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Originally back in 2013 when I started this blog I planned for it to be a beauty blog, I am obsessed with makeup and own far too much (according to everyone else, of course) and I am forever buying a ton of products and then never featuring them on the blog. So that's where the beauty edit comes in, similar to a monthly round up but of beauty products I've been loving throughout the month and basically give you a mini review of each. As this is my first one, it's a bit of a round up of the products I've been loving for a while now, let me know in the comments if you want to see more of these posts. 

Beauty Edit

Luxe Studio 2 piece brush set*:
I've been using about this style of brush for some time now, at first I thought they looked a bit like toothbrushes, oops bad blogger alert. However once I read into them a lot more I found out they work well due to the bristles being densely packed together as well as the shape of them. I found 7X (the bigger brush of the two) perfect for blending in foundation and BB cream and 6X (the smaller brush) perfect for highlight and also pretty good for concealer. These are also beautiful for photographing as they are a beautiful rose gold colour. These brushes are exclusive to Boots and cost £18.99 for the set.

NYX liquid Suede

L'oreal infallible primer

L'oreal Infallible primer:
This primer has been a favourite product of mine since I discovered primer about 2 years ago. It's super easy to apply, feels pretty heavy on your fingers however when it is applied on to the skin it feels lightweight and leaves the skin feeling INSANELY soft. It's a budget primer and you only need a little amount to cover a full face, so would totally recommend it to anyone looking to get into using primer. I found it amazing at keeping my foundation in place and it also made my makeup look complete and it makes foundation even easier to apply on top of it. 

GOSH Brow Shape & Fill*:
So I am gonna admit something to you all, and even though I have been seriously into my makeup for a while now it is only recently I decided to start filling in my eyebrows, growing up everyone filled them in with black eyeliner and they looked like slugs (to be honest) and it's put me off ever trying them myself. However I know the products available now are so much better so I decided to invest in an eyebrow pencil from Boots and fell in love with the finished look, however I noticed this pencil broke a lot so I decided I needed something better. That's where GOSH Brow Shape & Fill fits in, with a shade which actually looks amazing on my eyebrows, easy to apply and doesn't break every 5 seconds. I am super happy with this. 

GOSH highlight

Nyx Liquid Suede:
For someone who has been big into their lip products since the age of 12, when I found NYX was in the UK (finally) I knew I had to treat myself to bits and it's just spiralled from there. I own a lot of the liquid suede collection and I own all of the purples they have. This lighter purple which is also known as sway is a shade I wasn't sure about along with their little denim dress. Both look out of this world in the packaging but on my lips I wasn't sure. However I was so happy to have purchased both, they give stellar looks and are super long lasting. I sometimes use it as a base and then put run the world on top as it builds and makes a really cool colour together. These are currently £7.00 from Feel Unique. 

Rubis Tweezers*:
When I was sent the press release for this product, the words "Described by Bobbi Brown as the Ferrari of tweezers" stood out to me and I knew I needed to try these out for myself. I have to say myself, they are SO good for removing any stray hairs and they are pretty much painless, you are able to quickly and effectively remove any hairs with these. They are a little pricey at £19.50, however they are damn good. If you're curious as to why the name is Rubis like I was the reason is "Originally created to precisely place rubies in watches by luxury watch brands such as Cartier and Rolex, the tweezers are the at the top of the tweezer-game when it comes to performance." Which I thought was pretty cool! 

Gosh highlighter*:
I have been loving this highlight for travelling lately, it is the perfect handbag/makeup bag size for on the go and contains four beautiful shades. It's made me happy that it is easier to carry around on the go so I am able to complete my look anywhere. I am not the best at makeup by any means but even I found this highlighter easy to apply, it's not to shimmery which I find a lot of them to be which is a little off putting for me and is pretty long lasting. For £12.99 I would recommend this to anyone in the market for a new highlight. 

Makeup drop

Urban Decay All Nighter Spray*:
Earlier this year Urban Decay decided give their setting spray a little makeover, and I am glad they did as their new packaging is so lush. I always found my old one looking so dirty after being put in my bag for a while. However their new sleek packaging is so much better, I have their full sized spray as well as their mini travel sized one (again perfect for on the go) I've always loved this product as it honestly keeps your makeup in place for so long. I used to find my eye makeup moved down my face as the day progressed but this keeps it in place, woo!

Makeup Drop*: 
Last but not least is the lovely Makeup Drop, a unique silicone beauty applicator. Not the prettiest thing around, however it feels amazing to apply makeup with, easy to clean also. It is also great for blotting away any excess grease on the skin. Apply an product with it and then you can blend easily, a lot of people use it for contour. I have been using it to apply my foundation (as well as at the start possibly used it as a stress ball, I am such a bad blogger). My foundation looks more flawless and I found it easier to apply as well. This product comes in at £14.00 and is available from Boots.

I hope you enjoyed a beauty related post, and let me know if you want to see more of these! 

*Contains PR samples 


  1. Ive been meaning to try that primer as i use the foundation and think it would go well together. I like the sound of the all nighter spray from urban decay,

  2. I love the all nighter setting spray! I use it for every night out. I've been dying to try any of the products of Nyx. I've not heard much about GOSH so I will check that out!

  3. I keep meaning to try a highlighter and this one sounds great! I love the sound of that all nighter spray too!

  4. I love that L'Oreal primer too, it's the perfect base for foundation!

    Emily xo

  5. I love NYX practically all of my makeup is from there and I love that purple lippie. I have it at home but sadly it does not suit me but I bet it would look lovely on you x

  6. Its always good to blog about something you love- you definitelyknow your make up. im low on supplys lately so may guve the primer and foundation a try. i fancy a change...

  7. I am the worst for buying stuff and forgetting to blog it! I love the brush I have one and it's so soft x

    Miss Kitty Kaos - Adventures Of A Riot Grrrl

  8. I'm also a big fan of NYX lip products. I will be checking the rest of your list.

  9. I've not tried a silicone blender before, but I love the idea of one x

  10. I've heard a lot about the silicone blenders, I really need to try one out for myself. I'd really like to try those brushes too; they just look so cute!
    Totally with you on the NYX lip glosses. They are amazing and last all day.

  11. Loreal infallible primer is my everyday primer. I have been using it since the day it launched. Such a high class, high street product. Loved it

  12. This is a great idea for a series! I keep meaning to try that Urban Decay All Nighter spray

  13. Great round up, Olivia :) I love the UD All Nighter Setting Spray, but I haven't tried any of the other products before. I'll have to pick some up when I go shopping tomorrow.

    Louise x

  14. These are all sounds like an awesome products and I really love that promising primer it really works well for me

  15. Oh I really need to get a new primer, will have to check out that one!

  16. That brush looks so pretty. I really need to go buy more beauty items.

  17. That's such a pretty brush, but yes, it does look like a fancy toothbrush, lol! Fab mini review, this!

  18. I love the UD setting spray, I'm nearly out of my bottle so I need to get a replacement!

  19. I'm a big beauty enthusiast and love discovering new products. I enjoy trying different things so I can find the right product that is best for my combination skin type.

    I will definitely check these products out on my next shopping run for my must-haves. Thank you!

  20. Such a lovely range of makeup and accessories. I need a new highlighter, so will check it out!

  21. I was looking at that primer the other day but didn't end up buying it. I love the nxy liquid suede but I feel like i'm too messy to wear them properly

  22. I absolutely love the all nighter spray, some great products here! xo