15 September 2017

University Essentials With Home Bargains!

University students are always on a hunt for a bargain, whether you're a fresher or in any other year or even just like cute stuff, this is the post for you. I was recently sent a box of goodies from Home Bargains of perfect items to take to university/for your student house. The best part? The entire box (everything featured in this post) all together cost less than £20! I couldn't believe it when I added all of the items together and it was a little over £18 which is crazy! Below I am going to share with you these items and how much they cost in case you want to pick up any of these items! 

I am actually obsessed with stationery and can spend hours and hours in Ryman and Paperchase as well as searching for the perfect planner and notebooks online. I've never thought to look in Home Bargains for stationery before which is a little stupid of me, as they have some great deals! So I was sent a pack of flavoured gel pens (throwback much?) which are £1.29 although I can't say they're super scented they are pretty colours and perfect for making your notes more interesting! The mini highlighters with the cutest little faces on are only 89p (so cheap!) and are again useful for when making notes or just to have a cute face in your pencil case. Finally, the vintage weekly planner is the best way to keep meal organised as well as to write down plans and is great for a desk buddy and is only 79p! I use mine for blog ideas as well as food for each day (when I remember.) Home Bargains also sell clear pencil cases for 49p and a variety of other notebooks and pens!

Home bargains stationery

Let the drinks begin: 
I could not think of another way to title this collection of items, so I decided to just name it based on what the items will be mostly used for and that's drinking. So the biggest bargain in the whole haul is the mason jar/drinking glass for 59p, I've seen this go for more than £4.00 in other shops so to see them at just 59p is great, lets face it is in halls/student housing you do not want to spend the earth on pretty things as they'll get wrecked. So for a little over £2.00, you can have 4 of these bad boys. Next are a box of plastic straws, honestly, they come in so handy for reasons you won't even know, plus they're always good for drinks and someone always wants a straw. For 100 straws it is 69p! On to the ice cube tray, ice can be a good idea in theory for drinks, especially if you drink anything on the rocks, and carrying a bag of ice from the supermarket to your accommodation is never fun (totally not speaking from experience) The heart ice cube tray is 79p and makes the cutest ice cubes.

On to the alcohol itself, shots from Home Bargains are always a must for pres, you can get 4 shots for 99p the ones pictured are strawberries and creme ones however there are a few other choices, and the tube shots are 39p and totally worth stocking up on. They're not the best-tasting things in the world, however, they're cheap and get you tipsy and you can also purchase other alcohol in stores such as beer, wine and other spirits. 

Home bargains kitchen items

Home bargains shots

Lets talk kitchens: 
As well getting super cheap cleaning supplies from Home Bargains (honestly get them from here rather than the Supermarket you save SO much!) You can also get a 16 piece cutlery set for £1.79 and for student accommodation when stuff just happens to go missing a lot it feels a little less painful when you've paid less than two quid that's for sure. They're pretty good quality for the cost and I would recommend as I always just end up repurchasing them. However, if you want to stop others using your cutlery I would buy the most standout cutlery ever so if you see people using them, you know they're yours. You can also buy a variety of foods from Home Bargains including Pot Noodles (welcome to university!) and they're only 65p, as well as pasta pots which you chuck in the microwave for a few minutes and chuck over pasta, easy dinner. I've noticed from the times I've been in Home Bargains also sell pasta bake which is amazing to make on your first day and split into many portions, read more about my freshers tips here. I would advise buying branded food in Home Bargains as it is often a fraction of the cost. 

The main event: 
In university if you're not at lectures or out with your friends you're usually in your bedroom, so you need to make it as nice as possible. Often the rooms are quite small especially in halls so it's worth finding things which will take up as less room as possible. Home Bargains sell a great wash basket that folds up into a tiny disk when not being used and is only 79p! As well as this to make your room more homely you can purchase some fairy lights for £3.99 and they're battery powered so easy to use and they just make it feel more comforting. As well as this putting pictures up of family and friends back home, often helps with the loneliness you can feel when you've moved away from home. Home Bargains also have some fab picture frames for 99p and they're small so easy to put on your desk etc. Final item in the hall is this lovely candle, I am forever raving about the candles which you can get from Home Bargains for £2.99 you can get a HUGE one the size of the large Yankee Candle, which is mad! For £2.29 you can get a smaller stronger smelling candle and also it is more space effective, woo!

Hopefully this haul helped you with some ideas for essentials on a budget! 

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  1. Ooooh this post is so cute, I love getting all the basics and essentials from Home Bargains (as well as their amazing Halloween decorations!) x

  2. I LOVE home bargains. It's so budget friendly :) Although, I have stopped buying things like highlighters and gel pens from there because I don't think they last as long and sometimes they don't see as vibrant as the branded ones (I'm a highlighter snob!)

  3. Now these are good bargains, I know myself I can spend stupid amounts of stationary for no reason lol but with pleases like Home Bargains it's good that you can get so much on a budget.

  4. Love all the bits you picked up and actually the stationery would be really useful for my kids who are still in school, such great prices, I must think of Home Bargains.

  5. I'm so glad that stores have come up with student and pocket friendly products for the students and they're readily available. I'll check out the store, maybe I could find something for my home too.


  6. ooh I've never shopped at home bargains before! This would have been so handy to read before moving out 😭

    han // hxanou.co.uk

  7. I never lived away at university so I didn't really have to worry about home bits, but there's so much to think about x

  8. The idea of fairy lights to brighten up your room is a great one and they are really cheap as well. I remember living in halls I tried to make it as homely as possible with posters, cushions and photos x

  9. Lovely picks! Those highlighters are adorable! I've never been to home bargains before!

  10. Woah I can't believe that the mason jar was only 59 P I am pretty sure that I paid at least £3 for one back in the day. I definitely agree that they are a must for uni though, especially if you are playing cards against humanity x

  11. Home Bargains is great for all the essentials and these are super stylish too! I forget you can get a cheeky bit of alcohol in there too.

    Thanks for sharing!

    Leigh at Fashion Du Jour LDN x

  12. I've never heard of this store before, but it certainly seems like you found some fab deals.

  13. I spent so much on my son's stationery this year. Next year I am definitely going to try out Home Bargains!

  14. Looks like you have managed to pick up some fab items for minimal cost. I totally agree that you should not have expensive home ware in student kitchens,its mistake I made when my daughter went to uni, within a few days her stainless steel viner cutlery bought for £25.00 went missing.