to travel around. Which gives me some serious FOMO, as I see a constant stream of beautiful places I want to visit and have a list as long as my arm of destinations I want to visit in the (near) future. I want to step out of my comfort zone and make the leap of a visit to one of the destinations on my list, I love doing the research into places and finding out what there is to visit, and planning what I would want to do whilst there, as I am a hugely organised person and love to make lists and finding the best places to stay. I recently was looking into Spain, I feel like it can be an underrated destination to visit and is worth looking into for sure. I've fallen in love with some beautiful places to stay such as these divine mansions in Spain, perfect if you are going away with a group of people or if you're looking for pure luxury. If you're looking for a more intimate affair or a family holiday Spain has you covered. With many villas, hotels, and hostels for you to take your pick from. 

When researching Spain and with the help of my friend Ariana who has travelled a lot and was happy to share her recommendations with me, I was able to compile a list of amazing things you NEED to do when in Spain and where to stay. Obviously Spain is a big place and dependant of where you want to visit, will depend on what you can do from this list, hopefully, it inspires you to visit these places as much as it did for me whilst writing this post. 

In a town near Valencia on the last Wednesday in August a huge festival is held called La Tomatina, which is the 'worlds biggest food fight' and as you've probably guessed, it's a food fight of... tomatoes. Nobody is completely sure how the tradition started but was thought to have started back in 1944. As it only happens once a year, it is a perfect reason to visit nearby Valencia. As well as this, Valencia has some other great offerings, including L'Oceanogr√†fic which is a huge aquarium, with dolphins, sharks, and even penguins. It also has a Butterfly house and a Crocodilary. The perfect place to visit for any age group. 

Was the destination of my family holidays as a child, but as you can probably guess I don't actually remember much, all I can picture is what I can see in photos of 5-year-old me. I would love to go back as an adult and explore. Known for having many beaches and being a popular holiday resort for us Brits, but it also has many beautiful places to explore including the Cuevas Del Drach, roughly translated as the Dragon Caves which is the most popular cave in Mallorca and I am not surprised as to why filled with pure beauty. You can get a boat trip through the caves which takes around an hour and from the pictures looks like a once in a lifetime opportunity. 

Barcelona is a popular tourist destination but within there are many hidden gems worth visiting. When I was doing research into Barcelona I found some dreamy places including Park Guell, which is full of history and known for Mosaic-covered buildings, steps & sculptures in verdant park with Gaudi museum & panoramic views. There are also guided tours to make your experience extra special as you learn on the go. 

Also during my research, I found out about Tibidabo Amusement Park is one of the worlds oldest and still functioning theme parks. The attractions in the park look out of this world, the carousel looks like a 'proper' old school one and it makes me happy that places like this still exist, I love the sheer amount of colour within the park and it looks like a really exciting day out. Barcelona is known for having the best food and months of endless sun which to me sounds like a dream destination for me. 

The capital city of Spain, Madrid. Known for its alluring art scene and football team (of course). The Madrid Art Triangle is a must-see for anyone who wants to what is on offer in the big museums such as Arte Reina Sofia and Museo Del Prado. It is also known for those more intimate galleries. Another thing that not many people know about Madrid is it is full of parks with Casa De Campo which is 5x the size of Central Park in New York! Which within has a fun fair, small boats, the Madrid Zoo and plenty of places to take a stroll around and take in the beauty which surrounds. Sounds like a dream for someone who isn't a fan of beach holidays!

There you have it, four amazing destinations to visit in Spain. When researching for this post I couldn't quite believe the number of places there are to visit in Spain and a few of them I hadn't even heard of. I am now off to add a few more destinations to my wanderlust list and check out the best deals that Kayak and Expedia have to offer me because this girl is in need of some serious sun!

Where is your favorite place to visit in the whole world? Let me know in the comments!

*Collaborative Post

6 beauty products you must have!

 My effort levels during the winter are somewhat lacking when it comes to my beauty routine. My makeup usually ends up all over my face from having a cold, and my hair ends up getting ruined from the random downfalls of rain we have pretty much constantly... Although I do wear makeup throughout the winter, spring and summer are where it is at. With festivals on the horizon and the fun colours making their return, I am in my element. I don't blog about beauty as much as I should, so today I am bringing you my favourite products currently. Hopefully, you enjoy this post and let me know in the comments what products are essential to your beauty routine.

