12 March 2018

My review of The Stable, Birmingham!

The Stable Birmingham

The Stable: 115 John Bright St, Birmingham B1 1BE

If I get a choice of a restaurant, it's more than likely going to be something focused on pizza, closely followed by Mexican. A few days before we planned to visit Birmingham, I took to Twitter to ask for recommendations of where to eat and of course you guys had some great suggestions. Considering I live only 30 minutes away, I haven't been to Birmingham in a long time and a lot seems to have changed, including the number of restaurants that seemed to have popped up in this time. Will and I looked at a few websites and as soon as I saw pizza and quirky decor I was down. The place we had found was called The Stable and was really close to the train station, win. Although somehow Will and I still seemed to get a little lost; once we have left the Bullring and the station I am a little less clued up. We walked into The Stable at around 1pm and it was empty, so we were advised to sit down and picked our table multiple times due to the lighting, I mean gotta get that lighting right. Amirite? 

Once I finally found a table which had *perfect* lighting we sat down and decided what to order. Me being a huge fan of Margherita pizza, I knew I had to try the Stables offering. I could probably write a blog post about all of the different places I have eaten one (I may actually do this for future content) and how I would rate them. Anyway back to The Stable; Will ordered a roast chicken wrap and as neither of us drinks alcohol we gave the cider a miss despite the huge offering which would have been fab to try. The decor is most definitely casual, with tables and benches as well as everything being wooden and having a real rustic feel to it. My favourite is the giant bull on the wall, it just gives the place an extra added touch. 

The time we were waiting for food considering we were the only ones in the restaurant was pretty long, and if it was busy I did wonder how long it would take to get food. However, once the food came out that was quickly forgotten. First thoughts on the food, for the price of it all, it was decent. The pizza was huge and Will got two large stuffed to the brim wraps which was pretty impressive. We both loved our meals and the blend of cheese on the pizza with the thin base was lush. 

Overall I had a fabulous meal at The Stable and because it was lunch we even got our food at a discount. It's a great pre-shopping meal as it filled me for the rest of the day. I would recommend visiting if you're in Birmingham; seems like a perfect place to catch up with friends. 

Have you ever visited The Stable? 


  1. Yum yum yum. I'm exactly the same I love a good pizza place and mexican is my other go to. Lovely photography, you're right, the lighting needs to be tip top!
    xx Beth

  2. The food looks so tasty!

  3. I love The Stable, their pizzas are wicked. I also like to get a cider tasting board too because they always have some interesting cider on tap!

  4. The pizza looks amazing. I haven't been to The Stable, but after seeing your post, I would love to. :)

  5. I've not popped into Birmingham for a while. Its great that The Stable is close to the station. I love a good pizza and the pizza looks delish! Good size too. The Stable sounds like a perfect spot to have a break from the shopping. Love the causal decor and the long benches. Might try the pizzas there when I'm in Birmingham next.

  6. The food looks lush! And pizza is the perfect choice. Overall it looks like a nice place for any social setting. Next time I’m passing by I’ll have to call in!

  7. Those look like some seriously good eats! I spent a couple of nights in Birmingham many years ago, en route to an Open University summer school. Had a fab time! I'd love to go back.

  8. Love pizza and roast chicken so your food looks delish! I have heard of so many nice places to eat in Birmingham, you are lucky just to live half hour away x

  9. There are too many nice places to eat in Birmingham - this looks amazing!

    - Faith | www.faithridler.com