Intu Potteries SS18 'Think Pink' Haul

Think Pink

Recently I was invited by the lovely PR team at Intu to be part of their SS18 campaign in the Potteries Centre in Hanley. For Spring and Summer 2018, the focus is on four key trends which are Think Pink, Love Lavender, Club Tropicana and Sparkle & Shine. The Potteries teamed up with a local florist Natalie’s Florist and covered 5 mannequins from head to toe in artificial flowers to show off these amazing trends. All of these trends can be found in some of the stores in the potteries. I was given the theme Think Pink, which works well for me, as I am a huge fan of all things pink and of course I had to show you what I picked up, because who doesn't love a haul, amirite? First things first, I went to check out the mannequins for some inspiration, for think pink there are two mannequins, a female one and a male one which are both showcasing a different style. I also had to take some pictures with the other mannequins, they are so creative and look fab. 

SS18 Intu Potteries Stoke

With so much choice in the Potteries, I first headed to Accessorize as I know they usually have some of the best accessories when I walked in I was greeted with a huge display of pretty things which were right up my street, a lot of them being stationery and other cute bits. I am always drawn towards the socks in a shop as you can never have too many socks right? (My boyfriend says otherwise) where I saw these pun socks and I knew I had to get the socks that said 'You're Jawsome' on them, as they were so cute and fitted the theme perfectly, with socks in hand I carried on my search in Accessorize, where I came across a lovely little purse and I knew I had to have it as part of my search, with these two items in hand I decided to head into Superdrug. Superdrug is always my go-to place for beauty as they usually have waaay more counters than Boots, oh and they sell Makeup Revolution. I always love the Potteries Superdrug as you look down the aisle and there stands a huge array of makeup stands.

The first stand I came across was I heart Revolution which had a huge variety of beautiful products. My first choice was the amazing light and glow palette which on the outside looks like a chocolate bar, dipped in pink and inside has two beautiful shades, a pearly pink and a highlight which are both perfect to brighten your skin during those warmer months. Next, I came across a triple-baked blush which features some of the prettiest blush shades I've ever seen and they create such a lush look when all used together. It's also really long wearing which I was pretty impressed with.

Think Pink SS18

Think Pink

Think Pink

Following this, we came located a stand for Bleach London which was full of makeup and their hair products, I actually only knew about their bleach and a few hair products, but I was pleasantly surprised with the huge choice of makeup now on offer (if you're going to any festivals, make Bleach London your number one for glitter and other cool makeup bits), now if you know me, you'll know I am a huge fan of bright hair dye. I recently took the plunge to dye my hair bright pink and I am in love with it, and bleach London has some standout pink called the big pink and mixed with conditioner it's great for a long lasting dye, even for someone like me who is obsessed with washing their hair. Lastly, I spotted a pack of beauty blenders, in bright pink and they are in all different shapes which is great for doing your makeup. I am forever going through beauty blenders like no tomorrow, for £14.99 I was able to pick up 4 sponges which are a pretty good bargain, I would go as far as to say the sponges are as good as my beauty blender from real techniques. 

I would love to know what trend you'll be rocking this season in the comments!

*I was given a gift card to purchase the items in this post, all thoughts are my own.

An introduction to U Studio.

U studio is that store you didn't know you needed in your life, until you have it and now you couldn't imagine life without it (slight overreaction, however the store is pretty damn cool!) featuring some of the quirkest stationery around, as well as a pretty cool selection of gifts. From a huge washi tape section, to some of the funniest mugs around, U Studio have pretty much all of your needs covered, unless you want food, they don't have any of that sadly. I was recently sent a lovely range of goodies from the PR team at U Studio, and I decided you guys just had to know about them. I hope you enjoy this stationery haul and let me know in the comments what your favourite item was.

Cat and dog washi tape £2.75 (each) 
My recent love for quirky tapes has grown, I love sending cards and sealing them up with the cutest washy tape to give that extra cute effect (as well as adding huge amounts of glitter too, my friends who recieve cards from me, know all about this!) It's just something a little bit different I like to do. With so many awesome styles of washi tape, you are spoiled for choice. 

