4 Unforgettable Outdoor Activities to Try in London #AD

London has so much to offer in regards to sights and attractions. Make sure to make time to spend in the great outdoors, as these exciting outdoor activities — from paintballing to zorbing — will make it a trip to remember.

The UK is blessed with so many exciting cities, charming towns and scenic countryside retreats. Yet, the location that stands out the most in many people’s minds is definitely London. Not only is it the capital of Britain, but it’s one of the most visited cities in the entire world. As such a popular tourist destination, it naturally has activities and attractions by the bucket-load. In this post, we’ll take a look at a few of the unique outdoor activities that London has to offer.

1. Take a Bike Tour
If you’ve ever been to London — or any of Europe's major cities for that matter — you will have noticed the abundance of people riding bikes. Owning a car in such a jam-packed city can be hard work, so many people opt for the pedal-power option. Plus it’s always a decent form of exercise. Aside from the commuting and cycle enthusiasts, many of the cyclists around the city will be tourists. Hiring a bike for the duration of your stay is a good way to simply get around, but one of the best ways to really see the city is from a saddle. London happens to have a fair amount of bike tours, all of which are reasonable in price, really great fun and will be a much quicker and easier way to see the sights.

2. Paintball
While London is indeed a goldmine of tourism-friendly activities, trying something a bit random and brilliantly unique will make your trip more memorable. Many outdoor activities represent these traits, but none more so than a day of paintball in London. You will have to travel 20 minutes or so outside of the city centre — as people probably won’t appreciate being bombarded by paintballs as they roam the city streets — but the rural surroundings just outside of London are well worth it. Paintball near London is some of the finest in the UK and offers the most up-to-date equipment and expertly designed battlefields; over 50 acres of it, in fact. A wide range of ages can get involved (8 years+), so you won’t have too much trouble catering to everyone's needs. Let battle commence!

3. Hop on a Boat and Enjoy the Thames
London has many sights that combine to form a powerhouse of tourist attractions, one of which is the River Thames. Strolling down the banks of the river and enjoying the various sights along the way is one option, but why not enjoy it all while taking a leisurely jaunt aboard a boat? Depending on your preference, mood, company, or need for speed, there are plenty of options in regards to the type of boat to hop aboard. A gentle jaunt will allow you to see all of the sights at a leisurely pace, or a speedboat to kick it up the adrenaline levels somewhat. If you fancy something more luxurious, a cruise with dinner, dancing and live entertainment will be right up your street.

4. Zorbing
Much like paintball, zorbing offers something incredibly unique and an opportunity to enjoy London’s surrounding rural areas. If you’re unfamiliar with zorbing, it involves being harnessed inside a giant inflatable ball and, from there, being rolled down a series of grass banks.Sounds simple, doesn’t it? It is, and that’s what makes it so appealing to the masses. Taking part requires no skill or previous experience; just climb inside and proceed to tumble down a hill. You can even share the experience with another person, as some orbs have dual harnesses. Maybe not the most traditional first date, but definitely one that you won’t forget in a hurry!

What would you like to try most?

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Pick N Melt Review + Giveaway!

Pick N Melt Bag

Pick N Melt caught my eye with their amazing name, and when I clicked on their website I wasn't disappointed by what I found. The name to me reminds me of pick n mix, so I was curious to know if they offered melts in the same format and they do! For an amazing price also. With 250 scents to choose from you are truly spoilt for choice. If you stay tuned to the end of this post you are also able to win your own warmer with 10 packs wax melts, you're in for a treat. I want to thank Pick N Melt for working with me on this review and sending me some really cute goodies. So I arrived home to a huge box with 3 pick n mix bags full of wax melts in a variety of flavours and smells also a warmer which was also in the cutest packaging.

