Introducing IT cosmetics

A little while ago, a surprise package of IT Cosmetics arrived at my house. As a blogger, this probably makes me a bad one as I had never heard of this brand, however after texting my sister and how excited she was, I could tell this brand was a big deal. I decided to look into them, and found out they were actually only launching in the UK now and that's where the goodies came from. I was sent a variety of their staple products to try out. A fair while after first trying these out I am happy to share some of my findings with you guys, and let you know you can get free standard delivery on your orders yay. You can reach the It cosmetics UK site here and any of the products mentioned in their top 10 is worth trying! 

The must haves:
Brow power universal eyebrow pencil-
Bit of a mouthful but we got there in the end. This eyebrow pencil is like no other I've ever tried, the formula is amazing and it just glides on to your eyebrow and so easy to fill in your brows with. As someone who over the last few years has realised how much of a difference brows to make to your face, I would recommend this to you. It's a little bit more pricey the ones I have brought in the past but it seems to be lasting better than the other ones I've had in a similar format. I've found it easy to apply and make my brows bold and it seems to last a long time! The fact it has a spooley is great too, makes it so much easier to tame those unruly eyebrows and get them look lush. 

Bye bye under eye concealer-
I permanently seem to have dark circles around my eyes and no matter what I try I can't get rid of them. (Any tips, please share!) But I have now been able to cover these up somewhat, which is amazing. I have noticed with this concealer a little goes a long way. I found the consistency to be thick but easy to apply and quickly covers up those darker parts. It can even cover up tattoos, madness! I found this concealer to be long lasting and a little can go a long way, will definitely be buying the full sized one. 

Your skin but better CC cream- 
I was drawn into this product at first due to it's beautiful shimmery packaging but after reading up on this product and that it can basically be used for anything skin wise, I think it's a great product for what it offers, it's easy to blend and covers up my acne scars pretty well which can be hard as some of them are purple. It's light weight, and doesn't leave your skin patchy after a few hours like a lot of foundations and BB creams I've ever tried in the past. It lasts really well and is great for a full coverage which looks flawless. 

I would purchase these products in their full sizes that's for sure, so much better and long lasting for troubled skin than any previous products I've tried, woo! I would love to know if you've tried IT cosmetics, and what your thoughts are on the brand. 

Self Care: Why it's important.

I am the first to admit self care often comes last out of my list of priorities, often my life goes somewhat like; eating, sleeping, work etc. In between that time I need to find time to blog, clean and also spend time with Will. I do have it easy compared to some, I'll admit that. However as someone who struggles with mental health, things hit me a lot harder. Like a long day going somewhere can sometimes drain me for days. I like to make sure at least one of my days off is spent at home in bed, it seems lazy but it's my way of coping. I've recently started to implement self care into my routine and it has bigger results on my mental health than I ever expect would be possible. 

What is self care? 
In short, it is taking the time to take care of you and make sure you're doing it as well as can be. Take the time for you, because at the end of the day, you are important to you. Sometimes I even struggle to get out of bed, honestly feels like a boulder is holding me to my bed and to get out I need to be able to muster up the strength to pull it with me. I often spend days where going in the shower, brushing my hair and even communicating almost seems impossible. I've learned that putting my own self care routine in place is crucial too. Often I reward myself for doing the smallest of things which most would find simple, e.g. if I shower now I can have a bar of chocolate later, or I can go back and watch some tv in bed. It honestly can be the smallest of things.

What is my self care routine?  

So my self care routine often involves a face mask, rubbish (and funny) television, maybe even a pizza and my bunnies (oh my, they help me SO much) Washing my hair and having a super long shower (this would be a bath, if you know I actually had one). Remembering to drink water during bad times is one of musts as it just makes me feel so much better. Sometimes I like to play games on my phone, or take blog photos, but they can also be stressful so if I'm already stressed I do avoid these. I put my comfiest pjs on, get a hot water bottle and enjoy a chill out with a face mask. It's amazing how much better than stuff can make you feel. My mood is always boosted when I have clean bedding on too. Do what works for you, because at the end of the day, what works for someone else might not work for you. I found that Mind have a great resource on ways to implement self care. 

What are my top tips for improving self care? 
-Put yourself first:
 This is one I often struggle with, I feel forever guilty if I spend a lot of time caring about myself and not those around me, but at the end of the day. I am the one who can make me better, and my well being is just as important as anyone elses. This is often hard to accept but with time this does get easier, I promise. 

