19 December 2017

The best ways to cure a hangover AD.

Lets talk about hangovers, it's the festive period and alcohol is in high demand, with all of the Christmas parties, meals and other events, we can end up, shall I say a little fragile? We've all been there on the morning after the night before vowing we will never drink again, being tagged in some of the worst photos ever, and a text from my best mate asking where you ended up going. You guessed it, you remember minimal of night before (probably for the best) and just want to eat all of the Mcdonalds breakfast, shower and sleep, oh and possibly untag those photos too. In collaboration with Natures Best today I am bringing you some tips to help you along after regret of the night before. Unfortunately we cannot erase any of the mistakes you may of made (including that ex, you said you'd never speak to ever again!) However we can help with some advice to help you along the way. 

Drink ALL of the water:  
Okay, so don't actually drink *all* of the water, but give it a good go. Hangovers are caused from dehydration mainly, I always like to have water before I start and a lot of it when I get home and wake up in the middle of night. It is recommended to have a glass of water after every drink, but that may possibly break the seal haha. Natures Best recommends drinking coconut water, they say: "Coconut water contains extra electrolyte minerals such as potassium, sodium and magnesium – the minerals that are easily lost in sweat and urine and that are particularly important to have in the right balance in our cells and blood. "  They also advise to give sports drinks a wide birth due to the amount of sugar in them. 

Replenish your body with the 'good stuff': 
Natures best advice the reason this is important is due to "the liver is responsible for processing and breaking down about 95% of the alcohol we consume. So to help your liver to do this – and to get rid of chemicals such as acetaldehyde – try to include foods that promote liver function, both before and the day after drinking." This basically eliminates all of the food on my hangover ritual list, two slices of white bread when I return home, and I am all about that large pizza, with extra sides. We are advised to stock up on the good stuff like vegetables and wholemeal versions of your faves, such as bread and rice. 

Chill out and relax:
The last thing after a night of drinking you want to do is go out and do normal everyday things, your body often needs time to recover and sleep is always a good thing to do in this case, I am a huge fan of having a really long shower, some food to make me feel a little more human, a face mask, lots of Netflix (hello new Black Mirror!) and even take little naps. It's all about what makes you feel better as you know best how to make you feel better.

Prepare the night before: 
Before drinking it is key to line your stomach, and although it takes a little longer to get drunk to start with, your body will thank you later. It is likely to irritate the stomach lining if you are drinking on an empty stomach and this may cause vomiting. Which nobody wants to be first to 'chunder'. Another tip which I seem to forget everytime I go out, DO NOT MIX, this is when things start to go wrong, mix your drinks and there's more chance of throwing up. Natures best advises the best drinks are actually those such as spirits like vodka mixed with fruit juice, this gives your body some of the nutrients it needs as well as tasting fabulous at the same time, vodka and cranberry anyone?   

What are your go to hangover cures? 

*Collaborative post 


  1. I would defo say line your stomach before you drink lots! I never stop eating anyway so i'm ok with that one, haha!

  2. Right!! I’m going to put all of these into practise on Friday....WISH ME LUCK!! πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ

  3. Drinking water in between drinks and again before bed is always a good idea, and making sure you've eaten enough is something I always do x

  4. I will show this post to my daughters who are 21 and 18! My go to is Coca Cola - don't judge me - it works for me!! Kaz

  5. I haven't had a hangover in years as I have children who are always up at 7 on the dot :) I would love the chance to have one though!