Like a good blogger I decided to take pictures of everything first before proceeding to go on and tip all of the bags of melts out everywhere. The melts come in a variety of sizes, I got around 30 packs of 6, and Pick N Melt you use around 6 for a small ish room and 12+ for a bigger room or a stronger scent. I found you can mix and match any of the scents you buy as they smell amazing together with all of the random concoctions I've tried so far. My favourite scent I've tried so far is summer fruits. The perfect summer scent in my opinion. Before the review I told Pick N Melt that I'd love try anything pink/ fruity and they sent bags out with pink, fruity and pink and fruity and this made me really happy as it shows they're willing to go the extra mile. For 60p for 6 cubes it is totally worth the money and it gives you the chance to try them out before purchasing one of the larger packs of your favourites.

The melter needs to be used with a tealight candle which they sell on their site or you can pick up from just about anywhere. I've gone through around 10 in the last few days as it just smells so good. To get the wax out of the burner I would recommend heating it up for a couple of minutes, just before it starts to full melt and then take the top off and tap quite hard and it should come out pretty easily. Or you can use a knife when it is solid to scrape it out, however this may risk scratching your melter.

Pick N Melt Wax melts

So now on to the giveaway, this will run for two weeks from todays date 30/08/2017, the prize is for a Pick n Melt melter as well as a choice of 10 small packs of melts of your choice. The prize will be sent out by Pick N Melt, and picked from a random entrant via Rafflecopter. All you need to do is enter below and let me know in the comments what scent you'd most like to try! Good luck. a Rafflecopter giveaway

Let me know if you've ever tried this brand and what scents to try next! 

*Contains PR samples

Beauty products you need to try!

Originally back in 2013 when I started this blog I planned for it to be a beauty blog, I am obsessed with makeup and own far too much (according to everyone else, of course) and I am forever buying a ton of products and then never featuring them on the blog. So that's where the beauty edit comes in, similar to a monthly round up but of beauty products I've been loving throughout the month and basically give you a mini review of each. As this is my first one, it's a bit of a round up of the products I've been loving for a while now, let me know in the comments if you want to see more of these posts. 

Beauty Edit

Luxe Studio 2 piece brush set*:
I've been using about this style of brush for some time now, at first I thought they looked a bit like toothbrushes, oops bad blogger alert. However once I read into them a lot more I found out they work well due to the bristles being densely packed together as well as the shape of them. I found 7X (the bigger brush of the two) perfect for blending in foundation and BB cream and 6X (the smaller brush) perfect for highlight and also pretty good for concealer. These are also beautiful for photographing as they are a beautiful rose gold colour. These brushes are exclusive to Boots and cost £18.99 for the set.

NYX liquid Suede

L'oreal infallible primer

L'oreal Infallible primer:
This primer has been a favourite product of mine since I discovered primer about 2 years ago. It's super easy to apply, feels pretty heavy on your fingers however when it is applied on to the skin it feels lightweight and leaves the skin feeling INSANELY soft. It's a budget primer and you only need a little amount to cover a full face, so would totally recommend it to anyone looking to get into using primer. I found it amazing at keeping my foundation in place and it also made my makeup look complete and it makes foundation even easier to apply on top of it. 

GOSH Brow Shape & Fill*:
So I am gonna admit something to you all, and even though I have been seriously into my makeup for a while now it is only recently I decided to start filling in my eyebrows, growing up everyone filled them in with black eyeliner and they looked like slugs (to be honest) and it's put me off ever trying them myself. However I know the products available now are so much better so I decided to invest in an eyebrow pencil from Boots and fell in love with the finished look, however I noticed this pencil broke a lot so I decided I needed something better. That's where GOSH Brow Shape & Fill fits in, with a shade which actually looks amazing on my eyebrows, easy to apply and doesn't break every 5 seconds. I am super happy with this. 

