4 October 2017

Lets talk about breakfast!

If you follow me on Twitter you'll know over the last few weeks I've put myself on Slimming World as it's time to make a change. For a person who is extremely fussy and has a phobia of trying unknown foods as well as being a vegetarian creating quick and easy meals most create is pretty challenging. However I never seem to struggle with breakfast, hands down breakfast is my go to. If I could live off beans, toast, hash browns and eggs I would. Recently Milk&More conducted a survey up and down the country to find out the breakfast habits of the nation. As well as finding out which of the 5 breakfast tribes people fell into.

So the 5 tribes on offer are: 
1. Protein Packed – Eggs and traditional fry-ups
2. The Quickie – quick-fix foods such as cereal and toast
3. Healthy – fruit salads, juices and smoothies
4. Long-lasting – slow release foods such as oats and porridge

5. On-the- go – bakery items, yoghurt drinks and biscuits.

I quickly figured out I fell into the protein packed category with eggs on toast or beans on toast being my go to on most days. Plus again being the fussy eater that I am, none of the others really appeal to me. Which tribe are you? 

Some of the findings from the nations favourite breakfast are as below: 

Residents of south-west London are far more likely to have an egg-based breakfast – indicating a penchant for a nutritious protein-filled start to the day. This part of the country purchases four times more eggs than any other. On the other side of the nation, South Wales is the epicentre of the great British fry-up, with the most number of orders for bacon.

The title for the healthiest region of the U.K. goes to Hertfordshire, with the county’s residents stocking up on fruit and veg, we assume this region is keen on smoothies and fruit salads. . This supports the findings by the Family Food Survey 2015 that shows increases in purchases of fruit and vegetables between 2012 and 2015.

Those living on the Isle of Wight are the most likely to consume a sensible energy-boosting breakfast, which provides a steady flow of energy through the morning. The demand for oats are the highest in this region, with traditional oats twice as popular as the flavoured varieties. 

Although the Midlands was not featured in the survey I feel like we are definitely more of number 1 or 2. Toast and cereal are a massive go to for so many on the way out of the door.

What breakfast tribe do you fit into?  

*Collaborative Post 


  1. I'm "The Quickie" 😊 Xx

  2. Lovely post, I'm like a blend of tribes one and two, I love an egg, but also some toast!

    Anika | anikamay.co.uk

  3. It's The Quickie for me, ha!

  4. A favourite for me and my younger son is pancakes made with just 2 eggs and a banana, served with strawberries and kiwi fruit. Delicious, nutritious and filling.

  5. I am definitely number 2! That's all I ever have for breakfast, toast or cereal! Even when we go on holiday or to a B&B I still only want toast or cereal! haha

  6. I'm also following Slimming World. I have a yoghurt once I've done the school run.

  7. I hold my hands up to being terrible for not having breakfast on most days. I usually hit about 4 o'clock and think, ah food. Not healthy at all. But I read many blogs that make delicious breakfasts, and often full of goodness and so good for you. Dannii of Hungry Happy Healthy always has amazing breakfasts.

    If I do do breakfast, it is Greek Yoghurt with honey.

  8. I fit into the quick breakfast as I have to feed my 6 month old or she gets grouchy! I normally just grab a cereal bar x

  9. I fit into the quick breakfast category, early to work and eat at my desk x

  10. I'm usually a number 2 - cereal most days , or sometimes a 3 - love a breakfast smoothie :)