8 December 2017

Firebox: The Weird & Wonderful Gift Guide.

Firebox: Weird & Wonderful gift guide
It's November and I have yet another gift guide for you, what can I say? I am on top of them this year. Despite being busier than ever, I am also more motivated than ever. I recently teamed up with Firebox to bring you some of their weird and wonderful gifts, I have to warn you though, a big chunk of them are centred around mermaids and unicorns. These are just my personal choices, however Firebox have a huuuge selection of gifts including their mystery boxes, unicorn tears gin and they even have prosecco pong also known as beer pongs, 'classy' sister. Firebox are known for being a little weird and out there with their gift choices, but guarantee you, nobody else will buy the same gifts as you (well unless they also like Firebox...) but there is so much choice, you should be fine. So what are my top picks from Firebox during this festive season?  

Mermaid Tea- £14.99 
As soon as I saw the packaging of this product I was in love. Perfect for storing your tea but also great for use afterwards. So what is so special about mermaid tea I here you ask? When the tea is first brewed it is a gorgeous blue colour (already pretty cool right?) however when you add a drop of lemon to the mixture it turns a vibrant pink colour. Hence the name mermaid tea, total mermaid vibes. This fun twist on tea is exclusive to Firebox and a fabulous present for any merbabes out there!  

Unicorn Scent- £9.99
Yep, you read it right. Unicorn scent, so I can imagine the thought process behind this product and the rest of the range is a creation of what these particular items would smell like. I obviously went for the unicorn one, I was drawn in at unicorns but the fact the bottle is pink and the descriptions of the smell on the bottle made it for me. When I first smelt this, I was overpowered by a super sweet smell and me and the boyfriend tried to work out what sweet from our childhood it reminded us of. We came to the joint conclusion that it is bubblegum. It's such a lush and girly scent, perfect for any person who has a girly household or just enjoys the sweeter things in life. 

How to swear around the world- £9.99
Bare with me on this one, yes this a book about how to swear around the world, and will I ever use it, probably not. However it is a hilarious read I promise you that and you can literally learn some super offensive words to use to others in their native language or could just use it on your friends who will have no idea what you're saying (unless of course they speak the language), so it's a great way to offend your mates on the sly. This book includes everything from curse words, to how to call someone a variety of animals in another language. Probably not something you want to give your gran for Christmas that's for sure. 

Tinder Nightmares- £9.99
I've heard so much about this book, and I definitely was not disappointed. As someone who has experienced the online dating world, Tinder is a stand out, mostly for the wrong reasons. This book highlights it for those who think they're missing out for not being on Tinder, or for those who just want a laugh and someone elses expense. I spent the majority of the first half of the book with my jaw hanging open, wondering how people could actually say this stuff to another person, grim. It is a unique insight into the world of Tinder if nothing else.  

Kitty Coin Bank- £19.99
Have you ever been to a Chinese restaurant and wanted to pay a tip purely so you could put it into the cat coin bank, where it pokes its head out and grabs the penny from you. Even if you haven't, I have. This is the new way to save, encouraging you to put money into it for the fun factor. It's far more fun than it should be after the third, fourth and even fifth time. I like to collect weird and wonderful items so I feel like this is perfect for me! 

Magical Unicorn Mug- £14.99
I am not even gonna lie to you guys, as soon as I saw this mug I knew I needed it for the adorable instagram shots I could create with it, if nothing else. Turns out this mug is HUGE and the perfect companion for a hot chocolate with plenty of toppings and comes with the cutest spoon. A great Christmas present for any unicorn fiend in your life or yourself, cos you know. Gotta treat yourself and all that. 

Crying Unicorn Candle- £19.99
I've seen these candles, and always been drawn to the idea of one. I mean the idea of a unicorn crying seems sad, but when they're crying rainbow tears it's not so bad, right? In a couple of hours this cute unicorn with candle turns into a crying mess. A unique and fun gift for any of those unicorn fans out there. There is an Eleven candle which does the same thing, however more suited to those fans of Stranger Things.  

And that is all folks, I hope you've enjoyed this gift guide featuring all weird and wonderfulness from Firebox and hopefully you don't get sucked into an abyss of fabulous gifts, like I did. 

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  1. Unicorn scent sounds so cool, love the name too!

    Anika | anikamay.co.uk

  2. I love Firebox for gifts. The Tinder Nightmares sounds perfect for my work secret Santa!

  3. I love the sound of mermaid tea, what a fun idea, especially how it changes colour!

  4. Such a lovely selection of Christmas gifts. I love the idea of unicorn scent and the mermaid tea! Very unique!

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  6. what a fun range of gift ideas - great for stocking fillers. The unicorn scent would be my top pick I think

  7. I love this. What a brilliant set of gifts! I really want the tea, the crying unicorn candle and how to swear around the world, although I already know how to in quite a few languages! :D

  8. This is so different from the other guides I've read this year. The mermaid tea sounds wonderful!!

  9. Great selection, but I love the unicorn mug which is ideal for mulled wine or winter hot chocolates to keep warm :) x

  10. Ooh Mermaid Tea sounds really good, I am off to look these up x

  11. Anonymous13/12/17

    OMFG I LOVE Firebox so much! If there is one online store slaying everything right now, it's definitely them! :D

    So many things on this wish list that I want to buy people as well as for myself. :P

    I want the mermaid tea for at home, as well as at work. I also want the crying unicorn candle for my office. :P

    Amazing post! :D


  12. I just love products from firefox! I need to try the mermaid tea and get the unicorn mug

  13. Love the gift selection. That unicorn mug looks fantastic I can think of a few people that would love one.

  14. These products are really classy. I love the gift selection.

    Sara | luxury goose down pillows