The best ways to cure a hangover AD.

Lets talk about hangovers, it's the festive period and alcohol is in high demand, with all of the Christmas parties, meals and other events, we can end up, shall I say a little fragile? We've all been there on the morning after the night before vowing we will never drink again, being tagged in some of the worst photos ever, and a text from my best mate asking where you ended up going. You guessed it, you remember minimal of night before (probably for the best) and just want to eat all of the Mcdonalds breakfast, shower and sleep, oh and possibly untag those photos too. In collaboration with Natures Best today I am bringing you some tips to help you along after regret of the night before. Unfortunately we cannot erase any of the mistakes you may of made (including that ex, you said you'd never speak to ever again!) However we can help with some advice to help you along the way. 

Drink ALL of the water:  
Okay, so don't actually drink *all* of the water, but give it a good go. Hangovers are caused from dehydration mainly, I always like to have water before I start and a lot of it when I get home and wake up in the middle of night. It is recommended to have a glass of water after every drink, but that may possibly break the seal haha. Natures Best recommends drinking coconut water, they say: "Coconut water contains extra electrolyte minerals such as potassium, sodium and magnesium – the minerals that are easily lost in sweat and urine and that are particularly important to have in the right balance in our cells and blood. "  They also advise to give sports drinks a wide birth due to the amount of sugar in them. 

Replenish your body with the 'good stuff': 
Natures best advice the reason this is important is due to "the liver is responsible for processing and breaking down about 95% of the alcohol we consume. So to help your liver to do this – and to get rid of chemicals such as acetaldehyde – try to include foods that promote liver function, both before and the day after drinking." This basically eliminates all of the food on my hangover ritual list, two slices of white bread when I return home, and I am all about that large pizza, with extra sides. We are advised to stock up on the good stuff like vegetables and wholemeal versions of your faves, such as bread and rice. 

Chill out and relax:
The last thing after a night of drinking you want to do is go out and do normal everyday things, your body often needs time to recover and sleep is always a good thing to do in this case, I am a huge fan of having a really long shower, some food to make me feel a little more human, a face mask, lots of Netflix (hello new Black Mirror!) and even take little naps. It's all about what makes you feel better as you know best how to make you feel better.

Prepare the night before: 
Before drinking it is key to line your stomach, and although it takes a little longer to get drunk to start with, your body will thank you later. It is likely to irritate the stomach lining if you are drinking on an empty stomach and this may cause vomiting. Which nobody wants to be first to 'chunder'. Another tip which I seem to forget everytime I go out, DO NOT MIX, this is when things start to go wrong, mix your drinks and there's more chance of throwing up. Natures best advises the best drinks are actually those such as spirits like vodka mixed with fruit juice, this gives your body some of the nutrients it needs as well as tasting fabulous at the same time, vodka and cranberry anyone?   

What are your go to hangover cures? 

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Gift guide for all beauty lovers

Beauty Gift Guide 2017:
For once in my life I am actually prepared around Christmas, I have the majority of my presents sorted, the trees are up (and have been for some time now) and I am in the festive spirit full swing. If you read Dungarees & Donuts a lot, you'll be aware I am a huge fan of creating gift guides, it gives a platform to show off your favourite items and also give others inspiration too. Hopefully, you enjoy this gift guide and let me know in the comments what your favourite beauty gifts are. 

Drape and Colour Makeup Brushes £21.00:
Real Techniques have really gone all out this year with their holiday gift sets, there are so many to chose from. The drape and colour set contains 4 brushes, as well as a beauty blender and a mirror. The first thing that drew me to this collection was the colour of the brushes, and how cheap it was for what you get! The brushes included in the set are a multitask brush used for bronzing and highlighting, I use mine to set my powder also. Multitask cheek brush for creating that flawless edge, and the real techniques website advises this can be used for "an extreme tapered cut can be used to drape blush onto apples of cheeks, around the hairline, and down jawline". A lip blur brush, I have to admit before this set I had not heard of this brush, I have learnt it is great for creating a soft lip look and great for blending out the colour of your lips. Finally the lip brush, this is so perfect for creating any lip look, the brush is defined and so easy to use, I love to put my Urban Decay lipstick vice on with this as it creates such a lovely look. The mirror is great for having in your handbag for on the go. You can purchase this from the real techniques website

