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So I found this post in my drafts and from months ago and it made me laugh so much I thought you guys needed to read it. The following post is just a bit of harmless fun and my own personal thoughts which I've had during times of playing The Sims. Let me know in the comments what thoughts you have whilst playing The Sims.

1. Why does work always come around so quickly? Let me stay at hoooome.
2. You need food AGAIN. Are you me?
3. Why do you smell so bad that green stuff comes off you...
4. Why is it so quick and easy to have a baby?
5. I need to hire me a live in butler, like now
6. I wish shopping was this easy in real life
7. Why does kissing more than one person make you have a reputation?
8. Where do they wash their clothes?
9. Lifetime wishes are a nightmare!
10. Sims sleep far too much

11. Stop putting your child on the floor in the park.
12. Why do you want to skinny dip so much??
13. Why does EVERYONE ask you if you want to go on dates?
14. Relationship, Engagement, Marriage, Child all in a few days... go for it!
15. Why isn't my house this nice?
16. I want to be able to go up to everyone and talk to them, pls!
17. 434 simelons an hour!!! Make it pounds and I am so down.
18. How do they get raises so easily, give me a raise!
19. Which expansion pack to buy next?

20. It's got to be pets right?...
21. Who even buys the town one?! OH yeah that's me... ITS AWFUL.
22. Who knew thinking of names was so haardddddd.
23. What on earth are these graphics?
24. Oh hai, Grim Reaper nice to meet you.

What thoughts do you have whilst playing the Sims? 


  1. This really made me chuckle! Definite;y a similar thought process I have when I used to play the Sims. I once got so adicted to it, my brother had to confiscate it so Icould revise for my A-Levels!

  2. Haha - I have never personally played Sims {I'm more of a Warcraft player} but this did make my daughter chuckle. She's a Sims fan!

  3. Ha this is amazing! I love the Sims, wanna go home and play it now!

  4. hahaha the reputation one! Yeah I got branded a cheat on like every country by people I'd never even met before. Here's my similar post if you're interested! http://www.formidablejoy.com/2017/08/lifestyle-10-things-ive-learned-by.html x

  5. I haven't played Sims for years, i suspected it has changed a fair bit from when I used to play

  6. Anonymous4/9/17

    This made me laugh. Feels like a lifetime since I've played the sims. Might have to get a version on the iPad and have another go!

  7. I've never played the Sims and don't know anything about it unfortunately. I can relate to the why isn't my house this nice though :)

  8. LMFAO! I'm a Sims addict and if these aren't the truth! My Sim couldn't get in a CC shower and she passed out from her own smell. Such is Sim life.

  9. I pretty much had all these thoughts when I used to play sims. This actually makes me want to play again x

  10. Having watched my daughters playing Sims, I had to laugh at this. It is a funny game to watch, and some of the things that happen are just crazy!

  11. I haven't played the sims in years! Used to love playing it at my friends house as a teen. Might have to look for the game again ahha

  12. I used to play The Sims for hours and hours, constantly changing wallpaper and carpets x

  13. THIS IS MY FAVOURITE POST I'VE READ IN AGES. I've recently become obsessed with the Sims again! Haha

  14. This made me laugh, I absolutely love playing the sims, although it never leads to a quick game! x

  15. My daughters absolutely loved The Sims a few years ago - I admit I got a little hooked for a while too! Kaz x

  16. Oh gosh this has brought back memories, I haven't played Sims in yeeeears haha!

  17. Ha, yes. I've been playing Sims 4 lately. WHY CANT YOU PICK THE BOOK/PLATE UP OFF THE GROUND AND WALK THROUGH THE DOORWAY. OMG. Sims 4 is coming out on console in November. Can't wait!

  18. "2. You need food AGAIN. Are you me?"

    Is just my whole life !

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  20. 've recently gotten addicted again to Sims 4, and this is post is so accurate I love it!
    emily x ❤ | emilyloula.com

  21. I confess I have never played the Sims but my husband has, and he's said it is very addictive! I'll have to try it one day. :)

  22. I have never played sims but my daughter did and she really got addicted to the game.

  23. I haven't played the Sims in a long time but I never understood why the green steam came off when they were unclean. Like is that really necessary? Can the other Sims smell them? I feel like I need to call Ghostbusters when that green appears.

  24. This gave me a laugh, it's been sooo long since I've played the Sims but now I'm inspired to dig it out! If only we got that many simoleons/pounds per hour! x


  25. Haha this was great, absolutely love sims! Although the time goes so fast and it stressed me!! xx