GOSH highlight

Nyx Liquid Suede:
For someone who has been big into their lip products since the age of 12, when I found NYX was in the UK (finally) I knew I had to treat myself to bits and it's just spiralled from there. I own a lot of the liquid suede collection and I own all of the purples they have. This lighter purple which is also known as sway is a shade I wasn't sure about along with their little denim dress. Both look out of this world in the packaging but on my lips I wasn't sure. However I was so happy to have purchased both, they give stellar looks and are super long lasting. I sometimes use it as a base and then put run the world on top as it builds and makes a really cool colour together. These are currently £7.00 from Feel Unique. 

Rubis Tweezers*:
When I was sent the press release for this product, the words "Described by Bobbi Brown as the Ferrari of tweezers" stood out to me and I knew I needed to try these out for myself. I have to say myself, they are SO good for removing any stray hairs and they are pretty much painless, you are able to quickly and effectively remove any hairs with these. They are a little pricey at £19.50, however they are damn good. If you're curious as to why the name is Rubis like I was the reason is "Originally created to precisely place rubies in watches by luxury watch brands such as Cartier and Rolex, the tweezers are the at the top of the tweezer-game when it comes to performance." Which I thought was pretty cool! 

Gosh highlighter*:
I have been loving this highlight for travelling lately, it is the perfect handbag/makeup bag size for on the go and contains four beautiful shades. It's made me happy that it is easier to carry around on the go so I am able to complete my look anywhere. I am not the best at makeup by any means but even I found this highlighter easy to apply, it's not to shimmery which I find a lot of them to be which is a little off putting for me and is pretty long lasting. For £12.99 I would recommend this to anyone in the market for a new highlight. 

Makeup drop

Urban Decay All Nighter Spray*:
Earlier this year Urban Decay decided give their setting spray a little makeover, and I am glad they did as their new packaging is so lush. I always found my old one looking so dirty after being put in my bag for a while. However their new sleek packaging is so much better, I have their full sized spray as well as their mini travel sized one (again perfect for on the go) I've always loved this product as it honestly keeps your makeup in place for so long. I used to find my eye makeup moved down my face as the day progressed but this keeps it in place, woo!

Makeup Drop*: 
Last but not least is the lovely Makeup Drop, a unique silicone beauty applicator. Not the prettiest thing around, however it feels amazing to apply makeup with, easy to clean also. It is also great for blotting away any excess grease on the skin. Apply an product with it and then you can blend easily, a lot of people use it for contour. I have been using it to apply my foundation (as well as at the start possibly used it as a stress ball, I am such a bad blogger). My foundation looks more flawless and I found it easier to apply as well. This product comes in at £14.00 and is available from Boots.

I hope you enjoyed a beauty related post, and let me know if you want to see more of these! 

*Contains PR samples 

How to get mermaid blue hair with Colour Freedom!

When walking pretty much anywhere I get stares or random people running up to me asking me how questions like 'how do you get your hair SO blue?!' 'What dye do you use to get it that cool!' so I thought I'd write a blog post about the process it takes me to get blue hair, although I just top mine up now I did originally have to bleach all of my hair, so it's worth keeping this in mind if you have dark hair. I've actually tested all of blue shades from Colour Freedom as well as their new green shade which is Emerald green and honestly it's lush. I am currently wanting to dip dye the ends green with the rest blue, however my hair currently isn't in the best condition so it doesn't take as well. However if you are starting from scratch or happy to bleach all of your hair I would totally recommend it. 

Colour Freedom Blue Denim

So for the blue I usually go for Truly Blue which weirdly looks like it is purple from the box but it is actually a really dark blue, or Blue Denim which is a slightly lighter blue but I have used both for a dip dye effect before, and dependant on what shade of blue you want there is also tropical aqua for a super vibrant light blue which looks AMAZING

Colour Freedom hair detox

So on to the process of dying your hair a beautiful mermaid blue, first things first I would recommend using Colour Freedoms detox kit, which has two bottles in a purifier and a revitaliser. So this these treatments are great for removing the build up of product in your hair and just gives it a 'fresh start'. You use the purifier like you would for a shampoo and then the revitaliser like a conditioner, and your hair smells and feels so much better after. 