The first product to take the spotlight is the Nivea lip balm in soft rose which is only £2.49 and one of the best lip balms I've ever tried and completely budget friendly too. Working in an office with aircon often dries out my lips, but I find it is easily fixed with this lip balm which leaves your lips feeling soft and it also adds a little tint to your lip. Next up is the Airbrush Away Primer from No7 which comes in at £16.50, a little more on the pricer side as in the past I have only bought cheaper ones but haven't found them to do the job, after having my makeup done in Boots and been shown the difference that the primer can make, I knew I needed to have it in my life. It creates a lightweight base for your foundation to glide over and helps to even out any imperfections. A little goes a long way with this primer, so I believe it's worth the investment. My go-to foundation currently is from IT cosmetics and is the Your Skin But Better CC cream*, I fell in love with this CC cream as soon as I tried it, giving a flawless full coverage, covers up my acne more than other CC creams/foundations I have tried and has SPF 50 within, so great for those summer months and the bottle itself is in a tube with a pump which makes it 100 times easier to get the amount you want and to carry around as its not heavy.

I love whacking out the perfumes during the warmer months, and I have to pre-warn you that I am terrible at describing scents, but my two favourites currently are Candy Sugar Pop* from Prada and Dior Poison Girl Unexpected*, both perfumes according to experts fit under the Oriental scent bracket, which I hadn't actually heard of until I looked into these perfumes. Both fragrances are made up of vanilla base notes and smell divine. Poison girl unexpected has a sweet scent and The Perfume Shop advise the scent is "A radically pop inspiration, a sudden, lightning-fast sensation that sends sparkling shivers down the spine and then rounds off with sugary softness." A must-have scent for 2018. Candy Sugar Pop isn't the usual perfume I would be drawn to, as it's more elegant than my usual 'type' described online as "Delicate notes of Peach and Vanilla mingle with airy Apple and Mahonial and shiny top notes of Vert de Bergamote and Green Citrus, comprising an unexpectedly substantial scent story: a sweet first impression cut with an ironic aside, Prada Candy Sugar Pop leaves the room on a high note." Also a perfume you need to add to your collection in 2018. 

The final product I wanted to include in this post has been a firm favourite of mine for a few months now, and I don't imagine it changing. I've had a love-hate battle with dry shampoo for a long time now, growing up Batiste dry shampoo was the one but the relationship ended when I came to the conclusion of how much white residue that it actually leaves behind. After spotting an AD on Insta for Colab I was drawn by the colourful packaging and fell in love with the product on first use, I can feel it actually absorbs the product and makes my hair feel clean for a good 2-3 days and for someone who washes their hair once a day to go that many days, it must be good. Colab has an amazing range of scents and is available from Boots currently at £1.74 (usually £3.49). 

What products have you been into lately?  

The Truth About Friendship Break Ups.

Letting go of toxic people isn't an act of cruelty its an act of self-care. 

We are always going to have to deal with having toxic people around us, but it's deciding who is worth keeping in your life and who you need to let go of. I put my hands up and admit I am the worst at making excuses for other people, those who don't deserve it. Sucks to admit it when a person you've seen as your friend for such a long time, doesn't care about you the way you care about them. I was 16 when I went through my first friendship breakup and it was one I still think about to this day. We were friends since we were 8 years old, we did everything together, but me suffering from mental illness and needing a friend a lot, became too much for her and she distanced herself from me, it was tough but I knew it couldn't carry on that way. I chose to end our friendship for my own sanity, it was difficult and I thought we might be able to change things in the future, but that was the end, and to this day we haven't spoken, so I guess our friendship wasn't worth fighting for.  

It's crazy how different things seem when you take a step back, and see things without the rose-tinted glasses on. Hindsight is a beautiful thing. No matter how much you want a person to care, if they don't, you can't force them sadly. Which is the shitty thing about friendship breakups, because just like real breakups it is usually one-sided. We don't often know our friendships are toxic, again just like relationships the signs are hard to spot. For me, it is always about trying to work out if my friends deserve another chance, and if so how many chances do they deserve. One of my biggest struggles with toxic friendships is I am too forgiving, I believe this is partly down to suffering from BPD, as the idea of someone hating me or being mad is too much to comprehend. 

In more recent years I've broken myself away from toxic friendships and thank god I did. The first was a fairly short-lived friendship full of guilt-tripping and making me a person I did not want to be, the friendship was always taking and never give back from their point of view, and the slightest thing would have them fly off the handle, I am ever so glad that friendship ended as my life was going in downwards spiral with that person. In this case the 'break up' was ugly, and I was scared of that person but so glad I was away from it all. I couldn't deal with the constant phone calls, them turning up at my door and forever asking for money and making me feel like the worst person in the world if I couldn't afford to give it to them. I noticed with this person, the happier I got, the angrier the person got with me like they didn't want happiness for me, and that's never ok. I've more recently dealt with being ghosted by a friend, which for me as a new experience and one which still doesn't make sense to me. 

