Pictures of my office make over!

First things first, this post is extremely picture heavy and these are the remaining photos after I got rid of around 20 but I felt like these all needed to be in here. But just a warning in case you don't enjoy picture heavy posts as this is a fairly heavy post. So last month I created an office makeover wishlist post and during this post, I asked if you guys would like to see the finished office post and you all commented saying you would like to see that, so I have taken a selection of photos of my finished office to show you all.

 I am gutted that I live in rented accommodation as I would love to do so much more to the walls and floors. I made a few small changes but they've done the world of good to my mental health as well to my office as it is super relaxing to be in here now. Hopefully, you enjoy the pictures I've taken, under the photos I will share where I purchased items from and links if you can still buy them as some stuff has been in boxes for a while.

 Rabbits from George £8.00
Love sign is from George (No longer available)
Eiffel Tower is from a Paris gift shop.
Bike is from Dunelm £5.00  
Clapboard is from The Range £7.99
 Pens are from Asda and Kirsty
 Faux plant is from Primark
Spiced Dusk candle is from Primark £2.00
Mini candles are from Primark £1.00
Bird ornament (No longer available)  
Shell is from the beach!
 The mini suitcase is from Sass & Belle £23.00 for a set of 3. 
Face masks are from Superdrug and Tony Moly on eBay.
Beanbag is from Dunelm for £49.00
Table is revamped from an old one
The Positivity kit is from Amazon £7.49
Quote Jar is from Trentham garden centre.
Notebook from unknown. 
Glasses are from Perfect Glasses in style Vogue £21.00
Flamingo glass is from Ikea 75p
Similar floral straws can be purchased from eBay 99p
Skurar plant pot available in white from Ikea £2.00
Pink plant pot is from Ikea £1.00
Blue plant pot is from Ikea for £1.50

What is your favourite part of my office? 


  1. These pictures look great I love how your office looks! I am a complete sucker for fairy light decorations :P

    Jess xx

  2. I love posts like this!! Pinning fairy lights to a corkboard is a great idea - I have the same struggle being in rented accommodation. All the ornaments are gorgeous too

  3. This is a great little office space! I love the look of your pens and all your pots! I bet you'll be so inspired in this space x

    Kayleigh Zara šŸŒæ

  4. I love your shelves - the combination of objects you have is lovely. And I'm VERY jealous of your sheet mask collection!
    Tori -

  5. I love the fact that you've got a massive collection of pens because goals. I'd just doodle things with different colours all day long. Also how cool are the candles? Pommegranate and fig sounds like a great scent! I love the little details in your office. Wish I could have one myself. You did a great job with decorating!

    Julia xx

  6. It looks so lovely! I would love to see the before pictures of how you have transformed it.

    I especially like the beanbag! I'm setting up a little reading / blogging corner in my bedroom and I think I might just need one!

    Alice | Dainty Alice

  7. It looks so nice! You just can't beat fairy lights!
    Panda x |

  8. Love the plant pot and the candles! I'm itching to redo my home office, fortunately I'll be able soon so fingers crossed ^^ x


  9. As a stationery addict, my fave part of your office is definetely your pens! šŸ˜‚. All your photos are amazing though :)
    Amy xx

  10. Your office is aesthetically pleasing! I can't wait to have my own office space and make it over šŸ’–

  11. created an amazing place for yourself. And most things are very affordable. Thanks for sharing these ideas.

  12. Love the mini suitcases!

  13. Ooh it all looks so lovely! That plant looks so real. And I love that flamingo glass!
    Cora ❤

  14. Your room looks incredible wow! So much attention to detail šŸ’‹ love it. Over from x

  15. Your room looks incredible wow! So much attention to detail šŸ’‹ love it. Over from x

  16. Your office looks very warm and inviting,definitely can see you post more then twice a week from it!

  17. I really like what you have done, it looks great. Love the candles too

  18. Your office is perfect I really love the Love Sign and the faux plant from Primark . A gorgeous office space! xx

  19. Oh my gosh, your office is beautiful!! It's so happy, uplifting & inspiring! xx

  20. I love the look of the pens and the lovely blue pot thatvyou havecpopped them in!

  21. I love the Paris statue it's my favourite. The lights are really nice to create a warm space. I've used those pens before and really like them! X

  22. I love the little fairy lights, I need to get some for my office to make it a little more homey. The yellow pens are my favourites to use!

    Ami xxx"

  23. Lovely office, my favourites are the faux plant and face mask suitcase.

  24. lovely. those pens are my fave - prekids I used to have a pot too just in reach. Love doodling with them. Good job x

  25. Loving the fairy lights, although they would probably distract me. I have given up with a pen pot - the kids pinch them all LOL