Colour Freedom Bleach

Then on to the bleach, I usually go for a Jerome Russell bleach as it is easy to get your hands on from pretty much any store which sells hair products, however this time I decided to try the Colour Freedom one, what I noticed from this bleach is my hair was nowhere near in as bad condition as it is from the Jerome bleach however it took longer to get to that white ish blonde as opposed to the horrible yellow. On this occasion I only did my roots therefore it was okay to leave it on for a while as it is virgin hair. In total I usually leave this on for an hour, but if it doesn't need this long on your hair wash it off before this time. Wash off your hair and then condition it. Following this towel dry your hair as for the Colour Freedom dyes they work better on semi wet hair, also is so much easier to apply all over. 

Once you've done this the box says to leave for 30 minutes, however as it doesn't have anything damaging in it I tend to just leave it for as long as I feel like, then here comes the fun part! Washing it off again, I am warning you now if you shower it yourself rather than have someone else wash it off for you, you will have plenty of blue body parts, as well as hands. (I've had some strange looks from my bright blue knees, legs and feet ha ha). From my experience this dye won't run clear as it is only semi permanent, therefore everytime you wash it with anything like shampoo it tends to come out and fade. 

Colour Freedom hair products

There you go folks, that is how you get mermaid blue hair, however a quick disclaimer, blue is quite difficult to get rid of once you've done it also bright colours are a lot of maintenance, and if you're like me, you want your colour to constantly be perfect so be wary of the upkeep. I would recommend using a lot of products on your hair when straightening and drying it and also avoid washing it as much as possible for a longer lasting colour. Dry shampoo is a saviour for me! 

Let me know whats the 'coolest' colour you've ever gone! 

*Contains PR samples. 

Simple switches to save ££

We are probably all a little guilty of overspending here and there and obviously, a little overindulgence from time to time is definitely needed. However, if you’re struggling to make it to the end of the month after all the bills are paid, the rent or mortgage has left your account and you’ve filled up the fridge, you should maybe start thinking about how you could change a few spending habits to mean your paycheque stretches that little bit further. Of course, finding ways to do this can prove challenging and the thought of gathering together some savings can actually be a little overwhelming when there is so much temptation to spend, so I’ve put together a few pointers to give you a little help.

Reassess your bills:
Believe it or not, a lot of us are paying well over the odds when it comes to our bills, which could be reduced by a few simple phone calls and a bit of sweet talking. A lot of bills are calculated by estimations, and ensuring that you submit readings regularly means you will receive an accurate charge, rather than a charge that has been estimated by the company. A lot of people found that they saved a significant amount on their bills, just by doing that.

Other ways to save money on your monthly outgoings is to watch your usage a little more closely. I’m not talking NEVER taking a relaxing hot bath or flush the loo but perhaps your morning shower could be a little shorter, you could throw on a jumper instead of the heating and turn the TV off when you’re not really watching it. We are also all guilty of leaving the lights on from time to time which, when using regular halogen light bulbs can cause your bills to rocket due to the amount of energy they burn when illuminated. Switching your light bulbs to an eco-friendly alternative will save you hundreds in the long run as they use a lot less energy and are still just as powerful in terms of brightness! Another perk is that they last for around 30,000 hours, meaning no more life endangering chair stunts to change your bulbs!
Prep your meals
If there’s one thing we are all guilty of spending too much money on, it’s our food bill. We might be good and stick to a listed weekly shop but then dash out on our lunch for a meal deal or even eat out at a coffee shop or restaurant/pub. Whilst all of this is completely fine once in a while, making a habit of buying your lunch and dinner as and when can definitely be a pricey decision – not to mention an unhealthy one if you shop when hungry! The meal prep trend is on the rise, and all for good reason; you can have a nutritious meal ready and waiting for when you feel hungry. The best way to ensure your meals are prepped is to make them at the beginning of the week. It might take an hour or so but will definitely be worth it. Easy meal prep ideas are big chicken stir fry’s divided into portions, roasted veggies, tinned tomatoes and quinoa and even things like tuna and brown pasta. Swapping your meal deal sandwich for a delicious, homemade meal? I’ll take that.