Burger pencils £6.00
I have to stay U Studio have some fabulous ranges of pencils, containing a variety of slogans and quirks. I was sent these lovely burger pencils, with the way the layered gives it that extra special touch. Although where is the extra cheese, gotta have so much cheese on a burger imo. These are colouring pencils, so a great gift for someone who enjoys colouring, they also have sets of normal hb pencils, for any budding artist in your life. My favourite out of all the pencils they have on site have to be their working week pencils, which sum up just about how everyone feels during the working week, which are currently avaliable on pre order. Once these are out, I'll be snap up a set for sure. 

Eat me pin £6.00
No guesses for why I love this pin right? Literally fits my blog down to a T. I am a huge pin collector, and have recently started my own pin board. The pins on U Studio are fun, original and they even have a hot sauce one, which imo is pretty cool! I also have a phone case with hot sauce on, despite not actually liking hot sauce. Pins are great for covering that denim jacket which is lacking a bit of love, as well as your old bags. I love them for making outfits a little more fun and along with patches, transforming them! 

Scull Notebooks set £10.00 
Ok, so I'll hold my hands up to this one, I took photos using the notebooks in the background but it completely slipped my mind to actually take a photo of them, by themselves. However they come in a set of three with a really cool scull on the front of each. They're plain paper so fab for drawing in, or getting a little more creative with. They are also super lightweight, so perfect for carrying around with you on the go.

Rabbit Mug £11.00
As soon as I opened this mug, I fell in love. It's a funny twist on your normal mug. If you have seen watership down you will probably understand the humour behind this mug. The mug itself is really good quality and keeps drinks warm for quite a while, mine has replaced my old (and boring) mug from Tesco and been replaced with this. I would totally recommend this mug or one of their others for sure.

What is your favourite product from U Studio?

*Contains PR samples.

Flamingo Lights, Rose Gold Mirrors and everything cactus!

I think I have officially become an adult when I get more excited about switching a night out for a night in with a new duvet and a documentary. Instead of going round shops looking for new clothes, I usually go to the home section, a place which 5 years ago when my mum would take me to, I'd spend at least half of the time in there moaning about how bored I was, constantly querying how she could find this fun and who wants to look at clocks for 45 minutes. I will still maintain that I am not that bad yet. But buying new things to make your house look better makes me *happy* Living in rented accommodation can make it harder to make your place your own, but thank god for soft furnishings and the variety of them around, it makes it so much easier to make a place feel more like your own. I am a huge fan of new bedding, I must buy a new duvet cover at least once a month (yep I am that bad) recently I was in Trentham Gardens and came across the Julian Charles store, looking at their lush duvets I fell in love especially with this Paradise Bedding set. As it's officially now Spring (although the snow doesn't make it feel that way, please stay away until Christmas) I decided to create a few mood boards of styles I am *loving* this season and it's been a while since I created a wishlist styled post, so hopefully you enjoy this post and I would love to know what trends you are currently into. 

The pretty in pink trend:

Pink is one of my favourite colours and I am always drawn towards pink, these quirky pink picks, are a great way to add an element of fun to your home. Win. With a statement front room like mine (it's pink and grey) these pieces would fit perfectly. 

Shop all things pink from Amara (Images taken from the Amara website)

The cactus trend: 
If you haven't seen this trend yet, where have you been? I believe it's been growing for some time, with myself also falling head over heels with the trend. With everything from cactus printed bedding to having an actual cactus within your house or in my case several of them. There are so many other cactus-themed items I currently have my mind set on. 

Shop all things Cacti at Sass & Belle. (Images from the Sass & Belle website)

The Copper Trend:

Copper is such a pretty trend and every time I see something new in a copper shade I automatically am drawn to it. There are so many different ways you can use copper and it is great for pretty much every room in the house. 

Shop all of your Copper needs from George (Images from the George @ Asda website)

What are your go-to trends currently? 

*This post is in collaboration with Julian Charles.

