TV Shows you need to watch, now!

A while back, I created a post called what I've been listening to lately and it was so much fun, as it was more of a personal post to me. As well as being a 'favourites' type post. With it being Christmas, cold and having a fair bit of time off, it's given me a considerable amount of time to watch TV. I am huge TV addict at the best of times, so when I am bored and ill, I have an endless amount of time to get through a lot. So I thought I'd share with you what I've been watching lately, and I am telling you now. It's a bit of a mixed bag? Everything from reality TV to crime documentaries, hopefully, you enjoy and let me know if you would like a part two in the comments. 

*TW* Contains programmes with sensitive issues. 

Black Mirror:
Just about everybody in my life raving about Black Mirror and with the new season which was getting ready to start (which is now on Netflix, woo) I seemed to be the only one who at work who hasn't seen it. Pretty much everyone who has seen it has recommended it to me. So one night after work, I decided it was time to take the plunge and why oh why did I take so long to watch it. I had approximately 11 days to watch all of the episodes Netflix had to offer, with it being Christmas it was a little bit of a push, so I left a few of the earlier ones and moved on to the new series, so I could finally discuss it with the guys at work. The first episode I saw was Shut up and dance, and damn this was on my mind for days after, I just was not expecting the outcome at all! My favourite out of the new series has to be the black museum, again another HUGE plot twist, I was not expecting. For those of you who are yet to see Black Mirror, listen to everyone in your life, it is 100% worth watching.   

Lock up:
For those of you who know me, you'll know I am a huge addict of crime documentaries, anything drugs and murder related hit me up. I am also a massive fan of Prison documentaries, god knows why. I think they're interesting and show you what it is like to be in prison around the world. Lock up have created many series in regards to different prisons around the USA, as well as people in different situations, e.g. first-timers, lifers. It's interesting to hear their story and what they did to end up at rock bottom. 

Louis Theroux- Talking to Anorexia 
Louis Theroux is my idol for those of you who don't already know, the guy is a hero and will venture into just about any topic given. I can say I've never seen a 'bad' Louis Theroux documentary, the content he creates is always unique and he will always cover topics, others wouldn't dare to. Recently some new Louis Theroux documentaries were broadcast and they all hit me hard, but there was one which didn't leave me for weeks after. Which was the talking to Anorexia one, I haven't personally ever dealt with an eating disorder of this kind, however, I know those who have, and I really don't think that people understand the true extent of how much these people really go through. Louis Theroux delves into the issues and provides useful information for those who are clueless on the issue. 

Don't tell the bride: 
I've been watching this show for as long as I can remember, and I honestly didn't think the grooms could do anything to shock me further after the whole having the wedding in Vegas and the bride not being able to take her family and almost not going through with the wedding. However, since being bought by Channel 4, the weddings seem to get even more extreme and strange, with one wedding being at a school and another on a pig farm (I know right!!) they're a great watch for a duvet day, and always seem to work out ok. 

Netflix finally went and did it! They've put every single episode of Friends on for their UK viewers finally. Not like I haven't seen every episode countless times, somehow it feels different knowing I have the power at my fingertips, allowing me to watch all 10 seasons from start to end. WHENEVER I want. Can you tell I am excited?! 

What have you been watching lately? 


  1. I've recently got into Louis Thereoux, he's a babe! But I can't seem to find the Talking to Anorexia one anywhere online, where did you watch it?

    Rachel ||

    1. BBC Iplayer has it on I believe :)

  2. I definitely need to watch Black Mirror!

    Anika |

  3. I've always been a fan of Louis, great documentaries. I have been focused on a series about Mexico and the nature and people and cultures on Channel 4. Fantastic series.

  4. I’ve just got into Black Mirror too. I rarely watch anything besides Eastenders - so it must be good! Lol

  5. I love all of the Louis Theroux series'. He is so lovely, so educational and touches some heavy subjects in such a professional way. I love him!

  6. I got very overexcited when they put up Friends on Netflix - I mean I watch it on Comedy Central all the time but now I can watch it whenever I want :)

  7. I really haven't got to grips with Netflix yet but I love Louis Theroux's documentaries.

  8. I love Netflix but I sort of wish shows like Greys Anatomy & Supernatural would come onto it!

  9. Louis Theroux is bae <3 Im so happy they put all the friends episodes on!! Lost my dvd boxset a little while ago and have been missing it so much x

  10. Two of my favourites there, Louis Theroux and Don't Tell the Bride. Inside No. 9 is well worth watching, season 3 is out now, and I love This Country on BBC 3, so funny...

  11. I watch lots of shows of Netflix, black mirror is on my list for the year. I have watch designated survivor, Stranger things, house of cards, Gilmore girls, Shooter etc however one of my top goals is not to binge watch anything this year :-)

  12. I do enjoy a good TV series when I find the time. I've just been catching up with Peaky Blinders and The Crown. I was utterly delighted to see Netflix now have Friends. I love love love Friends, and will get my teeth back in to them in due course. My teen daughter has been making the most of it already.
    Always nice to have some recommendations on TV stuff, that sometimes I may have overlooked otherwise. So a part two would be good for this.

  13. I love black mirror!! Surprises me every time when some people say they don't like it!!

  14. I have been pretty into watching This Is Us more than anything.