People never remember the millions of times you helped them, only the time you don't.

The following points have become my guidelines of when it is time to remove those people from your life. Nobody needs toxic people in their life. 

  • If someone makes you feel worse more times than they make you feel good that's an instant no no. Friends are supposed to make you feel good. 
  • When you feel like the friendship is 99% you and only 1% of them (which includes attempting to make plans, reaching out to talk) 
  • If they constantly ask you for things but never give anything back emotionally or physically. 
  • There always seems to be something in the friendship for them, with most of my ex-friendships it is has been money, food or alcohol. 
  • They make you feel like the worst person in the world, like everything that has ever gone wrong somehow is your fault. Even though deep down you know it is not. 
At the end of the day, it is easy me saying this to you, and I know as much as the next person it is hard to end that friendship, especially when you've spent so much time with them, and it seems like they've become a totally different person. It's ok to move away from that, you do not need those levels of toxicity, and from experience, I can say once you've 'broken up' it feels like you can take a deep breath of fresh air and take back to being your own person again. 

It's important to remember, friends can break your heart too.

Mental Health, Meds and Meltdowns!

*TW* Medication for treating mental health is still a huge taboo subject, and until 6 months ago I was one of the people who hated taking medication to deal with my issues. I always felt like it made me weak and I was putting these tablets inside of my body for the sake of it. On my good days I felt like myself, but the bad days didn't go away, and they kept creeping up on me and I'd feel like the worst person in the world. I have been on 5 different types of antidepressants and only now do I feel like these may actually be the ones for me, along with my mood stabiliser medication. It has taken me some guts to go to the doctors in the past to ask for new medications, I was forever convinced they were going to shout at me for stopping taking them, or for needing to try yet another. Luckily for me, with time it got easier and I found a doctor who understood me, and I got referred to the correct people to seek my official diagnosis. 

I've gone through periods of time where I've stopped taking them for a few days but I instantly notice the difference in myself. Sometimes it was done on purpose and other times it was from being forgetful when you have multiple medications to remember it is easy to do, for me the key was purchasing a pill organiser like this one and getting into a pattern where I manage to remember it as part of my night time routine and it has become the same as taking my make up off, brushing my teeth and taking my meds. I feel sad knowing there are people out there that are yet to get the breakthrough with medication, as I myself know that it can be a long complex journey to get the place where I am now and a lot of people refuse to go back after trying a few types as they just seem to make things worse or not do anything at all. I've been there myself and I know what it is like.

I spoke to a fellow blogger about her experience to get a wider view of taking medication whilst suffering from mental health issues.

Neve from Life With Neve says:
"I was in a horrible place, I couldn't eat or sleep or do anything. I'd been going to therapy for at least 6 months and I was still suicidal and self-harming and completely shattered and so I was offered meds. I felt awful when I was first on them but the longer I was on the better I was getting and tbh it was like opening my eyes and seeing everything clearly. I felt like id been in a cloud for years and all of a sudden I had the confidence to go out with my friends and do things alone and I was like a whole new person, the person I had longed to be and work so hard to become. I was on them for 3 years and then I eventually took the step to get off of them and I've been truly fab ever since. So many people say that they don't believe in them etc etc but I literally would not be here today or happy or anything without my doctor put me on them! I watched some of my friends go through the same situations one even being placed on a ward and medication literally helped turn her life around too. I mean I always feel silly saying that I'd not be here without being on my medication but tbh it's true! And it's really right what they say when you start them haha you deffo feel worse before you feel better!" 

I also spoke to another blogger Ida who does not like to take any medication for mental health due to the number of side effects she has had and also has tried many types of different medication. All with negative side effects which she outway any positives of the antidepressants. Although she has now found a medication which helps. She says getting an official diagnosis for ADHD has also helped her be able to manage her moods in ways which aren't medication. 

Where I stand on taking medication to help with antidepressants leaves me a little torn, although these work for me currently, they may not always work and sometimes it does make me worry that I am taking the 'easy' route out. Currently, I am going to continue to take them as I find them of use. I am also looking into the route of online psychiatry as I feel like this is something I may also benefit from. I would love to hear your opinions of treating mental health with medication in the comments below. 

*This is a collaborative post, but all thoughts are my own and thank you to Neve and Ida for helping me with this post. 

