Easy ways you can save money online!

Happy Saturday all, and for once I am actually off on a weekend which is a great feeling. I was supposed to have this post up for you yesterday as you've probably noticed Saturday is not a usual post day of mine. However being in Blackpool and taking a while to get home yesterday pushed it back a bit to today! Anyway enough of that and on to the post, today I am going to be talking about ways to save money online, these are tips that I have mostly used myself and so know they're all effective. I would love to know any of your money saving tips in the comments!

1. Getting cash back. 
This is a fairly recent find of mine and is a legitimate thing that happens if you go through the correct sites. So essentially the way in which it works is, you click through that website and they have offers for choose from for particular online shops, like Asda, Debenhams and loads of other well-known ones. As long as you follow the T&Cs correctly you should get the cashback. The only thing to have in mind is it can take a while for you to get the cashback yourself, but it is worth it due to the fact you do get money back for doing nothing. The website I use is TopCashback, however, there are many others too.

2. Comparison sites and apps. 
Comparison sites are something a lot of us aware of us, mainly due to TV adverts like the Go Compare one (with that super annoying Go Compare man) however in recent years there has been a surge of comparison websites for other things including finding the best phone deal and contract which can be done through Mobile Phone Checker great for those looking for something in particular, as a blogger I use a lot of data, therefore would want a phone with a lot of data as well as something with a good camera. So usually I would take the time to look into the phone, then decide how much I'd want to pay and then search for the best deal. However, this cuts out all of the annoying stuff in the middle and does it for you.

The other thing to be aware of is to make sure you shop around again when your contract comes to an end. Citizens Advice discovered a large percentage of people just carry on paying the same monthly deal long after it's ended. When your contract ends you have two choices, either start a new one and get a new phone with another 24-month tie-in or if you're happy with the phone, switch to a SIM only plan which should save you money. This sim only vs contract calculator can quickly show you the winner and what the savings are depending on which method you go with.

It is also a great idea to use sites like this for your gas and electric, I have found myself saving huge amounts from just comparing the prices of what is out there as well as looking into smaller companies, although they may not have as good customer service (e.g. live chat, long opening hours) you tend to save a LOT of money, instead of going direct.

3. Discount codes. 

This is the most obvious one out of the three. One of the best ways to save money online is looking for discount codes, if you want something, in particular, a great way to find out what discounts are being offered as looking on that particular shop, signing up to their newsletter etc, and then you will be sent them out to you. You can Google search what you are looking for and sometimes it brings back some great offers for you. If you're a student I would 110% recommend using sites like Unidays and Student Beans to find out the best discount codes, some of them can be really worth it! 35% off Dominoes from Student Beans got me through my uni life, that's for sure!

I hope you found these tips useful and if you'd like to see a part two to this post let me know in the comments! 

*Collaborative post 
Olivia Jade


  1. This is really helpful, discount codes have definitely helped me through university too especially on pizzas! I hadn't thought about cash back before x

    Kayleigh Zara 🌿www.kayleighzaraa.com

  2. Discount codes are great. I always try using them when i can

  3. I definitely need to get better at this. I'm good at discount codes but could work on the other things for sure.

  4. I'm pretty good at checking for discount codes but I really need to get into cashback schemes!

  5. Thanks for this informative write up, from next would definitely try to look for some discount codes online !

  6. i do love a good budget post and you have some great tips! I think finding discount codes and using sites which offer cashbacks are great! www.TheMumDiaries.co.uk

  7. I love to save money online - even went through a cashback site when ordering my naughty pizza treat the other day lol

  8. I always look for voucher codes online to see if I can save money!

  9. These are great tips! I always look for voucher codes and often do cashback on large expenses if I can!

  10. Great tips - I have used all these. I will be looking extra hard now with Christmas looming! Kaz x