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January is one of the worst months of the year, am I right? Despite it being my birthday month I still despise it. Pretty much everyone is broke, the weather sucks and the Christmas blues have well and truly set in. January feels like such an isolated month as there isn't much to look forward to for a while. However, fear not. I am here today with a post of 4 ways to feel better (or at least somewhat) during these times. Let me know in the comments what helps you through January. 

I am one of the worst people in existence for getting sick, it always seems to happen to me, at the worst of times of course. I recently decided to invest in a rather large amount of vitamins, including vitamin c and iron. With the help of an expert at Natures Best, I've been able to find out what vitamins you do need for your body to function at it's best.

Natures Best says:
"Vitamin D is often referred to as the sunshine vitamin. This is because we need to expose our skin to sunlight in order for our body to manufacture it. Having a good level of Vitamin D is essential for healthy bones and teeth, as we need it to absorb calcium and phosphorus from our foods and also helps to support our immune system. This is particularly important as we age. We do get around 10% of our Vitamin D from food and sources include eggs, butter, milk, cheese, meat and fish." For someone like myself who is a huge fan of staying indoors and I don't have the best diet, this is something I really need to take this into consideration.

Natures Best recommend Vitamin C also-

"We all know that vitamin C is important for our immune system function but did you know it’s also needed for collagen formation and to support healthy bones. When we think of getting our vitamin C from the food we often think of the citrus fruits. It’s important to note that it is also found in vegetables such as red and green peppers, broccoli, Brussel sprouts, tomatoes, asparagus and dark leafy greens. Cooking does destroy some of the vitamin C content, so a great way to increase our intake is through smoothies that are easy to swallow and absorb. Making a smoothie a day for either breakfast or a snack is a nice easy way to increase our nutrient intake. Vitamin C can also be purchased in supplement form, and the powdered version could be added to smoothies for an extra antioxidant boost."

Read your favourite books:

I am not the biggest reader in the world, however, when it comes to novelty books I have a rather large stash, with everything from Mr Greedy Eats Clean To Get Lean to The Gummy Bear book. I have a massive stash and not only do they look good, they're an amazing pick me up and can be read just about anywhere. Firebox and Urban Outfitters are my favourite places to pick up unique books. 

Treat yourself (I mean what else are sales for?)
I am a firm believer in the sales and some of the bargains you can pick up, Accessorise always has one of the best sales for jewellery and I would highly recommend checking out the Paperchase sale as again it always has some great bargains. The sales are a little raked over now, some stores still have some awesome buys still to be had, as well as reducing them further. I am always one who checks out the sales and this year I even browsed the sales in store, including Next! 

Don't be too hard on yourself:
This is a huge one in my book, the new year always equals a new me for most people. Whether that is a new diet, losing weight, or even just working out more. It's great to have goals, something to work towards but there is nothing worse than getting set on these goals and then if these don't go to plan, it often leaves us feeling bummed out and worse than where we started. This year I decided to take a new approach to the new year new me situation. I gave myself a smaller list of goals that I wanted to achieve with no time frame on them, less pressure always makes it easier to achieve in my opinion. Whatever you want to achieve this year, I'm sure you've got this. 

What are your ways to feel better? 

*Collaborative post

Olivia Jade


  1. I really need to take a look at getting some vitamins for myself. I don't feel as though I absorb enough from my diet so something I need to work on.

  2. I think getting outside, even for a walk helps immensely too. I am also trying to be a little kinder on myself too. Kaz

  3. I always love to pick up a book to feel better - it really helps

  4. Reading always makes me feel better, it's just sad I dont get a lot of time for that these days! I also take multivitamins!

  5. I love a good motivational book to make me feel better! But making sure you are eating healthily, drinking enough water help too, aswell as treating yourself now and then! Everyone deserves a treat! That Mr Greedy book sounds amazing btw! Haha

  6. I think reading a familiar book that you love can be a real pick me up! Harry Potter would be my go to :)

  7. I like to plan for something - a family event, Valentines,Easter, anything like that takes the focus of the greyness of January and gives you something to look forward to.

  8. Love these photos Liv! January is so crap - I've been all over the face masks though <3

    Kimberley // thecolourchronicles.com xx

  9. I definitely need to start taking vitamins again, it really helped me fight away colds and flus during 2017. I love the 7th Heaven Face Masks too, they are such a good investment :) xx

    Yasmina | The July Journal

  10. Nice tips you have here. For me I just like walking and treating myself the other day I went for a solo lunch date at yo sushi- I felt so good afterwards!