-Find what makes you happy:
This can be anything in the world, whether this is 30 minute run, walking your dog, lying in bed reading, talking to your friends, giving yourself a pamper. The list is endless. You find out what makes you happy to try to involve at least a little bit in every single day. Even at first if you can only manage a day or two a week, that's still a step in the right direction.

-Take care of yourself:
On your hardest days, this almost seems impossible right? Getting up, finding something to eat, showering, brushing your teeth. All of it seems too much to deal with. I've had days where the idea of moving from my bed to brush my teeth seems impossible. I've spent days in the same clothes without a shower as the idea of moving isn't something I can cope with. I've had to sit down on the shower and wash my hair because standing up isn't something I can do. As long as you try your best and try to look after yourself, there is nothing more anyone can ask. Just remember to try and eat as well as drink plenty of water. 

Remember, you are important. You deserve to be treated well, by yourself as well as everyone else. 

My Haul of Novelty Books!

Novelty Books Haul: 
I am not a huge reader, however there are certain books I will always make time for, novelty books. Anything from 101 hangover recipes to Mr Greedy eats clean to get lean, yes that is a real book. Today I thought I'd bring you a post on my favourite novelty books, and even give you some Christmas inspiration for loved ones or just treat yourself, you're worth it! These books can be bought from pretty much everywhere and anywhere and range from £5.99 to £14.95. Hopefully you enjoy this post and I'd love to know in comments what your favourite novelty book is. 

The Gummy Bear Book £9.95-
When I saw this on the Urban Outfitters website I knew I had to have it, in short this book is filled with gummy bears doing stuff, like a mosh pit and the conga. It's a great book for those days when you need a little bit of cheering up. Easy to read through, colourful and lots of fun. Credit to Dan Golden for creating this book. Would recommend to anyone with a childish sense of humour or who just loves gummy bears. 

The Little Book Of Life Hacks £14.95-
I was drawn into this book from the minute I saw it's cover, it's so pretty and girly. I am a huge fan of life hacks, anything to make something easier right? It contains pretty much everything from how to cook vegetables to how to shift a bad mood. The book is filled with lovely illustrations, and these make the book even more appealing to me. 199 pages of goodness awaits you. You can purchase this from the Urban Outfitters website. 
Where To Eat Pizza? £11.67- 
If you follow me on social media, you will know I am the biggest pizza fiend. So this book seemed like an obvious choice, each page filled with recommendations of where to eat pizza around the world, telling you when they're open, what they sell and their best offerings. This is the perfect book for someone who is going travelling soon to have a snoop of before they go to get some ideas down. Also if you travel around the UK a lot, you'll find some of these places on your travels. Available from Amazon.  

Tinder Nightmares £9.99- 
Hands down one of the funniest books I've read this year, for someone who has had plenty of first hand experience of tinder, this book rings true. It makes you feel slightly less on your own throughout your awful tinder escapades. The book is split into sections and covers pretty much every bad scenario you could imagine. Including strange requests, persistence (we all know the one) and even some broetry. Some of the 'chat up lines' are out of this world honestly. Purchase this from Firebox for £9.99

F In Spelling £5.99-
I own all of this collection and they're well worth reading. Humorous books created from real life examples of some of the best (or should I say worst) exam paper mistakes, half of the things in this book are funny due to the spellings completely changing the way a sentence is written. One of my favourite things in the whole book is the following:

What happened at the birth of Buddha?
He was born. 

Honestly so many funny examples in the book and well worth picking up next time you fancy a bit more of a funny book. Available to purchase from Amazon

How to swear around the world £9.99-
This book is a stroke of pure genius and not something I'd recommend taking travelling with you. The book is full of the many ways to swear and say rude things in other languages. I remember everyone in year 10 at school looking up swear words in the French dictionary to call each other, I would recommend using it in this way. OR to your friends in other countries who will understand the joke but find it funny as opposed to offensive. Well worth it for learning the language of a country you are visiting as you can find out what they're saying to you if they are rude! This book is from Firebox.  

Would you buy any of these books?  

Christmas blogging props & where to find them!

I don't know about you, but Christmas is one of my favourite times of year. It's also one of the times I get to get most creative with my blog along with Halloween. One of my favourites parts is buying props to use in my photos. I've seen a few people ask on Twitter over the last few days where to purchase them so decided to share my knowledge with you. I do not spend a lot of money on my props as I know they will only be used for a month or so each year. However, it's surprising how much you can get for a little amount. 