How To Stay Safe At Festivals AD

Most of us have now seen the Snapchat of the girl who had her drink spiked at a festival a few months back, and it's so out of order that this happens at festivals, and honestly shocks me that someone could do that. Luckily for the girl, she caught it on camera and the guy soon was gone. Festivals are some of the most fun things you can do during the summer months, it's an excuse to camp in a field for 5 days, drink and listen to good music with your friends. A complete escape from reality. Sadly though, sometimes festivals aren't all fun and games and it's important to stay safe, as lame as it sounds, take care of yourself. Today I decided with the help of my friend Kim who is the queen of festivals, to share our top tips for staying safe at festivals.

Look after your valuables: 
At festivals, crime is rife, with theft being one of the biggest. DPP Solicitors have more information on this if you're interested in reading more. From taking items out of a tent to being pickpocketed, it's common. For expensive items, it is best leaving them at home as I know how gutted I would be to lose my phone, it's worth going back in time and purchasing yourself a good old Nokia brick. If you do have to take valuables e.g. keys, money and phone it is worth getting the majority of it put in a safe locker, at Glastonbury these are free. Bestival has created a fabulous document in regards to crime at festivals which I would totally recommend taking a read of. 

Medical tents are there for a reason:
You might have overdone it a bit, or just need to visit the medical tent for whatever reason, but don't want to look uncool in front of your mates. However, if you need to get medical attention, then go! At the end of the day, all your friends will be worried about is making sure you're ok. From my personal experience at Leeds fest, I have spent a huge amount of time in a medical tent after being hit over the head with a bottle and getting a bad concussion. But I am glad I went to get the OK, as it made me feel a lot more reassured. 

Have a meeting place:
You might all want to see different bands or go off and do different things. However, we all know at festivals you probably won't have any phone battery or signal and, especially if you've been drinking, it can be easy to get lost. Make sure you've got a meeting place that you all know and arrange to meet there after the bands have finished so you can head back to your tent together. 

Don't take drinks from a stranger:
As much as a festival is about meeting new people and having a great time with them. I'd be wary of taking a drink from someone I do not know, due to the potential dangers. Majority of the time it will be out of kindness, but you can never be too careful anymore. It's also super important to keep your eye on your drink at all times, as people can be sneaky with their intentions. It is important to know the signs in case this happens to a friend or someone around you, Drinkaware have detailed the signs on their site. 

Take care of you: 
When having a great time it can often be forgotten to look after you. It's important to stay hydrated, especially in times of heat. It is also important to cover yourself in sun cream every few hours, even if its overcast, you do not want to end up burnt (it's not fun!) especially in crowds of people, ouch.

We hope this has shed some light on stay safe at festivals! 

*This post is in collaboration with DPP Solicitors and thanks Kim for your help with this post! 

What is FOMO and do I have it?

FOMO is the fear of missing out, we all deal with it at some point in our lives, it can be anything from going to that social event you don't actually want to be at. To something as simple as watching a television series because everyone else is talking about it, and despite not being interested, you do not want to miss out. You find yourself trying to be like those that are well-liked in aid of people liking you more, despite the fact that if people don't like you for who you are, they're not really your friends and you are better off without them.

Fear of missing out can affect us all in different ways, and for me, it was consuming my life. From being envious of those beautiful selfies people put on Snapchat and Instagram, to that beautiful holiday, we filter our lives on social media and only share what we want to share and often it has been heavily edited beforehand. When I was suffering from FOMO at its worst doing things I wouldn't ever dream of doing because my friends were doing it. I wanted to fit in so bad I was willing to do whatever it took. For me, it was always the not knowing, the inside jokes, the secret smiles about something I didn't understand and when I would ask I was told 'you had to be there'. I hated feeling like I was missing out and that my friends would soon become bored with me, the girl who hated going out, wanted to stay home and couldn't really cope with human interaction. 

It took over my life and social media makes it so much easier to allow it to happen. With just about everything posted on some sort of social media in 2018, it is pretty much impossible to escape. If you don't go to that social event, you will see all the realms of Snapchats on your phone and the collection of photos which appear on Facebook the next day and then worry about what you've missed out on. Fear of missing out also makes you feel incredibly selfish, instead of thinking oh I hope they had fun, you sit and wonder if the photos made it look better than what it was and maybe it was actually really bad, and that you should be glad you didn't go.

If you weren't invited to an event, you will know that you weren't and who was, and it makes you consider everything about yourself and what you've done to that person, despite it actually might not be anything. A lot of people don't understand the true extent of FOMO, it literally can control your life. Make you do things you really don't want to do, go out and be social even though your mind is begging you to stay in and sleep, but you know you can't miss out. It seems like something that is easy to fix and that it isn't actually that big of a deal, but with a constant reminder of what is happening around you on social media, it can a really toxic place, even in your own house. 