Some of the things that we dash out to the supermarket can be homemade quickly and easily if we know how. Supermarket items, such as cleaning products and skincare essentials often contain a lot of unnecessary ingredients and we can make cheaper, safer versions of them ourselves at home. An example of this would be homemade ‘spray cleaner’ which is simply white vinegar and water. Lemons are also a natural disinfectant. These switches will not only save you money, but they are also eco-friendly and won’t cause any environmental damage. You can’t go wrong.
Bargain Hunt!
Are you guilty of simply throwing things into your shopping trolley or online ‘basket’ without even really thinking twice about how much it costs? Supermarkets will often put the products that they want you to buy (aka their most expensive ones) at eye level, so it’s the first thing you see. The best way to avoid paying more than you have to is to have a good old bargain hunt! Yes, it might take an extra five minutes, but I can guarantee that by doing so, you will find some great deals. It also helps to be wary of big brands. We all fall into the trap of buying the branded option, when in fact the Supermarket own brand option is exactly the same, if not nicer. If you think you can make a few brand swaps – it will definitely be worth your while! Lastly, when shopping online, be sure to use good old Google and search for discount codes before you complete the transaction! You never know what is lurking out there so having a quick look before paying full price is always a wise idea!
Will you be trying any of these ideas?

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Pictures of my office make over!

First things first, this post is extremely picture heavy and these are the remaining photos after I got rid of around 20 but I felt like these all needed to be in here. But just a warning in case you don't enjoy picture heavy posts as this is a fairly heavy post. So last month I created an office makeover wishlist post and during this post, I asked if you guys would like to see the finished office post and you all commented saying you would like to see that, so I have taken a selection of photos of my finished office to show you all.

 I am gutted that I live in rented accommodation as I would love to do so much more to the walls and floors. I made a few small changes but they've done the world of good to my mental health as well to my office as it is super relaxing to be in here now. Hopefully, you enjoy the pictures I've taken, under the photos I will share where I purchased items from and links if you can still buy them as some stuff has been in boxes for a while.

 Rabbits from George £8.00
Love sign is from George (No longer available)
Eiffel Tower is from a Paris gift shop.
Bike is from Dunelm £5.00  
Clapboard is from The Range £7.99
 Pens are from Asda and Kirsty
 Faux plant is from Primark
Spiced Dusk candle is from Primark £2.00
Mini candles are from Primark £1.00
Bird ornament (No longer available)  
Shell is from the beach!
 The mini suitcase is from Sass & Belle £23.00 for a set of 3. 
Face masks are from Superdrug and Tony Moly on eBay.
Beanbag is from Dunelm for £49.00
Table is revamped from an old one
The Positivity kit is from Amazon £7.49
Quote Jar is from Trentham garden centre.
Notebook from unknown. 
Glasses are from Perfect Glasses in style Vogue £21.00
Flamingo glass is from Ikea 75p
Similar floral straws can be purchased from eBay 99p
Skurar plant pot available in white from Ikea £2.00
Pink plant pot is from Ikea £1.00
Blue plant pot is from Ikea for £1.50

What is your favourite part of my office? 

How to look after your hair naturally!

We all want to spot that exquisite, bouncy, and healthy-looking hair. That, in part, explains the frenzy around hair care products, chemicals, and the range of processes aimed at giving your hair that extra head-turning look. However, trying to find an actual solution that works and is not damaging to our hair amidst the flood of information and range of procedures can be something of a gamble. As always, mother nature provides safe and natural methods on how to look after your hair naturally and still maintain that healthy and beautiful look. Let’s explore a few of these methods:

1. Get the Right Products
Up until the last few decades, we had no leave-in conditioners or shampoos. Naturally available ingredients were all it took to look after our hair. Could this perhaps be more than a cue for you to get back there? You can begin by getting products that have all-natural ingredients. But don’t just pick a product because it has a picture of your favourite celebrity on the packaging. You may also want to consider natural options such as Aloe-Vera, egg, or even yoghurt which will naturally nourish your hair without the harmful effects of chemical products.