A bit of an obvious one here, however, Hobbycraft do have some great props for Christmas, including the cute little tree featured in most of my upcoming Christmas posts. I went in the store to get my items, however, you can get some great stuff online. The best stuff is under the home decor section. I also purchased some fake snow. However since I purchased those items I've found many more I want to purchase, including these mini bells and adorable washi tapes

The Range-
The range is my go-to for craft stuff since one opened in my town and despite their annoying advert, I still love em. I purchased a lot of my Christmas props from the The Range and I still love them so much now, including some little wreaths and gingerbread men. A few of my favourite picks this year are these lovely berry picks, wooden tree shapes and this berries and pinecone topper. I would say it's worth going into a store with The Range as there is a large variety of choice.

eBay is one of the places to buy the cheapest props and also basically anything you can think of. Once I got the ball rolling it was so much easier. Some of my top picks this year are plastic candy canes, mini presents featured above, tiny fairy lights and these snowflakes. I'd say just reach random Christmas words which pop into your head and you'll find something you love. 

Poundland can be a little bit hit and miss in their Christmas decorations section, however this year they're rocking it. I usually purchase my Christmas lights from there to decorate my house, I mean come on a pound for a set of lights is a bargain. They have a HUGE variety of them, including the bell ones featured, a variety of colours and tons of other cool stuff. Would also recommend buying your tinsel from them!

Asda is one of the best places to get tree decorations from, especially stand out ones which are cheap. I'd recommend checking out their gingerbread house decoration as well as this adorable robin ornament and if you're really pushing the boat out this glitter stag is beautiful and great for room decoration too. Asda have a huge variety of items that can used as props and perfect for getting your Christmas style just right.

Where do you buy props from? 

Christmas gift guide with Amara.

Christmas gift guide with Amara. 

Christmas is fast approaching and I am surprisingly organised for once. I started buying Christmas presents in October (which is a fabulous idea, by the way). Although it feels a little early, I do not deal well with stress and busy shops, therefore I wanted to get it out of the way early. Although to avoid shops I do also purchase a lot of gifts online, plus you can usually get so much more choice. I was recently contacted by the lovely people at Amara and asked if I wanted to feature some items as part of a gift guide and I was thrilled. For those of you who don't know about Amara, they are a luxury gifts and homeware store and they have so many fabulous pieces on their website I didn't even know where to start. So I am a massive girly girl at heart, so I decided my gift guide needed to feature a lot of cute items as well some kitchen items as they're also up my alley at the moment. I hope you enjoy this gift guide and let me know your favourite item in the comments below! 

White rabbit teacup and saucer- £29.50
I found this beautiful set and fell in love instantly, it looks elegant and perfect for decoration and also those flatlays (you know what I mean bloggers!) or you know, just drinking out of? Due to me being one of the most clumsy people around, I think I'll use mine for decorative purposes. The cup has a lot of lovely beautiful detail on the rabbit as well as the clock within and the plate is just something else, it has lovely Alice In Wonderland quotes written on it which made it that little bit more special. Perfect for any Alice In Wonderland fans out there!

Henry London Shoreditch pink leather watch- £115. 
I have only ever owned one other watch in my life and that was my Michael Kors one for my 21st birthday, however lovely the watch is. It's got a pretty large face on and it's heavy, especially working at a job where I type all day, my arm aches. I love this watch from Henry London as it's lightweight, pretty and is easier to wear with multiple outfits. I love the pale pink colour and this would be a perfect gift for anyone really. 

Ultimate Chef Gift Set- £45
I saw this ultimate chef gift set for £45 and for the cost of all of these products individually and how lovely the gift looks as a whole, I was drawn to it. I am a huge fan of the Listography books, and this just made the set for me. As well as the book the set contains measuring cups, a spiralizer, knife sharpener and a pestle and mortar. This gift is great for any budding chefs your life, or just a someone who enjoys cooking. Plus the presentation of this gift box is so lovely.  

Vermeil Mason Candle- £39 
This candle has to one of the prettiest candles I have ever seen, being online buying candles for yourself can be a challenge let alone anyone else. However Amara have this great feature where you can shop by scent helping you by letting you chose by category and then the way in which I did it was chose one of the popular ones from that category as helps me see what other candles people are enjoying. This particular candle, will last for many hours and perfect for any candle lovers in your life.   