7 Apps you NEED to get through university!

The world of technology keeps advancing in ways we never expected, gone are the days you would give your friends cash, call up the takeaway to order food and write your budgets by hand in a notebook *shudder*. There are so many apps for university students with everything from various discount websites to apps to record lectures via your phone. I previously wrote about my 5 favourite student apps in 2015, so I decided to bring you a vamped up version for 2018, and share 10 amazing apps, you need in your life as decided by yours truly. 

1. Student Beans
One of the best apps for finding discounts as a student, let's be honest are you even a student if you do not spend at least 15 minutes searching for a code to get 20% off your pizza? They offer a tasty discount on Dominos amongst the others and you can also find discounts for restaurants like Zizzi and Mcdonalds. OH, they also offer discounts on clothes and other things like railcards, but I clearly have food on the brain. 

2. The Trainline
A lot of students now commute from home to university to save money, and it's always such a faff at the station to buy tickets, look for the time of the train and the platform, whereas the Trainline has you covered, allowing you to buy tickets on the go, find out the status of the train and find out the times of a return journey too. 

3. TopCashback
If you're a huge fan of spending online like me, especially on student loan day, I mean a new wardrobe of clothes is an essential right? The way in which TopCashback works is, by clicking through a link on their app/site instead of going direct, then this should track the cashback to your account and within a few weeks/months, you the cashback should be in your account. It's a great reward for spending money, which you would probably do anyway.

4. The Wetherspoons App
In 2017, Wetherspoons made our lives like 100x easier (and possibly more expensive) by offering table service, via an app! Long goes the days where you would have to queue at the bar for 30 mins with Lucy who was plastered, you can stay right where you are, and the drinks will come to you. You can also pay via the app, therefore, no need to carry cash. Although be aware to order the right Spoons, else you'll lose your order (and money), I've been there too. 

5. Spotify 
One of the best apps just about anyone can have, and even better for students as they offer a great discount on the app, only £4.99 for their premium version of the site. Great for parties as you are able to make collaborative playlists to allow everyone to add their own tunes. Also fabulous for studying, sleeping and even eating, there is no limit on where you listen to music anymore, and it's great to have it just about anywhere you go. 

One of my all-time favourite apps as a student and I was so gutted when I was no longer a student as who doesn't want huge discounts on their clothes shopping. I feel like UNiDAYS was like that friend who always wants you to go out and party even when you have no money because if you see that good of a discount you have to do it, it's like the rules. Featuring primarily clothes UNiDAYS have just about every store for clothes you can imagine, but they do also offer discounts on technology, food and stationery.

7. Student Chef
I only discovered this app after leaving university, however, it is still pretty damn useful. Simple and cheap recipes which can you usually be made with things in your house. Split into categories to allow you to pick what you fancy, it tells you at the top of the recipes, the time it will take to cook, how hard it is and also the cost in £. You also get the recipe and an ingredient list too. 

Phew, that felt like a long list and that was my shortened down list also. I would love to know in the comments what apps you used as a student. 

My review of The Stable, Birmingham!

The Stable Birmingham

The Stable: 115 John Bright St, Birmingham B1 1BE

If I get a choice of a restaurant, it's more than likely going to be something focused on pizza, closely followed by Mexican. A few days before we planned to visit Birmingham, I took to Twitter to ask for recommendations of where to eat and of course you guys had some great suggestions. Considering I live only 30 minutes away, I haven't been to Birmingham in a long time and a lot seems to have changed, including the number of restaurants that seemed to have popped up in this time. Will and I looked at a few websites and as soon as I saw pizza and quirky decor I was down. The place we had found was called The Stable and was really close to the train station, win. Although somehow Will and I still seemed to get a little lost; once we have left the Bullring and the station I am a little less clued up. We walked into The Stable at around 1pm and it was empty, so we were advised to sit down and picked our table multiple times due to the lighting, I mean gotta get that lighting right. Amirite? 