Real techniques christmas set
Real techniques christmas set
Real techniques christmas set

Colour correcting set £16.00:
Can I start off by saying, how lush is this gift set? Another winner from Real Techniques for sure. This set contains four brushes and four blenders, and the way in which this works is it should make colour correcting easier, by having colours for each category and what works best to cover what. You can buy a variety of coloured concealer which matches these brushes. Taken from the Real Techniques site these are what the each of the colours is for:
Cancel sallowness with lavender
Cover + conceal darkness with peach
Neutralise redness with green
Brighten with pink

For those looking to get into colour correcting, this is the perfect set for you. 

MAVALA Dancing Queen Mini Nail Trio Gift Set £13.50:
I have always been a huge fan of Mavala, those small pots of nail varnish last so long, and don't end up going weird and runny like some nail varnish, the colours are the perfect glittery shades for your works Christmas party or even just in the run-up to Christmas. Dancing Queen is the colour that appealed to me the most, such a pretty shade. All of the shades are glittery and long-lasting. 


Sleek MakeUP essentially Sleek kit £10.00:
This gift set is perfect for keeping in your handbag, with three mini products and a makeup bag to store them in, it's great for on the go. All of the products are light and great for finishing off any look. The eyeshadow palette contains twelve mini shades all in a compact light palette with a mirror built in. The kit also contains a mini mascara and a matte me lip cream. I would give this gift to anyone who is looking for a secret Santa gift if the recipient likes make up obviously haha! There are plenty of other amazing Sleek Gift sets in their collection including my favourite the Rioja red pout and polish kit

Vera Wang Princess: 
This perfume is one of the best I've smelt in a long time, along with a beautiful bottle and something I've wanted for a long time. I am awful at describing the scents of perfume, but The Fragrance shop advises Its sexy scent includes a mixture of water lily, apple, mandarin meringue, and golden apricot skin, dark chocolate, amber, musk, and vanilla. It's a lovely girly scent, and the fact that bottle has two rings on it makes it extra special. You can purchase this from Chemist 4 u for £22.99 for 100ml.

Let me know what beauty gifts you'd recommend this Christmas! 

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My wishlist for Look Fantastic

With Christmas presents being my main priority since October, I've pretty much been on a spending ban for anything for myself and this includes one of my greatest loves in life, makeup. Luckily for me, my birthday is in January which means all of the sales! Whilst I haven't been spending money, I've grown a wishlist the size of my arm and when I saw that Go Girl are running a competition to win a £200 gift card for Look Fantastic, I decided to share some of my top picks and what I'd purchase if I won. To be in with a chance to win, all you need to do is follow @gogirlinsurance and RT their pinned tweet and complete your details on their competition page. You need to be quick though as this ends on the 20th!

Hopefully you enjoy this post and it's been forever since I've done a wishlist themed post, so I am little excited to be creating this. Let me know in the comments what you'd purchase if you won and good luck!

Skinny Dip x Tangle Teezer- 
My hair is ridiculously thick, and I couldn't imagine being able to deal with it, without some kind of detangling brush. I love this one especially as the design is adorable and I am a huge fan of all things Skinny Dip (their phone cases are LUSH!) so it wouldn't seem right to do a haul without one of these beauties. £13.50. 

Dermalogica Breakout Clearing Kit-
Real talk for a second, I am a huge acne sufferer and it's one of my biggest flaws about myself, I am always on the look out for a good skincare routine to get it sorted. I've heard some amazing things about this kit, and I would love to try it. £23.40.

Ciate London Liquid Chrome in Zodiac-
I was completely unaware until browsing Look Fantastic that Ciate; did anything other than nail varnish. However I am so glad they do, this liquid lipstick looks beautiful and the perfect shade for me and the packaging gives me all of the unicorn vibes. For £15.00, it's something I'd definitely want to purchase. 

Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation-
I can hands down say this one of the best foundations I've ever tried. It's great for coverage, as well as being super long lasting and the foundation itself lasts a long time. It's super easy to blend and gives you that flawless finish, the Estee Lauder foundation comes in at £32.50.

