26 March 2018

An introduction to U Studio.

U studio is that store you didn't know you needed in your life, until you have it and now you couldn't imagine life without it (slight overreaction, however the store is pretty damn cool!) featuring some of the quirkest stationery around, as well as a pretty cool selection of gifts. From a huge washi tape section, to some of the funniest mugs around, U Studio have pretty much all of your needs covered, unless you want food, they don't have any of that sadly. I was recently sent a lovely range of goodies from the PR team at U Studio, and I decided you guys just had to know about them. I hope you enjoy this stationery haul and let me know in the comments what your favourite item was.

Cat and dog washi tape £2.75 (each) 
My recent love for quirky tapes has grown, I love sending cards and sealing them up with the cutest washy tape to give that extra cute effect (as well as adding huge amounts of glitter too, my friends who recieve cards from me, know all about this!) It's just something a little bit different I like to do. With so many awesome styles of washi tape, you are spoiled for choice. 

Burger pencils £6.00
I have to stay U Studio have some fabulous ranges of pencils, containing a variety of slogans and quirks. I was sent these lovely burger pencils, with the way the layered gives it that extra special touch. Although where is the extra cheese, gotta have so much cheese on a burger imo. These are colouring pencils, so a great gift for someone who enjoys colouring, they also have sets of normal hb pencils, for any budding artist in your life. My favourite out of all the pencils they have on site have to be their working week pencils, which sum up just about how everyone feels during the working week, which are currently avaliable on pre order. Once these are out, I'll be snap up a set for sure. 

Eat me pin £6.00
No guesses for why I love this pin right? Literally fits my blog down to a T. I am a huge pin collector, and have recently started my own pin board. The pins on U Studio are fun, original and they even have a hot sauce one, which imo is pretty cool! I also have a phone case with hot sauce on, despite not actually liking hot sauce. Pins are great for covering that denim jacket which is lacking a bit of love, as well as your old bags. I love them for making outfits a little more fun and along with patches, transforming them! 

Scull Notebooks set £10.00 
Ok, so I'll hold my hands up to this one, I took photos using the notebooks in the background but it completely slipped my mind to actually take a photo of them, by themselves. However they come in a set of three with a really cool scull on the front of each. They're plain paper so fab for drawing in, or getting a little more creative with. They are also super lightweight, so perfect for carrying around with you on the go.

Rabbit Mug £11.00
As soon as I opened this mug, I fell in love. It's a funny twist on your normal mug. If you have seen watership down you will probably understand the humour behind this mug. The mug itself is really good quality and keeps drinks warm for quite a while, mine has replaced my old (and boring) mug from Tesco and been replaced with this. I would totally recommend this mug or one of their others for sure.

What is your favourite product from U Studio?

*Contains PR samples.


  1. how cute is that washi tape!! xx


  2. Anonymous27/3/18

    I'm obsessed! All of these products look amazing.

  3. That rabbit mug literally made me laugh out loud. Sounds like a really cool store

  4. These are really cute ideas. That rabbit mug is so funny! I think that's my favourite item