5 March 2018

The Dungarees & Donuts Mothers Day Gift Guide 2018.

Long gone the days where you walk into your local supermarket on the Saturday night before Mothers Day and pick up a card and a box of chocolates for mothers day. Like most holidays in 2018, the presents are getting bigger and the ideas are getting more adventurous and Mothers Day is no exception to the rule. If you're like me and have no idea what to get your mum for Mothers Day (or are clueless at present buying altogether, welcome to the club!) I have searched the internet far and wide (ok, I looked on a few sites) to find some of the best presents money can buy. With everything from chocolate with a twist to a mystery box for those of you who are little more adventurous. I've got some quirky and fun ideas to see you through another year of being the 'best child'. Gotta beat your siblings at this right?! If you're a mum, let me know in the comments what your favourite Mothers Day gifts to receive from your children are, I am always curious as to what other people like to receive. Hopefully, you find something within the post which will help with your Mothers Day gift this year, mine is definitely getting a mystery box. 

Thomas Sabo Zirconia Together Forever Heart Link Necklace£99.
Your mum in need of a treat? Then you've come to the right place, this Thomas Sabo necklace is beautiful and perfect for just about every mum (that I know), it's cute, lightweight and definitely wins you best child of the year award. I know this is something my mum would love as its sentimental and easy to wear. This gift is the gift if you are a bit stuck with you want to get your mum and are clueless about finding something she'd like. We've all been there.

The Gourmet Chocolate Pizza Company £11.75.
Forget your standard milk tray from Asda, treat your mum to this fabulous and super tasty dish; (of course I had to try it for quality purposes.) Chocolate pizza, not only does it taste lush, it looks pretty good too. The pizza has a chocolate flower on and is covered in edible glitter and white chocolate curls. It's a fun and thoughtful gift and puts a twist on the classic box of chocolates. It's pizza without having to cook a thing!

The Firebox, Mystery Box£34.99.
Willing to take the risk this Mothers Day? Well, you need to buy your mum this mystery box worth over £50 from Firebox. This extra special box contains a variety of items, sure to make your mum have a fabulous day. The best part about the box is you can't be to blame for contents as, well it's a mystery. The idea is fun and quirky and a total surprise, this is so much of a mystery, I am unable to tell you the contents of the box. Soz. 

Books are always a good gift imo, I am a huge fan of collecting 'quirky books' and this coffee one is the perfect one to add any collection. The book contains the best places in the world to drink coffee (you can get a pizza version too), the best gift for any coffee lover or someone who likes to sit in coffee shops, all of the time *cough* guilty. Also can be used as a doorstop, a paperweight or one of those books you have on your coffee table for when friends come over and it gives them something to focus on, other than the mess of the house, whoops. 

Yankee Candle Laughter and Balance, £24.99
Who doesn't love a candle for a present (well maybe a few people) but a lot of people do like candles for a present, these lush candles from Yankee Candle from their Making Memories Collection, with five new scents on the block, how will you chose the perfect candle? The good thing with these candles are; even if your family mum doesn't like the scent (no matter how much she pretends to, we all know that face) they make a lovely ornament with the sentiment behind it. Win-win. 

Peg Board from Firebox£12.99
Over the past few months, peg boards have been everywhere and I included, I am a huge fan of what they have to offer. It's a great way to tell someone how much they mean to you, an intentive way to write a shopping list or even to just write random words when bored. These are a unique and fun gift and guaranteed your Mum will find something to do with hers. Definitely an out of the box gift. 

What have you bought for your mum this year? 

*Contains PR samples. 


  1. everything looks amazing!! that thomas sabo necklace is so so pretty xx


  2. I'm *so* intrigued by the mystery box - what could it contain?!

  3. I love the Thomas Sabo chain. It's my mums 60th this year (not too long after Mother's Day) so I think I'll be on the look out for something special!

  4. I love that necklace, it’s so pretty. Definitely a gift any mum would love to receive.

  5. I love that pegboard, and such amazing value too!

  6. These are fab ideas! I love the look of the peg board, and am very intrigued by the mystery box!

  7. Some great ideas here I love the idea of the peg board its something I have wanted for ages and I also love mystery boxes as well :)

  8. Oh the necklace is lovely, I wouldn’t mind that! I got a gorgeous necklace for mother’s day last year and they’re such special gifts.

  9. Mystery boxes gives me the greatest anxiety as I cant trust myself. This however is a great gift!

  10. What a beautiful gift guide - and who wouldn't want a chocolate pizza with a cheeky cup of tea! ;)

  11. Such a fabulous gift guide. I always struggle with ideas, especially as it is my Mother's birthday too. Loving the book "Where to drink coffee", which would actually be ideal for my son. I shall make a note of that.