Once I finally found a table which had *perfect* lighting we sat down and decided what to order. Me being a huge fan of Margherita pizza, I knew I had to try the Stables offering. I could probably write a blog post about all of the different places I have eaten one (I may actually do this for future content) and how I would rate them. Anyway back to The Stable; Will ordered a roast chicken wrap and as neither of us drinks alcohol we gave the cider a miss despite the huge offering which would have been fab to try. The decor is most definitely casual, with tables and benches as well as everything being wooden and having a real rustic feel to it. My favourite is the giant bull on the wall, it just gives the place an extra added touch. 

The time we were waiting for food considering we were the only ones in the restaurant was pretty long, and if it was busy I did wonder how long it would take to get food. However, once the food came out that was quickly forgotten. First thoughts on the food, for the price of it all, it was decent. The pizza was huge and Will got two large stuffed to the brim wraps which was pretty impressive. We both loved our meals and the blend of cheese on the pizza with the thin base was lush. 

Overall I had a fabulous meal at The Stable and because it was lunch we even got our food at a discount. It's a great pre-shopping meal as it filled me for the rest of the day. I would recommend visiting if you're in Birmingham; seems like a perfect place to catch up with friends. 

Have you ever visited The Stable? 

Mothers Day With Debenhams

Mothers Day to me is a great time to share that true appreciation for your mum, for all of the things she does, and how she deserves to be awarded for all of those times. To all of the mums out there, you're doing a fab job. Remember that.  

It's that time of year once again, Mothers Day is on Sunday! It's usually about the time of the week in the lead up to Mothers Day, that a lot of people remember it's Mothers Day on Sunday! I included. I don't know about you, but the panic sets in. Your mind goes blank trying to think of that perfect gift, recently I bought you my bumper mothers day gift guide which features those more 'quirky' gifts, including chocolate pizza and a mystery box full of goodies which I guess is one way of getting mothers day sorted. I have also teamed up with Debenhams this Mothers Day to bring you some real show stopper products that every mum (and yourself obviously) needs in their life. With next day delivery being able to save us on many occasions, Mothers Day will be no different from the rule. Debenhams have a huge range of products with everything from chocolate to the latest beauty products and even a huge range of homeware and clothes. Today I am sharing with you my top three last-minute gifts from Debenhams. 

Yankee Candle Votive Gift Set
First on the list is this lush Votive set from Yankee Candle, featuring 5 fragrances perfect for Spring, not only do they look pretty they smell pretty good too. I love getting people candles for gifts, however buying them a full sized one can often be a mistake as they may not like it. However, with the mini gift sets, they can try them out and if there are any they really like you can purchase them as a gift at a later date. The set of 5 is £9.00 which is a pretty good offer, I've found the mini candles last around 6-7 hours, but Yankee candle claim they can last up to 15, so for the price, I'd definitely recommend. I will say the scents in this gift set are sweet smelling scents. The scents included in this set are 1 'Midnight Jasmine', 1 'Summer Peach', 1 'Shea Butter', 1 'Lavender' and 1 'Cherry Blossom'.

Every mum deserves a good old pamper this mothers day, and I love the idea of buying your mum pamper gifts for Mothers day as it is usually the case that this is the last thing on their mind to buy. The Glamglow Supermud mask is great for fixing so many issues with the skin. The aftermath of the mask is actually an amazing result for someone who suffers from acne and also has dry skin, I found this to clear up my acne massively and smells so good too. Debenhams offer a huge range of face masks, but Glamglow is one of their best offerings that's for sure!

Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb Perfume
Perfume for sure is one of the most popular gifts to buy your mum for Mothers Day, this one can be a bit trial and error, if you know her favourite perfume it's always a good idea to buy her that one, or some similar. If your mum has a variety of perfumes or is forever wanting to know what your wearing, it's the perfect time to give her a new one to try. Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb is one seriously popular scent and comes in a range of sizes. Described by Debenhams as: "Adding to the sensational floral scents and addictive qualities of the iconic fragrance, Flowerbomb Nectar has a feminine and sensual flower liqueur, with an explosion of floral notes and a surprising twist. A sensual floriental, the initial impression of the fragrance leads with fresh bergamot oil and rich sweet blackcurrant syrup. The heart of this fragrance unveils a feminine and enveloping white floral nectar of Sambac Jasmin and Orange flower combined with the sweet notes of Osmanthus, again ensuring the Flowerbomb unique trail. And finally, Nectar is even more sensual and luxurious thanks to an addictive gourmand sensation of warm spicy hues of tonka bean and creamy soft vanilla." Flowerbomb Nectar is the latest perfume to be added to the Flowerbomb range and it's one not to be missed. 