Kitschmas Baubles- £20
I am honestly in love with Amara for having a Kitschmas section, it is honestly everything I've wanted my Christmas tree to be! They have the biggest selection of cute baubles including those featured above. The Battenberg bauble is £20.00 and the lollipops are a set and also cost £20. So much fun and colour and great for your Christmas tree, I will also be doing a full bauble wishlist soon.

S'well Bottle- £35
I've been eyeing these up for a while now, but the price tag has put me off a little. However it's so much better for the environment than plastic bottles. Plus this isn't just an ordinary bottle, it can keep cold liquids cold for 24 hours and hot liquids warm for 12, which is pretty amazing. Perfect for a camping trip or a long walk. As well as those who like to take hot drinks to work, like me! The S'well bottles come in so many amazing shades and colours, so one for every personality!

Side note- the pestle and mortar in the last picture is from the cooks gift set featured above.

*Contains PR samples

We Heart face masks from Superdrug

Superdrug we heart it mask

This year I have become the biggest fan of face masks and candles, and I am forever trying out new ones. Go into any shop that sells either and I spend forever and day looking at the different options. I was recently sent some of the new We heart face masks from Superdrug and I fell in love with everything from the beautiful packaging to the fact they are cruelty free and vegan! The concept behind these face masks is inspired by super foods and kitchen favourites. There are six in total and today I have review on the blog for you of the coffee mask, avocado and oats as well as charcoal. Each pot of face mask should be consumed within 6 months of being opened and can last around 10-12 applications dependant on how much is used, of course and they cost £4.99 each (bargain!) I hope you enjoy my reviews and let me know in the comments below which you would like to try! 

Charcoal mask- 
This was naturally the one I was first drawn to as I am a huge fan of charcoal masks. I was curious about what the scent of this mask would be like, as charcoal doesn't have the best smell, however I was pleasantly surprised. It's one I am finding hard to put into words for how it smells, but I believe it s a fruity scent and is a divine one at that. The mask dries quickly of you applying it, which is great for me as I somehow manage to get it everywhere. I left the mask on for around 15 minutes, and the mask was rock solid. I washed it off with warm water and my skin felt so moisturised. I am in love with that freshly washed off mask feeling where you skin feels like it's had a deep cleanse and this definitely achieved that. 

Coffee mask-
When I opened this mask I was first greeted with what smelt like to me chocolate, but once applied this smells of coffee. Like that fresh coffee bean smell you get in a coffee shop. This was already a winner for me, once applying it on my skin it was more abrasive than the charcoal, however it has what I believe are crushed up coffee within which gives your skin some next level exfoliation. Again like the previous mask it quickly dried, but felt less heavy on the skin to me. This left my skin feeling gorgeous after, and I noticed the next morning it significantly removed some of the redness from my acne.  

Avocado and oat mask-
The first thing I noticed about this mask is the amazing pun on the packaging which said A t(oat)ally marvellous creamy mixture. I am a huge fan of puns so this drew me in straight away. Out all of the scents this is my least favourite, this may be possibly down to the fact I do not like avocado. It has a fresh smell to it, similarly to Superdrug's cucumber mask. Apply this to my skin felt a lot lighter and dried like the others but felt a lot less tight on my face. It was an enjoyable mask to wear once I got passed the initial smell. This like the coffee mask had something' crumbled in it, which gave a gentle exfoliation which again helped my skin to clear up after a day or two. I would personally not purchase this one again the scent isn't for me, however it's totally 'blogger goals'.

For only £4.99 you can't really go wrong! 

*Contains PR samples

Make the perfect Christmas hamper from scratch.

A Christmas hamper can be an ideal personalised gift. If you plan a few weeks in advance and shop around, it’s likely that you’ll pick up some good bargains, too. You don’t have to be overly crafty to make the hamper look good either. Read on for our step-by-step guide to creating the perfect Christmas hamper!

Step 1: Choose the container

The first step in creating a Christmas hamper is choosing what will hold everything.

The wicker basket is the traditional choice and these can be picked up from homeware stores, online sites and even charity shops. Alternatively, you can use a gift box to hold your items. Some hampers can be made on a tray, too (which can double up as a gift afterwards). Pile up the presents on the tray and wrap in cellophane to keep them together.

