TK Maxx Haul + Tips for Bagging a Bargain.

Taking things back to basics today with a haul, back in 'the day' when blogging was all about the makeup bargains that you had picked up and photograph them on the equivalent of a potato (I am being serious, look at one of my old hauls here) whereas now the haul is a little more classy, with lush photos taken and they actually look professional for the most part which is so cool to see how far some people have come, as well as to see some amazing photography made by fellow creators. With me, I am all about the colour and fun shots, I will never be the best photographer, but I am happy to give it ago! So back to the point at hand, I recently did a small haul in TK Maxx and picked up 5 items for £20 which is pretty good going IMO. I decided to share this with you as I was super excited by some of the items I was able to pick up, I swear every time I go into TK Maxx it gets better. So today I decided to share my haul with you, as well as a few tips for finding the best deals in TK Maxx.

Tip 1:
With TK Maxx, I have heard they've previously been in trouble for making up an RRP to make the discount sound better when the product was never even sold anywhere but TK Maxx, however, I believe they've now fixed this issue and if it was not sold anywhere previously, it will not have an RRP. It's always worth Googling items found in TK Maxx to find out how much of a deal you are really getting, as it can be misleading.  

Steve Madden Metallic Purse £3.00
I am instantly drawn to metallic stuff recently, and by this, I mean like a magpie attracted to anything silver. I went to look at this purse as it looks like something I'd buy, picked up and decided I needed to have it, and I was expecting around the £15-20 mark, to look and find it was only £3.00, which is a pretty good find. 

EOS balm £3.99
The EOS balm became one of my favourite items when I was visiting the states after I was introduced to them by Ami back in 2014, every time I visited I would make sure I picked up a huge stash of them so they didn't run out back in the UK. However, in recent months it appears that Boots have started to sell them for a hefty £6.50, and I find it hard to part with that much money for a lip balm. But when in TK Maxx I found a range of flavours for £3.99, which is still on the pricer side of a lip balm, but I swear these things do not run out? 

Tip 2:
Do not browse TK Maxx sections you do not need items from, I am the worst for it. I cannot just go in for a look in TK Maxx, I go through the whole store looking for items I may need, and shock horror I actually never use any of the items I pick up. When I am looking for homeware I will try to avoid the beauty and hair section as they always have tempting deals and I have next to zero willpower.  

Unicorn Nail Kit £4.99
I am not going to lie, no matter what was inside I was going to purchase it, I was pleasantly surprised when I opened it to find an adorable nail kit, perfect for storing in your bag and has just about everything you may need in a nail kit, including two pairs of clippers. It also has tweezers in which will come in handy I am sure. 

Nails Inc Nail Varnish £2.99
A few months ago I purchased a Nails Inc gift set with two fabulous shades and wondered why I'd never tried the brand before, although they're on the pricier side I would definitely say they're worth it. I picked up a beautiful polish with little pink flowers within, however, it didn't really stay all, so for this one, I wouldn't be repurchasing but it may have just been the shade of polish. 

Melted Lipstick from Too Faced £4.99
Every time I go in TK Maxx I am always lusting after their melted lip stains and they have a pretty good range for the summertime, I've never bought one due to the copious amounts of liquid lipstick I already own, but seen as I was doing a haul, I decided it was worth treating myself to one. For £4.99 any Too Faced item to me is a bargain at that price. 

*What is your favourite thing you've ever picked up from TK Maxx? 


  1. I haven't found much in TK Maxx lately, but this makes me think I need to go have a browse asap :)

  2. Great finds! I had no idea about the RRP issue in TKMaxx. I'm not too bothered by the discount, I always pay attention to the price I'm paying and if that is worth it or not. It's hard not to spend lots of money when I go to TKMaxx as they have so many great things.

  3. Great tips! TKMaxx is my greatest weakness, I always end up leaving with things I never needed, haha!

    Anika |

  4. I love popping into TK Maxx but I find it can be quite hit and miss at times! When you strike gold though, you really get some brilliant bits! I'm always impressed with the make-up brands I find!

    Musings & More

  5. I am obsessed with the home section of TK Maxx. I am forever buying mugs and candles that I don't need. I also love the purses. Always such a baragain
    Beth x
    Mermaid in Disguise

  6. The Steve Madden purse is gorgeous! I also see Nails inc products when i go in but very rarely see too faced!