We Heart face masks from Superdrug

Superdrug we heart it mask

This year I have become the biggest fan of face masks and candles, and I am forever trying out new ones. Go into any shop that sells either and I spend forever and day looking at the different options. I was recently sent some of the new We heart face masks from Superdrug and I fell in love with everything from the beautiful packaging to the fact they are cruelty free and vegan! The concept behind these face masks is inspired by super foods and kitchen favourites. There are six in total and today I have review on the blog for you of the coffee mask, avocado and oats as well as charcoal. Each pot of face mask should be consumed within 6 months of being opened and can last around 10-12 applications dependant on how much is used, of course and they cost £4.99 each (bargain!) I hope you enjoy my reviews and let me know in the comments below which you would like to try! 

Charcoal mask- 
This was naturally the one I was first drawn to as I am a huge fan of charcoal masks. I was curious about what the scent of this mask would be like, as charcoal doesn't have the best smell, however I was pleasantly surprised. It's one I am finding hard to put into words for how it smells, but I believe it s a fruity scent and is a divine one at that. The mask dries quickly of you applying it, which is great for me as I somehow manage to get it everywhere. I left the mask on for around 15 minutes, and the mask was rock solid. I washed it off with warm water and my skin felt so moisturised. I am in love with that freshly washed off mask feeling where you skin feels like it's had a deep cleanse and this definitely achieved that. 

Coffee mask-
When I opened this mask I was first greeted with what smelt like to me chocolate, but once applied this smells of coffee. Like that fresh coffee bean smell you get in a coffee shop. This was already a winner for me, once applying it on my skin it was more abrasive than the charcoal, however it has what I believe are crushed up coffee within which gives your skin some next level exfoliation. Again like the previous mask it quickly dried, but felt less heavy on the skin to me. This left my skin feeling gorgeous after, and I noticed the next morning it significantly removed some of the redness from my acne.  

Avocado and oat mask-
The first thing I noticed about this mask is the amazing pun on the packaging which said A t(oat)ally marvellous creamy mixture. I am a huge fan of puns so this drew me in straight away. Out all of the scents this is my least favourite, this may be possibly down to the fact I do not like avocado. It has a fresh smell to it, similarly to Superdrug's cucumber mask. Apply this to my skin felt a lot lighter and dried like the others but felt a lot less tight on my face. It was an enjoyable mask to wear once I got passed the initial smell. This like the coffee mask had something' crumbled in it, which gave a gentle exfoliation which again helped my skin to clear up after a day or two. I would personally not purchase this one again the scent isn't for me, however it's totally 'blogger goals'.

For only £4.99 you can't really go wrong! 

*Contains PR samples


  1. For the amount of applications you get and the cheap price I may have to give one of these a go! I've been constantly experimenting with skincare since I went cruelty free two years ago, I just can't seem to get it right. For £4.99 you don't mind as much if it doesn't work!

    Stacey x


  2. I've recently tried these too, I love the avocado and oats one the best! :) xx

    Yasmina | The July Journal

  3. Vegan and affordable, I like the sound of them already. I'm not usually a pampering kind of girl, but once in a while it is a nice treat. I do like the sound of them all though.

  4. That's a really good price. I haven't used a charcoal mask yet so I need to see if I have one in my collection x

  5. I think my choice would be the avocado and oat mask. I don't think I'd risk the coffee one on sensitive skin. Great price point though.

  6. I've started using Superdrug more as they are mainly cruelty free own brand products

  7. These sound really good - my daughters love face masks, I might get some as stocking fillers. Kaz

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  9. These sound great. I shall have to try the. Love sound of the coffee mask

  10. These look great, the packaging is really cute. I would love to try the avocado and oat mask. They are a perfect price to secret santa too x

  11. ooooo these look lovely and great that they are vegan friendly too!