What have you treated your mum to this Mothers Day?

*Contains PR samples

The Dream Honeymoon Destinations. AD

Since a young age, I've always dreamt of getting married. Like most girls, growing up around the romcoms and the Disney films with the happy endings, it gives you something to aspire to. Although as they say the course of true love never did run smooth, once you've found the one they say you know. Back in High School and College people did get engaged, but none of them ever seemed to work out, but it felt like it was the best way to show a romantic gesture I assume. Fast forward to my late teens and early 20's, people my age are getting married for real, they have kids and are settled down. Since being introduced to Pinterest, I fell in love with making a variety of different wedding-themed boards, with everything from how the day would pan out to the location and I'm not even engaged yet. Taking a look at specifics I think I would like my wedding in the UK, during the summer when it is most likely to be sunny (although who knows with England?), featuring all of the cute touches you see in the perfect Pinterest weddings, including the fairground rides and the sweet stall. As well as planning the wedding, the Honeymoon follows. With so many destinations to chose, decided to make a short list and hopefully inspire some of you who are actually planning your honeymoon. 

Thailand has been on my travel bucket list for the longest time, the experience of Thailand as a whole seems out of this world. Bangkok seems like the perfect destination to explore. The ideal honeymoon for those who are looking for something a little different, great for those looks to get out and do things as opposed to a beach styled trip. With hotels at a bargain price, you can do it all with honeymoons with Destination2 from the flights to the hotels, they've got you covered. With an extensive list of sights to see in Thailand, you will have a jam-packed adventure. With the hot weather, all year round, sounds like a change from England right? Oh, and the food sounds like a little bit of a dream, doesn't it?  

The Maldives:
If your idea of a perfect honeymoon is a chill week on the beach, surrounded by the best weather, and some seriously picturesque views. It's a super way to spend time together, as well as having a good old relax. Snorkelling is a popular past time, and it gives you the chance to explore a huge range of sea life, a once in a lifetime experience that's for sure.

Disneyland Orlando:  
It may sound a little strange to some, but my idea of an amazing honeymoon would be going to Disneyland, not only is it fun and full of things to explore, have the little extra added touch of being in Disneyland and exploring the parks. With fireworks to finish off every night, sounds like the perfect end to the day right? You can also explore Orlando itself with tons of shops, restaurants and plenty of beaches nearby. It's a great place to take pictures (for the gram) and enjoy the magical experience. 

Destination2 are also running a fabulous competition for all of you newlyweds to win a dream honeymoon to Mauritius. Which you can enter here

*Post in collaboration with Destination2

The Dungarees & Donuts Mothers Day Gift Guide 2018.

Long gone the days where you walk into your local supermarket on the Saturday night before Mothers Day and pick up a card and a box of chocolates for mothers day. Like most holidays in 2018, the presents are getting bigger and the ideas are getting more adventurous and Mothers Day is no exception to the rule. If you're like me and have no idea what to get your mum for Mothers Day (or are clueless at present buying altogether, welcome to the club!) I have searched the internet far and wide (ok, I looked on a few sites) to find some of the best presents money can buy. With everything from chocolate with a twist to a mystery box for those of you who are little more adventurous. I've got some quirky and fun ideas to see you through another year of being the 'best child'. Gotta beat your siblings at this right?! If you're a mum, let me know in the comments what your favourite Mothers Day gifts to receive from your children are, I am always curious as to what other people like to receive. Hopefully, you find something within the post which will help with your Mothers Day gift this year, mine is definitely getting a mystery box. 

