Stationery haul with Mustard!

T-rex lunchbox
Mustard Stationery
Rainbow sticky notes

Stationery is one of my loves in life, and my collection is forever growing (and I doubt it will ever stop) I have more notebooks in my house than I could probably fill in a lifetime, just about every coloured pen going and don't even get me started on cute erasers and sticky notes. Recently I was contacted by the PR team at Mustard who offered to send me a bundle of their goodies and when it arrived the next day I was so impressed with what was in the package. Mustard for those of you who haven't heard of them is a brand who sell cool stationery and gifts, and they're a little bit different to the *normal* which made them even more appealing to me. They have some great collections on site including t-rexmarblelucky cat and rainbows and unicorns. As well as having some amazing gift items such as lights, coffee cups and even clocks. 

When I opened the package I was drawn to the t-rex lunch box immediately, the colours are amazing and I am forever buying new lunch boxes for work, it clips together and is sturdy which is always something I am always on the lookout for after *that* incident when my bag suffered the full force of my garlic pasta, from experience it is impossible to get the smell out of. The lunchbox has two compartments, a large one and a smaller one. I'd be likely to put the pasta in the big compartment and some snacks in the other one. The lunch box is airtight so perfect for crisps/crackers (another thing I hard to learn the hard way, I would not recommend crackers that have been exposed to air. Plus there is no chance of your lunch getting confused with anyone else's. 

Next thing I noticed was the amazingly bright bottle from Froot infusing bottle, I am a huge fan of lemon and lime water or even cucumber, it gives a refreshing and fun hit to normal water. The bottle itself is 800ml which is a pretty decent size and again like the lunch box feels sturdy, leakages are also something you do not want in your bag. It's simple to use, by popping the fruit in the tube attached to the top compartment then pour water over it, enabling you to have flavoured water on demand. The only downside to the bottle is it is a little heavy, and quite bulky so you would need a fairly big bag to put it in.

The rainbow sticky notes were the next thing I found in the package, I am one for hoarding sticky notes all over my desk at work, along with a range of bath and body works hand sanitises. The cool thing about these sticky notes is that they stand up on their own. There are a variety of different sized sticky notes. Great for adding a pop of colour to your workspace. 

Marble stationery
Marble stationery

Marble has been a huge trend in the last couple of years and it doesn't seem to be slowing down at all. Mustard has an amazing Marble collection, containing everything from sticky notes to lunch boxes and coffee cups. I was sent another lot of sticky notes, however this time in the form of a giant block of sticky notes (650 to be precise), great for us bloggers who love to quickly jot ideas down. I don't know about anyone but I love to stick them everywhere to fill with post inspiration and ideas. I was also sent some lush mini notebooks with Marble covers, which a great for carrying around on the go to jot things down. Overall I think Mustard is a fabulous place to locate 'unique' stationery and great gifts.  

What was your favourite piece of this Haul? 

Prices of products featured-
T-rex lunch box £10 
Marble memo block £8.00
Marble sticky notes £6.00
Rainbow sticky notes £6.00
Froot infusing bottle £15.00
Marble Notebooks £6.00

*Contains PR samples 
Olivia Jade


  1. Wow these all look so lovely , I would not mind having some of these in my workspace.

  2. That t-rex lunchbox is so cool! I love the watermelon water bottle too, I have a fruit-infusion bottle I use for the gym and it’s so handy.

  3. Loving your haul, the T-Rex Lunch box wins hands down for me. Who does not love stationary old school but cool.

  4. I have a bit of an obsession with stationery but have never heard of this brand. It looks great! Kaz

  5. Oh I LOVE stationery! That lunchbox is amazing, i've never seen anything like it!

  6. What a fab haul ... i loved the little rainbow post it notes. They are too cute!

  7. That marble memo book would definitely have me writing more notes to around the home and in my work planners- the pages are soooo pretty! xxx

  8. Loving all the cute products here hun, they're very cute - especially the rainbow post its. And they're not break-the-bank prices either, which is always nice to see x