17 November 2017

Christmas blogging props & where to find them!

I don't know about you, but Christmas is one of my favourite times of year. It's also one of the times I get to get most creative with my blog along with Halloween. One of my favourites parts is buying props to use in my photos. I've seen a few people ask on Twitter over the last few days where to purchase them so decided to share my knowledge with you. I do not spend a lot of money on my props as I know they will only be used for a month or so each year. However, it's surprising how much you can get for a little amount. 

A bit of an obvious one here, however, Hobbycraft do have some great props for Christmas, including the cute little tree featured in most of my upcoming Christmas posts. I went in the store to get my items, however, you can get some great stuff online. The best stuff is under the home decor section. I also purchased some fake snow. However since I purchased those items I've found many more I want to purchase, including these mini bells and adorable washi tapes

The Range-
The range is my go-to for craft stuff since one opened in my town and despite their annoying advert, I still love em. I purchased a lot of my Christmas props from the The Range and I still love them so much now, including some little wreaths and gingerbread men. A few of my favourite picks this year are these lovely berry picks, wooden tree shapes and this berries and pinecone topper. I would say it's worth going into a store with The Range as there is a large variety of choice.

eBay is one of the places to buy the cheapest props and also basically anything you can think of. Once I got the ball rolling it was so much easier. Some of my top picks this year are plastic candy canes, mini presents featured above, tiny fairy lights and these snowflakes. I'd say just reach random Christmas words which pop into your head and you'll find something you love. 

Poundland can be a little bit hit and miss in their Christmas decorations section, however this year they're rocking it. I usually purchase my Christmas lights from there to decorate my house, I mean come on a pound for a set of lights is a bargain. They have a HUGE variety of them, including the bell ones featured, a variety of colours and tons of other cool stuff. Would also recommend buying your tinsel from them!

Asda is one of the best places to get tree decorations from, especially stand out ones which are cheap. I'd recommend checking out their gingerbread house decoration as well as this adorable robin ornament and if you're really pushing the boat out this glitter stag is beautiful and great for room decoration too. Asda have a huge variety of items that can used as props and perfect for getting your Christmas style just right.

Where do you buy props from? 


  1. Poundland is the best place to get photo props from! :) xx

    Yasmina | The July Journal

  2. I think that the pound stores are great for props and also charity shops too x

  3. I would always recommend the poundshops. Their ranges have gotten so much better over the years!

  4. Great post! I love raiding car boot sales and vintage markets for props too, you can find some great things.

    Katie xoxo

  5. I'd never thought of looking in Asda for props... But Asda George could actually have some really good stuff!

  6. Asda have got some brilliant blog props as do Tiger, I spent an hour in there yesterday but felt a tad overwhelmed with choice x

  7. Love this post! I'm definitely gonna have a quick browse on Ebay I think!

  8. This was SO useful. I’m gutted I was at poundland yesterday too, will have to go back! Thanks for sharing Liv :)

    Becca xo


  9. Asda have some amazing christmas props at the moment, also Aldi there christmas range is impressive from lights to twigs etc x

  10. definitely going to see what I can find in Asda and pound land tomorrow, I seriously need to up my blog photo games! Thanks or the ideas! xx

  11. I usually find Poundland sell this sort of thing really good

  12. Christmas props are great and while I have not been very good at purchasing them the past few years, I have planned in the time to get some this year and decorate nicely. Sheri

  13. Anonymous7/12/17

    Props is something that I really want to start buying so I can include proper images of my products instead of crappy Snapchat quality images that are so eurgh!
    Fab post, I think I'll get down to Poundland!

    Carly x