7 Apps you NEED to get through university!

The world of technology keeps advancing in ways we never expected, gone are the days you would give your friends cash, call up the takeaway to order food and write your budgets by hand in a notebook *shudder*. There are so many apps for university students with everything from various discount websites to apps to record lectures via your phone. I previously wrote about my 5 favourite student apps in 2015, so I decided to bring you a vamped up version for 2018, and share 10 amazing apps, you need in your life as decided by yours truly. 

1. Student Beans
One of the best apps for finding discounts as a student, let's be honest are you even a student if you do not spend at least 15 minutes searching for a code to get 20% off your pizza? They offer a tasty discount on Dominos amongst the others and you can also find discounts for restaurants like Zizzi and Mcdonalds. OH, they also offer discounts on clothes and other things like railcards, but I clearly have food on the brain. 

2. The Trainline
A lot of students now commute from home to university to save money, and it's always such a faff at the station to buy tickets, look for the time of the train and the platform, whereas the Trainline has you covered, allowing you to buy tickets on the go, find out the status of the train and find out the times of a return journey too. 

3. TopCashback
If you're a huge fan of spending online like me, especially on student loan day, I mean a new wardrobe of clothes is an essential right? The way in which TopCashback works is, by clicking through a link on their app/site instead of going direct, then this should track the cashback to your account and within a few weeks/months, you the cashback should be in your account. It's a great reward for spending money, which you would probably do anyway.

4. The Wetherspoons App
In 2017, Wetherspoons made our lives like 100x easier (and possibly more expensive) by offering table service, via an app! Long goes the days where you would have to queue at the bar for 30 mins with Lucy who was plastered, you can stay right where you are, and the drinks will come to you. You can also pay via the app, therefore, no need to carry cash. Although be aware to order the right Spoons, else you'll lose your order (and money), I've been there too. 

5. Spotify 
One of the best apps just about anyone can have, and even better for students as they offer a great discount on the app, only £4.99 for their premium version of the site. Great for parties as you are able to make collaborative playlists to allow everyone to add their own tunes. Also fabulous for studying, sleeping and even eating, there is no limit on where you listen to music anymore, and it's great to have it just about anywhere you go. 

One of my all-time favourite apps as a student and I was so gutted when I was no longer a student as who doesn't want huge discounts on their clothes shopping. I feel like UNiDAYS was like that friend who always wants you to go out and party even when you have no money because if you see that good of a discount you have to do it, it's like the rules. Featuring primarily clothes UNiDAYS have just about every store for clothes you can imagine, but they do also offer discounts on technology, food and stationery.

7. Student Chef
I only discovered this app after leaving university, however, it is still pretty damn useful. Simple and cheap recipes which can you usually be made with things in your house. Split into categories to allow you to pick what you fancy, it tells you at the top of the recipes, the time it will take to cook, how hard it is and also the cost in £. You also get the recipe and an ingredient list too. 

Phew, that felt like a long list and that was my shortened down list also. I would love to know in the comments what apps you used as a student. 


  1. I use the trainline app even now - so handy and you can get some bargains!

  2. I love Spotify for listening to Throwback Thursday. And I never knew Weatherspoons did an app. This sound really great, going to have to check that one out

  3. I use a lot of these apps myself. The Trainline is great and Spotify is amazing too. I saved a load of money with Unidays as well when I was a student

  4. Spotify definitely gets me through work! I remember when I was at uni there were limited accounts allowed so my friends and I all shared a Spotify account - which made our music history and playlists interesting.

  5. I got a mobile in my last year at Uni but there were no apps then! Sounds like there are lots to make life easier now.

  6. Oh these sound like fab apps! I always used to use Student Beans! It was fantastic, and I, even know scroll through student recipes! They're always really cheap meals ideas, and tasty too!

  7. Student beans would have been so handy to have when I was a student. I think I had an app called I study pro that was great for tracking assignments etc

  8. I love trainline and use it all the time, I had no idea there was a Wetherspoons app, that's great!

  9. I’ve heard a few names from the list you have shared, but never got a chance to use any of these. I know many students here, maybe I’ll share this with them


  10. These are great apps that many students will be thankful to know about.