4 things to do in Orlando!

Happy Wednesday all, another travel post for you today about one of my favourite places in the world which I visited back in 2014, which is Florida especially Orlando as I've visited there myself. The post today is going to be 4 things for you do whilst in Orlando Florida! Dependant on where you want to stay there are so many cool places to stay, whether you stay in a Disneypark, in a hotel or even choose a package holiday from a company such as TravelPlanners who have some fabulous deals in Orlando who have some amazing places to stay in Florida! Let me know in the comments if you've been to Orlando before and what your favourite things were to do there!

1. Visit Universal. 
When in Orlando one of my favourite places I visited was Universal, Universal similar to Disney is made up of many parks, however I only visited the main one. During my time in Universal I saw many cool things including a transformers ride, a hurricane simulator, all things Harry Potter and a horror special effects show. My favourite thing about the day was the Simpsons Ride, the queue was HUGE but was worth every second. It is a simulator but it makes you feel like you're falling and huge rides, I felt so sick after I am telling you. I took loads of pictures of the day and had tons of fun.

2. Go to Disney World Florida.
Of course, if you are going to Florida you are going to visit Disneyland, there are some seriously amazing things to do at Disneyland, including meeting some amazing princesses! There are now I believe four theme parks to visit, magic kingdom which I visited along with Epcot and also there is the animal kingdom and Hollywood studios! One of the coolest things about Disney I found were the many different choices of places to eat, we ended up eating in the liberty tree tavern. But in all of the parks there are over 300 choices of food which is pretty insane. Now on to the rides, my favourite rides in the park were it's a small world, space mountain and Buzz Lightyears space range but there are lots of others which you can view here. Finally if you get chance I would totally recommend checking out the swiss family tree house.

3. Visit the Wonderworks!
If you haven't heard of the Wonderworks then you're in for a treat. When enter the exhibit everything is upside down, which honestly is so weird and experience in itself. Following this you can enter one of 6 zones. My favourite one was the far out gallery filled with cool art including 3d art. The other zones are natural disasters, physical challenge zone, light and sound zone, space discovery and imagination lab! I visited a few years ago so I believe it has changed a fair bit. Once you have finished with this there is an AMAZING indoor climbing course which is super scary and I ended up chickening out, but it looked so fun! As well as an arcade, 4D motion theatre which is super weird and a completely new experience and finally laser tag woo! To view their site click here.

4. Go shopping in the malls!
When I visited Florida I was so excited to go shopping, me and my boyfriend at the time saved so much money before hand so we could go a little crazy. On my first day I blew $150 dollars in walmart on food and make up. There are some super cool malls and the perfect location for any bloggers who want to go shopping! The best malls to visit are the mall at Millenia and also the Vineland premium outlets. At the outlets there are some seriously cool discounted stores including Kate Spade, Nike and Vans! Would recommend checking out both places for that full shopping experience!

Let me know in the comments if you've been to any of these places! 

*collaborative post
Olivia Jade


  1. I really want to do all of these, maybe one day haha! x


  2. My family and I have been wanting to go back to USA to go to Universal studios. Disney was absolutely amazing, I would love to go back there!

    Jess xx

  3. I've been the USA and done everything except three visiting the wonderworks which sounds absolutely amazing and like such a fun experience x

    Kayleigh Zara 🌿www.kayleighzaraa.com

  4. I loved Orlando when I visited! I did everything except the Wonderworks as I had no idea what it was! Definitely on my list for next time ;)

  5. Florida has been on my travel wishlist for the longest time. I'd love to visit Disney and see the Harry Potter Universal. I'd not heard of Wonderworks before but it sounds amazing and well worth a visit.

  6. I would definitely want to eat food, a lot of it and go on some rollercoasters but Wonderworks sounds amazing!

  7. I would truly love to go to Florida one day, it would without doubt be a dream come true. My daughter would love to go to Harry Potter World.

  8. Oh yes - always wanted to go to Disney World Florida - it is on my bucket list!

  9. I want to go to Florida so much, especially for Disney World x

  10. Harry potter world and Disney world would be my top places to visit for sure!

  11. I really love the sound of Universal Studios and my son is just getting into Harry Potter so he's desperate to go there too!

  12. I've never heard of the WonderWorks before! I've not visited America yet so when I finally do and visit Disney World and Univeral studios I will do WonderWorks too. The upside down bit and the climbing course sounds so cool