Pixi Lovelies Eyeshadow Palette-
I am the kind of person who will wear coloured eyeshadow all year round, I love bright colours and putting them on my face makes me feel happy and more cheerful, plus I always get more compliments when I wear the brighter colours, probably due to the majority of my outfits containing 0 colour. This palette is a great price at £22.00 for 18 shadows and fab for all year round!

What is on your beauty wishlist? 

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Is it the most wonderful time of the year?

Olivia, 22, Customer Service Representative, Girlfriend, Best Friend, Niece, Sister, Daughter, Blogger, Long Term Mental Illness Sufferer.

Dealing with mental illness at this time of year is something that isn't new to me. Many years go past and it doesn't get any easier, everywhere is busier, people want to do more things, money is tighter, it's cold and there is next to no natural light. Don't get me wrong I love Christmas as much as the next person, however there is just something about the way the whole month messes with my 'routine'. I know it's probably for the best as it gets me doing things, but at the same time, having no light when you go to work and the same when you return, makes it hard to motivate yourself to do anything but sleep and eat junk food. 

The people everywhere, any shop you go into, it's rammed. Things not being how they were previously, is something I find hard to cope with. I enjoy the lights around, means that it's slightly less dark around, with the flashes of colour everywhere you go. But there is still that element of danger that constantly worries me. I finish work at 5pm, and the idea of walking home at all is challenging, it's dark and to me the dark is a mystery, anything could behind it and although you've done walked in it many times before, no time is exactly the same. I spend time walking around shopping centres, hours browsing the internet trying to find the perfect present for that person. But in the back of your head worry that, they're not going to like it and then the effort feels like it was never worth it. 

Everyone is happier, and you're worried if you don't act happy too, people will be angry, I mean it's nearly Christmas after all. The facade can be tiring, you want to be happy, but it's hard and it zaps up all of your energy, and then you have no energy left for anything else. People want to go out for drinks and want you to go with them too, but your medication doesn't allow you to drink, it makes you so much worse, you feel like the odd one out. People asking why you don't think, giving you a variety of excuses of why you should drink, it's Christmas being the main one. I wish I could live my life the same way as the rest. 

Christmas should be fun, not all doom and gloom. 

Firebox: The Weird & Wonderful Gift Guide.

Firebox: Weird & Wonderful gift guide
It's November and I have yet another gift guide for you, what can I say? I am on top of them this year. Despite being busier than ever, I am also more motivated than ever. I recently teamed up with Firebox to bring you some of their weird and wonderful gifts, I have to warn you though, a big chunk of them are centred around mermaids and unicorns. These are just my personal choices, however Firebox have a huuuge selection of gifts including their mystery boxes, unicorn tears gin and they even have prosecco pong also known as beer pongs, 'classy' sister. Firebox are known for being a little weird and out there with their gift choices, but guarantee you, nobody else will buy the same gifts as you (well unless they also like Firebox...) but there is so much choice, you should be fine. So what are my top picks from Firebox during this festive season?  

Mermaid Tea- £14.99 
As soon as I saw the packaging of this product I was in love. Perfect for storing your tea but also great for use afterwards. So what is so special about mermaid tea I here you ask? When the tea is first brewed it is a gorgeous blue colour (already pretty cool right?) however when you add a drop of lemon to the mixture it turns a vibrant pink colour. Hence the name mermaid tea, total mermaid vibes. This fun twist on tea is exclusive to Firebox and a fabulous present for any merbabes out there!  

Unicorn Scent- £9.99
Yep, you read it right. Unicorn scent, so I can imagine the thought process behind this product and the rest of the range is a creation of what these particular items would smell like. I obviously went for the unicorn one, I was drawn in at unicorns but the fact the bottle is pink and the descriptions of the smell on the bottle made it for me. When I first smelt this, I was overpowered by a super sweet smell and me and the boyfriend tried to work out what sweet from our childhood it reminded us of. We came to the joint conclusion that it is bubblegum. It's such a lush and girly scent, perfect for any person who has a girly household or just enjoys the sweeter things in life. 

How to swear around the world- £9.99
Bare with me on this one, yes this a book about how to swear around the world, and will I ever use it, probably not. However it is a hilarious read I promise you that and you can literally learn some super offensive words to use to others in their native language or could just use it on your friends who will have no idea what you're saying (unless of course they speak the language), so it's a great way to offend your mates on the sly. This book includes everything from curse words, to how to call someone a variety of animals in another language. Probably not something you want to give your gran for Christmas that's for sure. 