You should also consider who the hamper is for before purchasing a basket. A hamper can be a good gift for an individual, a couple, or a child. Also think about the colour scheme — a traditional rustic look is always effective in a brown wicker basket. However, if your recipient has a favourite colour, you could find a container suitable for them. Have a vague idea about what is going to go in the hamper before purchasing. If you’re planning on putting some bottles of wine in there, you should ensure that there’s plenty of room for other goodies, too!

Step 2: Choose the contents

You can make the hamper as luxury as you like by choosing the contents that you put inside. This is also the opportunity for you to personalise the gifts — something that you wouldn’t get from a ready-made hamper.

For adults

For adults, shop around for the best deals at supermarkets and online and choose things that you know they’ll use and enjoy. For example, cheese and crackers are traditional items in a Christmas hamper. Many supermarkets sell mini cheese boards around Christmas time, or choose their favourite cheese and crackers and wrap them (e.g. in brown paper) to make them look more presentable.

A lot of alcohol tends to get consumed at Christmas time, so this can be a good gift to add to the hamper. Find out what their favourite wine is or spirit and add a bottle or two. In many supermarkets, mini bottles of wine and prosecco are available and these would fit nicely among other gifts. If the person is a cocktail fan, how about purchasing the ingredients for a cocktail.

Chocolate and sweet treats are another thing that people love to receive around Christmas. If you make your own, you could make a batch of truffles — enough to add to a few hampers. Wrap them in cellophane with a bow to make them look presentable. Add mini mince pies or candy canes to make the hamper look more Christmassy, too.
Other nice gifts to add are chutneys and jams, packs of coffee or tea, and biscuits. Find out what their favourites are and stock up!

For children

A pre-Christmas hamper can be a lovely gift for a child. You could add some carrots for Rudolph, a mince pie for Santa and some reindeer food so Rudolph can find his way to the house (glitter and oats). Add their favourite sweets and a Christmas-themed soft toy and you have the perfect hamper!

For hobbyists

Hampers can be a great way to buy lots of little gifts for someone who has a particular interest — it’s a stocking for adults!

For keen gardeners, in addition to the traditional alcohol and chocolates, you could give them something different. How about some seeds that they might not have grown before from an online retailer such as Dobies? Or some new hanging baskets for the new season? Or even a new plant pot for some indoor gardening? For fisherman, you could add some warm socks, a fishing line or smaller bits of fishing tackle that will come in handy. For pet lovers you could add a warm outfit for their pet, some toys and even a picture of them with their animal.

Step 3: Decorate to perfection

Presentation is key when it comes to making a Christmas hamper — but it doesn’t have to be difficult.

Putting presents on a bed of coloured crepe paper can look effective. You could use already shredded paper or you could shred your own gift wrap. Adding labels to some of your gifts can be a nice touch, too — you could say what the gift is and write a personalised comment for them. Add festive stamps on the labels to make them look effective. You could purchase some felt toppers to place on some of your gifts. You can find these in craft stores in the shape of Santa Claus, snowmen and other festive pieces. Wrap your hamper in cellophane to keep everything in place and wrap a red ribbon around the top for a perfect finish!

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New from L'oreal Paris

Recently I was sent a lovely parcel from L'oreal featuring some their new collection. I hadn't heard much about their new collections, however some of the pieces which I received were right up my street! (Hello dark lip colours galore) As most of you are aware, lip products are my favourite thing to have in my collection, so when I saw this parcel was primarily lip products, I was pretty happy! I also received a lovely glow kit and glow drops as well two of their brushes. Hopefully this review gives you some inspiration, especially with the darker lip colours, perfect for the months ahead. 

First thing I noticed was the Sapphire star lip gloss as it gives me some next level unicorn vibes. In the holographic collection there are 4 lip glosses and an out of this world glow kit. The lip glosses are £7.99 each and are exclusive to Superdrug. I was desperate to try out Sapphire star, I applied this and it wasn't as bright as I thought it was going to be, I did a couple of coats and it did build up, possibly not as much as I'd like but that's just me wanting to a create a bolder look with a bright blue lip gloss. This look is more subtle and you can see the glitter within the gloss and it does look holographic. Plus the packaging is lovely, I would probably layer this on to a matte lipstick to give it a bolder look. The product is moisturising to the lips and has an easy to apply applicator. 

The glow kit has 5 beautiful shades and these are from L-R:
Purple Nebula, Rose Delirium, Silver Supernova, Jupiter Green and Cosmic Blue. 

