24 November 2017

Self Care: Why it's important.

I am the first to admit self care often comes last out of my list of priorities, often my life goes somewhat like; eating, sleeping, work etc. In between that time I need to find time to blog, clean and also spend time with Will. I do have it easy compared to some, I'll admit that. However as someone who struggles with mental health, things hit me a lot harder. Like a long day going somewhere can sometimes drain me for days. I like to make sure at least one of my days off is spent at home in bed, it seems lazy but it's my way of coping. I've recently started to implement self care into my routine and it has bigger results on my mental health than I ever expect would be possible. 

What is self care? 
In short, it is taking the time to take care of you and make sure you're doing it as well as can be. Take the time for you, because at the end of the day, you are important to you. Sometimes I even struggle to get out of bed, honestly feels like a boulder is holding me to my bed and to get out I need to be able to muster up the strength to pull it with me. I often spend days where going in the shower, brushing my hair and even communicating almost seems impossible. I've learned that putting my own self care routine in place is crucial too. Often I reward myself for doing the smallest of things which most would find simple, e.g. if I shower now I can have a bar of chocolate later, or I can go back and watch some tv in bed. It honestly can be the smallest of things.

What is my self care routine?  

So my self care routine often involves a face mask, rubbish (and funny) television, maybe even a pizza and my bunnies (oh my, they help me SO much) Washing my hair and having a super long shower (this would be a bath, if you know I actually had one). Remembering to drink water during bad times is one of musts as it just makes me feel so much better. Sometimes I like to play games on my phone, or take blog photos, but they can also be stressful so if I'm already stressed I do avoid these. I put my comfiest pjs on, get a hot water bottle and enjoy a chill out with a face mask. It's amazing how much better than stuff can make you feel. My mood is always boosted when I have clean bedding on too. Do what works for you, because at the end of the day, what works for someone else might not work for you. I found that Mind have a great resource on ways to implement self care. 

What are my top tips for improving self care? 
-Put yourself first:
 This is one I often struggle with, I feel forever guilty if I spend a lot of time caring about myself and not those around me, but at the end of the day. I am the one who can make me better, and my well being is just as important as anyone elses. This is often hard to accept but with time this does get easier, I promise. 

-Find what makes you happy:
This can be anything in the world, whether this is 30 minute run, walking your dog, lying in bed reading, talking to your friends, giving yourself a pamper. The list is endless. You find out what makes you happy to try to involve at least a little bit in every single day. Even at first if you can only manage a day or two a week, that's still a step in the right direction.

-Take care of yourself:
On your hardest days, this almost seems impossible right? Getting up, finding something to eat, showering, brushing your teeth. All of it seems too much to deal with. I've had days where the idea of moving from my bed to brush my teeth seems impossible. I've spent days in the same clothes without a shower as the idea of moving isn't something I can cope with. I've had to sit down on the shower and wash my hair because standing up isn't something I can do. As long as you try your best and try to look after yourself, there is nothing more anyone can ask. Just remember to try and eat as well as drink plenty of water. 

Remember, you are important. You deserve to be treated well, by yourself as well as everyone else. 


  1. Oh man, clean bedding is one of my go to self care firsts. Whenever I start to feel grotty and like bed and a book is needed, I always start with fresh, clean covers. I love this post, sometimes it's nice to be reminded that it's ok to take care of yourself.

  2. I could definitely learn a lot from this post, I need to make much more effort at this one x

  3. I can so relate to this, I am always putting myself last when it comes to priorities so I'm always trying to put time in my schedule to have a bath or watch a movie x

  4. I think we are all guilty of not putting ourselves first I know I am and we have pretty similar self care routines. I am all for movies, face masks and rubbish food for a day of rest x

  5. I couldn't agree more - self care is so important! :) xx

    Yasmina | The July Journal

  6. I dont think we do this enough as humans, I know I don't and I end up feeling run down and bleurgh!

  7. Such a great post. I sometimes pass on the self-care too. Life just gets too busy but I have been focusing on it more recently and I feel so much better and more motivated to do things