13 February 2018

The gym beginners guide (from a fellow novice)

I often see guides on fitness, exercise and gym posts from bloggers who know a lot about working out, the gym and having been doing it for a long time. Then there's me, a person who has joined gym after gym, ended up quitting and starting all over again. In life I lack motivation and struggle to stick to most things, blogging being the exception to the rule. I will always remember the first time I joined the gym and it was like a minefield for me, I didn't know what the machines did, what would people think of me, where to put my stuff or even what weights I would need to use. There were people everywhere around me, doing all of these things I've never even seen anyone do before and I was in awe of how good everyone looked and how impressive it was. 

Three years later and 3 gyms later (I have joined each one at least twice whoops) I am back at the gym, the anticipation doesn't really go away for me, I feel a little more confident going to the gym as I know how the machines work and what weights I need, but there's always going to be the part of me that remembers the scared me all of those months ago. Today I thought I'd bring you some tips for gym newbies, from a fellow gym novice. These tips aren't patronising and are from my own experience of joining a new gym, I hope you enjoy them and let me know in the comments about your first gym experience. 

Do an induction session:
This was one of the things I did do, a trainer goes around the gym with you (and sometimes a group) tells you what each one does, how to use it, even gets people to try it from the group. Although it is a lot to take in and you feel a little weird walking around like you're on a school trip, I'd still be clueless about half of the machines today without it. 

Go with a buddy: 
A lot of my friends go to other gyms which are a bit far for me, or they go with other people. I recently re-joined the gym with my boyfriend and it makes it a little more comfortable knowing you have someone around to work out with or even just to have in the same room as you.  

Eat before you go: 
Before the first time I went to the gym, I decided it wouldn't make sense to eat a full meal and didn't even bother to get a snack for after. Considering the gym was right next to Mcdonalds, I couldn't even help myself, I felt that dizzy I had to get some fries. Typical me! Some fab snacks for a pre or post workout include protein bars hard boiled eggs, protein bars or just some fruit. Also, remember to drink LOTS of water, I didn't even take one with me first time I went, and I was so thirsty. 

Don't be scared to ask for help:  

The worst thing at the gym you can do when you're struggling is take a guess on how to use something, it can end really badly. The gym instructors are usually super nice and willing to help. If you find it hard to approach people like me, it's often worth watching how other people use the machines, then you can get the general idea from them. 

What tips do you have for gym beginners?  

*In collaboration with Nutree Life, however, all experiences and thoughts are my own, and yes I really did eat Mcdonalds after my first gym session!


  1. I can't eat before the gym or exercise, so I make sure I take a sugary drink.
    My tip for newbies is to check out the classes, they can be surprisingly motivational!

  2. I just joined the gym last month for the first time in my life! I had an induction which was really helpful to me, and I have a friend who I go with too!

  3. I always get so hungry after a workout! And then hangry if I don't eat! Having a snack before or ready for after is sooo important!
    p.s. Thanks you visiting my blog healthyandpsyched.com <3

  4. I started at one gym back in Sept so I've been a beginner recently but I'm swapping over next week and thus have anoher induction. I find I always need to eat straight after as I'm starving so I take a banana to keep me away from the bad stuff! Mich x

  5. I'd love to join a gym, but I definitely know I'd be scared not knowing what to do or how to use anything! Plus I'd fear I'd look like a complete child going there for the first time! :/ These are really helpful tips though, I definitely need to find myself a gym buddy!

  6. I need to find a buddy - that is my one downfall as I just don't go! If I had someone to pester and motivate me then I know I'd go more lol!