What my favourite things say about me!

Happy hump day all, half way to the weekend, we can do it! Today I am bringing you a little bit of a different post (I swear I say this all of the time, ha.) but bare with me on this one. Most of us have been up at 3am unable to sleep right? So we go on to Facebook and just scroll which feels like it never ends, even after you've seen the same stuff you've already seen ten times over. Then you stumble upon a quiz which sounds completely random but you decide do it and before you know it, it's been 2 hours and you know now what your favourite food, colour, flowers and animals say about you. So I decided to share my results with you today and what I think of those results. 

My favourite food-
My favourite food is Pizza, you will all be shocked to know. So according to my answers of food choices, I am a careful introvert. Which according to the quiz means the following:
"You are very detailed-orientated and you always think things through thoroughly. You are analytical and contemplative. Your approach to eating, and life, is quite methodical. You are a strategic, task-focused planner. You are disciplined with a border-line stubborn tendency to complete on task before moving on to another. In regards to food, you tend to be a picky eater. You also do a lot of food-prep, you pay attention to nutrition, and are the type who eats one item of food in its entirety before moving on to the next."

For this I would actually agree for the most part, I do like to plan things and find myself a person who likes to strategically do things. However I am not one for meal prep, as I always like to decide on day what I want to eat, although I should probably get into this. 

My favourite flower-
So when looking for different 'favourites' of me I searched what my favourite flower says about me and found this fabulous infographic from Flying Flowers and my favourite flower is a sunflower after looking into it they represent happiness and here is some more about sunflower means-
"Whilst all of its emotions are positive, our results shown that happiness isn’t one of the positive emotions sunflowers evoke. The sunflower represents longevity, adoration, and loyalty. A huge 87% agreed that sunflowers evoke positive feelings, 55% of which voted for happiness. Sunflowers might make us feel happy, but it’s not necessarily what they symbolise!"

I feel sunflowers definitely make me happy, and I love the fact that they symbolise loyalty and adoration. 

My favourite animal-
My favourite animal is a dolphin and always has been, I think they're such beautiful creatures and find them fascinating.  Based on the dodo this is what they symbolise-
"You are a social butterfly. You have a playful, easygoing personality, and there isn't anyone that you feel uncomfortable talking to or befriending. Strangers are always welcome into your circle of friends - the more the merrier is your favourite motto."

Out of all of ones on here I feel like this is the least true, I don't feel like I am a social butterfly and I have a hard time befriending people. However I do feel like I have a playful personality and try to be easy going. 

My favourite colour-
So my favourite colour is pink which seems to shock a lot people and I am interested to see if it is different to what my expectations of pink would be. 
"You are the heart of all colours.  You are loving, soft, kind, sensitive and warm. You are the nurturer; always giving more than you are receiving. You are romantic and sensual and you have idealistic standards. You are sweet and charming and always know how to deal with everyone in a way that comforts them. You are delicate and may have a naive or child-like side to you which makes you even more lovable."

I actually like this one, I was expecting it to be all about being girly. I feel like I do have a naive side to me, which I've always seen as a bad thing. I love it when I am told I am kind so this is something I like.

I would love to know what your favourite things say about you! 

*collaborative post

Olivia Jade

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  1. I love every one of your favourites and the reasons you like them.
    (but not the characteristics the quiz's algorithm assigned to you).
    I'm also partial to bunny rabbits and chipmunks.
    I'm not on Facebook but I do have a bit of a Twitter addiction - which I guess might be very slightly similar in some ways? I stay up too late Tweeting, reading timelines and Liking or ReTweeting sometimes.