Tinder Nightmares- £9.99
I've heard so much about this book, and I definitely was not disappointed. As someone who has experienced the online dating world, Tinder is a stand out, mostly for the wrong reasons. This book highlights it for those who think they're missing out for not being on Tinder, or for those who just want a laugh and someone elses expense. I spent the majority of the first half of the book with my jaw hanging open, wondering how people could actually say this stuff to another person, grim. It is a unique insight into the world of Tinder if nothing else.  

Kitty Coin Bank- £19.99
Have you ever been to a Chinese restaurant and wanted to pay a tip purely so you could put it into the cat coin bank, where it pokes its head out and grabs the penny from you. Even if you haven't, I have. This is the new way to save, encouraging you to put money into it for the fun factor. It's far more fun than it should be after the third, fourth and even fifth time. I like to collect weird and wonderful items so I feel like this is perfect for me! 

Magical Unicorn Mug- £14.99
I am not even gonna lie to you guys, as soon as I saw this mug I knew I needed it for the adorable instagram shots I could create with it, if nothing else. Turns out this mug is HUGE and the perfect companion for a hot chocolate with plenty of toppings and comes with the cutest spoon. A great Christmas present for any unicorn fiend in your life or yourself, cos you know. Gotta treat yourself and all that. 

Crying Unicorn Candle- £19.99
I've seen these candles, and always been drawn to the idea of one. I mean the idea of a unicorn crying seems sad, but when they're crying rainbow tears it's not so bad, right? In a couple of hours this cute unicorn with candle turns into a crying mess. A unique and fun gift for any of those unicorn fans out there. There is an Eleven candle which does the same thing, however more suited to those fans of Stranger Things.  

And that is all folks, I hope you've enjoyed this gift guide featuring all weird and wonderfulness from Firebox and hopefully you don't get sucked into an abyss of fabulous gifts, like I did. 

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The sweeter things gift guide!

Sweeter things gift guide:  
If you know, you'll know I am a huge fan of just about anything sweet. So it only seemed fitting to create a gift guide based around the 'sweeter things in life'. In recent years I've noticed an increase of items that look the same but taste completely different. I mean last year I had a chocolate tool kit, so I am glad that tasted different. Some of the creations are amazing and you have to do a double take to realise what they actually are. I hope you enjoy my insight into a gift guide of all things sweet. 

Chocolate Biscuits £13.99:
I couldn't believe how realistic these are, even down to the detail on each biscuit. All made from a variety of chocolates, which all taste amazing. You can tell a lot of love has gone into creating each of these and you almost expect them to taste like the item you believe them to be. These are a perfect gift for secret Santa, anyone who is a huge chocolate lover, like myself. Or for just something a little bit different. 

When on the Find Me A Gift website, I first spotted a chocolate cheese board, and I was in awe of how realistic it was. Unfortunately, it was out of stock for the foreseeable. So I opted for these awesome chocolate vegetables, it's weird how realistic the sweetcorn looks. I can confirm they do taste better than vegetables, and make a cute little stocking filler gift too. For other cool food-related stocking fillers check out this chocolate pizza kit or this adorable heart shaped pasta

This is your cookbook
When I saw this book I fell in love. Your own personalised cookbook with recipes of your choice, you can even add your own. It's simple and easy to make too. You pick a cover, and then if this is for a present you can also write who it is for on the inside cover along with a picture (possibly a picture of you and them?) then you chose your recipes, this is when it gets fun, you can pick 36 recipes either from the different categories on site or add in your own, or a mix of both. Then organise them in whichever order you like. The final step is picking whether you want this hardback or paperback. Prices can vary from £15 upwards which in my opinion is fabulous for the product. The recipes are step by step and easy to recreate, which is great for an amateur cook (holla!) 

What sweet treats are you hoping for this year? 

Christmas with Yankee Candle 2017

Christmas with Yankee Candle 2017!