The first thing I noticed when I swatched this palette was how pigmented each shade is, the shades are designed to be a highlighter, however I feel like they'd work anywhere you fancy due to them being such a workable shades. Superdrug advises wetting your brush before application for a more intense highlight. I was most drawn to Rose Delirium as you can see the glitter shimmering and on the skin which is lush. All of the shades are fab for your collection and well worth the purchase of £12.99. 

Merry Metals:
As part of this collection I have the Glow drops as well as a metallic lip paint in a purple shade however I am unsure as to what the shade is actually called. So the glow drops to me were a new thing. I have tried a foundation in the similar format, however not a highlighter. I am in love with how little you need to use for an amazing glow, it is easy to blend and looks fab. I am crazy in love with anything metallic and purple lip colours as my go to. With this you can wear a more 'subtle' purple, however if you keep building on it, you can create a really deep shade. This has an easy applicator, and I found it to be long lasting and dries really quickly it is quite shimmery also, perfect for those Christmas parties!         

L'oreal lip paint lacquer: 
As soon as I spotted I had these in the shades Purple Panic, Smokey Grey and Bye, Felicia (Ha, love it) I was so excited to try them out. I am a regular wearer of purple as I am sure I have mentioned many times in this post, however this is quite a bright purple as opposed to a deep one. Bye, Felicia is hands down the best blue shade I ever worn, as well as it being long lasting and 'out there' and gets plenty of stares in the vets haha. I have never worn grey on my lips before, however this creates a bold statement look and isn't as daunting as I thought it would be. All of the lip lacquers feel moisturising and I didn't find there to be much bleeding, however it did end up on my teeth before it was dry, oops. These are £6.99 so reasonably priced and well worth it.

I hope this enjoyed this post, and let me know what your favourite product is. 

Alternative Gift Guide with EMP!

It's November, which for most bloggers means Christmas. I can certainly say I've already started creating my gift guides and I even started in October. When EMP got in touch asking if I would like to create a post for them, I already knew it had to be a gift guide. Going on to their store was like a dream for me, tons of band merch, Pop Vinyls, Pokemon and even a whole section on Unicorns! I am one for 'different' clothing which you'll probably of figured out by now, if you have seen any of my shop my style posts. I am pretty similar with gifts too, I love unique things and anything a little bit out there so EMP is like the perfect site for me. Below I am going to talk about my choices and hopefully you find something you like for a loved one (or yourself, if you're like me). 

Velma Pop Vinyl £12.99-
I have recently gotten into collection Pop Vinyls again, which is pretty bad for my bank balance, however my shelves now look pretty cool. Whether you just have one or 100's, Pop Vinyls brighten up any room and are a great way to start a new collection of your favourites. I am currently building my Scooby Doo collection, can you tell? 

Alice Wrist Watch £29.99- 

EMP have a fabulous collection of wrist watches, including plenty of Disney Princess ones. I saw this one and fell in love, it's still my alternative style with a mix of cuteness. The bow on it just finishes it off. These watches are fabulous gifts for any Disney fans out there!

Unicorn Brew Phone Case £12.99-

I have the largest collection of oversized phone cases, and this is definitely one that fits into the theme. This is a great present for anyone who collects phone cases like me or likes phone cases with a difference. It's not the most discrete phone case ever, however it is adorable and kinda gory too. 

Puking Unicorn Mug £7.99-

Ok so, Unicorns have been a huge thing over the last few years, and I am so glad this is the case. I pretty much would buy every single piece of unicorn merch if I had the space. This mug is great for someone who isn't your typical fan of unicorns, however this mug makes unicorns cooler. Or just someone who loves unicorns. 

All Time Low Shirt £12.99- 

As I said above, EMP have a huuuuuge selection of band tees on offer. I am a huge All Time Low fan, it was like that 14 year old who used to go every concert is still sat within me, despite not going to see them anymore. Their new music isn't as good as their old in my opinion, however they still create some AMAZING merch. If All Time Low isn't the type of band you'd go for there are plenty more to choose from for your friends and family. 

Pokemon Monopoly £32.99- 

I had to put this on here for the childhood throwback, I am a huge monopoly fan and I think it's a great way for people to have fun. When I saw they were recreating Pokemon monopoly I knew it was something I needed. This is a great gift for anyone of any age, who enjoys Monopoly and likes Pokemon too! 

What is your favourite item on the gift guide?

P.s. check out the new EMP tv ad here-

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