Thomas Sabo Zirconia Together Forever Heart Link Necklace£99.
Your mum in need of a treat? Then you've come to the right place, this Thomas Sabo necklace is beautiful and perfect for just about every mum (that I know), it's cute, lightweight and definitely wins you best child of the year award. I know this is something my mum would love as its sentimental and easy to wear. This gift is the gift if you are a bit stuck with you want to get your mum and are clueless about finding something she'd like. We've all been there.

The Gourmet Chocolate Pizza Company £11.75.
Forget your standard milk tray from Asda, treat your mum to this fabulous and super tasty dish; (of course I had to try it for quality purposes.) Chocolate pizza, not only does it taste lush, it looks pretty good too. The pizza has a chocolate flower on and is covered in edible glitter and white chocolate curls. It's a fun and thoughtful gift and puts a twist on the classic box of chocolates. It's pizza without having to cook a thing!

The Firebox, Mystery Box£34.99.
Willing to take the risk this Mothers Day? Well, you need to buy your mum this mystery box worth over £50 from Firebox. This extra special box contains a variety of items, sure to make your mum have a fabulous day. The best part about the box is you can't be to blame for contents as, well it's a mystery. The idea is fun and quirky and a total surprise, this is so much of a mystery, I am unable to tell you the contents of the box. Soz. 

Books are always a good gift imo, I am a huge fan of collecting 'quirky books' and this coffee one is the perfect one to add any collection. The book contains the best places in the world to drink coffee (you can get a pizza version too), the best gift for any coffee lover or someone who likes to sit in coffee shops, all of the time *cough* guilty. Also can be used as a doorstop, a paperweight or one of those books you have on your coffee table for when friends come over and it gives them something to focus on, other than the mess of the house, whoops. 

Yankee Candle Laughter and Balance, £24.99
Who doesn't love a candle for a present (well maybe a few people) but a lot of people do like candles for a present, these lush candles from Yankee Candle from their Making Memories Collection, with five new scents on the block, how will you chose the perfect candle? The good thing with these candles are; even if your family mum doesn't like the scent (no matter how much she pretends to, we all know that face) they make a lovely ornament with the sentiment behind it. Win-win. 

Peg Board from Firebox£12.99
Over the past few months, peg boards have been everywhere and I included, I am a huge fan of what they have to offer. It's a great way to tell someone how much they mean to you, an intentive way to write a shopping list or even to just write random words when bored. These are a unique and fun gift and guaranteed your Mum will find something to do with hers. Definitely an out of the box gift. 

What have you bought for your mum this year? 

*Contains PR samples. 

These boots were made for walking | Footway Review.

Recently Footway got in touch with me asking if I'd like to review a pair of shoes from their site, and I jumped at the chance. I began searching their site for the perfect pair, with everything from a variety of Dr Martens to Adidas, Footway have just about every brand you could think of at a discount price. After many days of trying to decide on the final pair I decided to go for a pair of boots from Sixtyseven. The boots were a lot like my usual style, however these felt a little more classy than boots I had previously purchased from other retailers. The shoes felt sturdy, looked good, go with a lot of items and even give me a little extra height, which is key for me in shoes being 5 ft 3. These boots are currently on the Footway website for £99, which is a lot more than I would usually pay for boots apart from where Dr Martens are concerned, but I am happy with the product I have recieved. They're comfy and despite walking around for hours in them my feet stay comfortable, win. I stupidly decided to wear these for the first time when we to a farm, so they got a *little* covered in mud, but when I got home, the shoes were easy to clean off and looked like brand new. 

As it's me and I couldn't just do a normal review, I had to do something fun to mix it up a little. Hence where the boots in different locations came in. Inspired by the song these boots were made for walking, I decided to pick a variety of locations to show off the boots. Which allows you to view the boots from all angles. Although I maybe wouldn't recommend wearing them on the beach, may be a little hot. 

Overall I am pretty pleased with the boots and glad I stepped a little out of my comfort zone, I would use Footway again, as their site is easy to navigate around and you can search for shoes by brand and/or size. I found the delivery to be average, not as fast as I would of liked but still a fairly quick time from store to my front door. Next I will have to try the Dr Martens for sure.