It's no secret, I am a HUGE fan of Yankee candle and they're probably the brand I have featured the most on my blog. Over the last few years I've gone from someone who likes candles to a huge candle enthusiast who always has to have at least one candle on the go. Yankee Candle being my main go to brand against any others. I love the jars, how long they last and how powerful the scents are. As most people who are fans of Yankee Candle will know, Yankee release a new collection of 4 candles, up to four times a year. I always look forward to the autumn ones as well as their Christmas collection, the smells just make your house feel that little bit more Christmassy. Today I am going to share with you the Christmas collection for 2017 as well delving into one of their advent calendars which I can't wait to use in December. Hopefully you enjoy this post and let me know in the comments which candle you want to try the most from this years collection. 

Christmas Magic:
Christmas Magic is the candle you expect at Christmas, the fragrance everyone seems to enjoy and I don't really know anyone who doesn't like this scent. After taking a further look into this scent on the Yankee Candle website, I found out the 'classic' Christmas smell is made up of balsam and pine. When I originally opened this I got a hint of ginger mixed with  forest like smells. (I know what I mean haha) Yankee Candle reveal the actual scents of this candle are:

Top: Mandarin, Bergamot, Eucalyptus
Mid: Fir Balsam, Pine Needle Sap, Incense, Spruce.
Base: Cedarwood, Birch.

Which I guess would explain the forest smell I received yet I am unsure where the ginger came from. I enjoyed this scent and I think it really gives those Christmas vibes however i'd probably light this all year round, oops. 

Spiced White Cocoa:
This candle gave me all of the coffee shop vibes, around Christmas with all of the festive drinks on offer walking in you are greeted with a sweet sugary smell as opposed to the normal fresh bean during the rest of the year. The smell is inviting and is my favourite out of the collection. When I smell this I think about a lovely white hot chocolate covered in whipped cream and marshmallows. The candle isn't too overpowering, however it still is enough to provide your house with that extra sweet smell. After taking a look at the Yankee Candle website and the scents of this candle, I can see why I came to the conclusion of hot chocolate, spiced white cocoa includes: 

Top: White Cocoa
Mid: Salted Caramel, Sweet Cream, Nutmeg.

Base: Butterscotch.

I am  a huge fan of any sweet candles so this one is right up my street. 

Crackling Wood Fire:
I was invested in this candle from the word go, the name cracking wood fire just appealed to me so much. The idea of a warm fire and even toasting marshmallows on it, brought me back to doing this in the past. I've gotta admit the candle smells a lot nicer than fire wood (but I am glad of that). The scent reminds me of the scent you get once you've made smores over the hot fire, the beautiful smell of the marshmallows mixed with that crisp burned wood smell. Out of all of the collection I enjoy the picture the most on this one as it takes you right to where you want to be. Yankee Candle advise this candle is made up of the following scents:

Top: Nutmeg, Myrrh, Cinnamon.
Mid: Vanilla, Amber.
Base: Sandalwood, Cedarwood, Smoky, Incense.

I'd recommend this scent as being the one which would be the best for a gift, due to it being a scent I feel a lot of people could enjoy. 

The perfect tree: 
This candle smells exactly like a fresh Christmas tree and it's amazing, that fresh pinewood scent which you are hit with when visiting a forest or any winter wonderland places. I can't believe how well Yankee Candle have been able to recreated smell, smells just like a bottle Christmas tree. This candle gives you ultimate Christmas tree feels and great for a more fresh smelling scent. This candle is made up of the following:

Top: Evergreen Garland, Bergamot
Mid: Pine Needles, White Birch, Glowing Amber
Base: Fresh Cut Pine, Incense, Cedar.

I think this mix of scents would explain why this has such a lovely Christmas tree scent about it. 

Yankee Candle advent calendar: 
Over the years we have become more about the luxury advent calendar and less about the chocolate ones. As much as I love chocolate I'd much rather open a candle each day, am I right? 24 surprises hide behind this calendar, one for each day. I believe it is a lovely little tea light of one of Yankee Candles signature scents behind each door and then 24 includes a special votive. I love the idea behind this as it gives you the chance to try out scents you might not usually do. The look of this is so pretty and has something to hang it to the wall which doubles up as a decoration. This is currently £24.99 and available from Yankee Candle

All of the large candles featured in this post are £23.99 each, however you can get these in a variety of sizes. 

Do you have any of the Christmas collection? 

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