Frankii from Quite Franklii  says:
"I feel like because of my anxiety and the fact I married quite young I think people often assume I’m old and boring as though I’ve become a totally different person. That’s not always the case- though I don’t drink often anymore or have the desire to go clubbing I am always more than happy to host get together at my house and other things. It gets to a stage where you always feel like you’re a friend but never the best friend"

Like Frankii, I too struggle with going out to clubs due to my anxiety and I am not a big drinker either, but it doesn't mean I don't want to do anything, I just don't want to do that. I don't mind having people over or going to theirs I just find it hard to hang out in a location I do not feel comfortable, but can often mean me forcing myself to do things which make me feel uneasy just so I don't miss out.  

Kim from The Colour Chronicles says: 
I used to get FOMO really bad when at uni when there was more free time to be more social and I thought by not joining in/attending I'd end up with no friends or people wouldn't want to hang out with me which ended up with me doing things I didn't really want to or spending money I didn't really have just to try and make friends. These days it's something I suffer from a lot too - having a much smaller friendship group, it's easy to fall into the habit of thinking if you're not around much then people will forget or not want to invite you to things. Unfortunately a lot of the time that seems to be the case but it's better for my mental health not partaking in things I don't want to - sometimes you just need a night in and it's helped me a lot more to accept that as self-care, rather than go out and be social and I know I won't miss out on much! Also, if you've got FOMO because you think people will forget you or not want to invite you out because you don't go out often and then they do stop inviting you, they're not great friends anyway.

University is one of the worst places to deal with FOMO in my opinion due to the amount of time you 'have' to spend being social, whether you want to or not as a fresher it's pretty much expected of you and it's the best way to socialise, not doing so makes you a bit of an outsider and can often cause friction with friends. You might not even want to do all of these things, but in your head, you NEED to, or you'll miss out and your friends will think less of you. I feel like FOMO is often heightened if you suffer from mental health issues, as it seems almost impossible to get rid of it and you end up not being able to cope, I have lost friends over agreeing to plans, with a full intention of going, but then the anxiety kicks in and the FOMO and the anxiety battle it, but the anxiety always wins and despite wanting to do this thing, you can't and your friends don't understand. You tell them, and they say they get it, but you start getting invited out less and less.

FOMO is only getting to get worse as social media progresses and the future of social media will be something like that episode of Black Mirror where everything is based on social scores. It's a scary prospect, but it's likely to become a part of everyday life more than it already is because let's face it, nobody wants to miss out.

If you don't love yourself, how in the hell you gonna love somebody else?

"If you don't love yourself, how in the hell you gonna love somebody else?" Ru Paul

Self-love is one of the most difficult things we as humans have to deal with, the number of hours we spent trying to fix ourselves, make us the better version of ourselves and wondering what we can work on next. It's exhausting. Yet I still don't know a single person who can 100% they love everything about themselves, which is ok too. But I personally am suffering a long-term battle with my own self-confidence and most days it is a battle just to find one thing I remotely like about myself, and a lot of the time, I am pretty sure it shows. 

I have come to the conclusion no matter somebody else thinks of you, it's only going to stick if you believe it yourself. That's why insults and negativity stick around for so long as it feels like a confirmation of what we think of ourselves. I do all of these things that make me feel good about myself, like dying my hair, buying cool new 'edgy' clothes and even getting piercings and tattoos, and to me, I feel on top of the world when I am being me. But it can only last so long, and then I come back to earth with a big bang. 

"Your words are powerful, be careful how you speak to yourself."

Weight gain is something that has held me back for the last few years, I've avoided taking photos of myself, especially full body ones like the plague. The idea of standing in front of a camera and letting someone else take photos of me is a foreign concept to me. But since I had my hair recoloured and received some cool new tees from Truffle Shuffle. I felt a boost of confidence and with the sun shining I decided to take a leap of faith and created an alien-esq vibe makeup look and headed outside to take the shots. For me with previous photos I have done, I try to be someone I am not, and end up pulling all of these fake smiles and standing like I was trying to be a doll and the look just didn't work for me. So I went for the more edgy vibe that I do somewhat well and actually found 5 shots that I was happy with out of the many we took. For me, that's a result. I saw 5 photos that I wanted to edit, keep and upload.

It's true what they say, we are our own biggest critiques and getting over this hurdle can be pretty much impossible for a lot of us. But from what I've learnt it's about taking those smaller steps and soon these will grow into bigger steps that are stepping stones to becoming the person you want to be. 

You've gotta believe in yourself and that's where the journey starts!