2. Treat Your Hair Gently
Go easy on your hair while combing, styling or even when drying it. Rough and harsh movements can damage your hair especially when it is wet. Always wash your hair with lukewarm or cold water, rather than hot water. Skip the hot showers as well. Too hot water will damage the tips of your hair. Rather than using a hair-dryer, let your hair dry up naturally, and avoid combing it when it is still wet. Also, try to avoid using hair straighteners, straightening brushes and other
hair straightening techniques.

3. Try Some Egg Treatment
This is one of the oldest and most effective tips on how to look after your hair naturally. Take half a cup of any egg mixture and apply to damp and clean hair. Leave it in for around 20 minutes and then use cold water to rinse off. You can use the entire egg to condition your hair or just the egg whites to moisturize your hair if it is brittle or dry. You will notice an almost immediate change in your hair.

4. Don’t Wash Your Hair Too Frequently
There’s a lot of confusion about how often you should wash your hair. There is really no rule of thumb or magic number. However, washing your hair less often, about 2-3 times each week will help keep a balance. On one hand, you will avoid stripping it of the natural oils which are critical for healthy hair growth and on the other, help to keep dirt or dust at a minimum. Find a good balance, depending on the oiliness of your skin.

5. Maintain a Healthy Diet 
The connection may not be too apparent, but a proper diet is
absolutely essential for healthy hair
. Include a lot of proteins, raw vegetables and fruits, and lots of water in your diet. Hair that is already out there can no longer derive the benefits of even the most nutritional supplements or foods. Therefore, the trick is to ensure that the proper nutrients are supplied for new healthy hair growth.

6. Use Proper Brushing Techniques
It is generally recommended that you brush your hair at least once a day. Begin with the ends, to get rid of the tangles and knots, then work your way up to the roots. Finally, take long strokes from the roots all the way to the ends so as to help spread the natural hair oils and to prevent potential breakage. You’ll want to avoid combs with plastic bristles which break your hair easily because of the static electricity.

7. Remember To Use Protection Before You Jump Into The Swimming Pool
Swimming pools contain a great deal of damaging and harmful chemicals. The longer you spend in the pool, the more damage your hair will experience. Other than tucking your hair under a nice and sleek swimming cap, you can also add a little leave-in conditioner to your hair as extra protection before you dive into the pool.

8. Change Your Hairstyle Frequently
Don’t get too hung up on one hairstyle just because everyone thinks you look fabulous. If the hairstyle in question is harsh on your hair, don’t wear it for more than a few days. In fact, many of the hairdos that tug on your air or force you to pull back on your hair too tightly usually cause breakage.

Thanks to emphatic marketing, the urge to try out every single new hair product is enormous. However, there are plenty of tips and tricks on how to look after your hair naturally. If you follow the above tips, you’ll be good to go.

*Guest post from Nicky @ Haircare Club

It's okay, not to be okay.

I've gotta be honest with you guys, this year my mental health has been one of the worst it has been in my 22 years on this planet. My anxiety seems to amplified by 100 and I find each day that bit more challenging. I am forever wondering if it is because I am no longer a student and now work full time, and before that was an emotionally abusive 'relationship' (if you're curious you can read more here.) Although working gives me a purpose which I never had when at university as I was stuck in a degree I hated more than anything and despite managing to complete it this year, go me! My anxiety refused to let me go to graduation, which again was a huge disappointment not only for me but for my family too. A week later I managed to get over my anxiety and pass my driving test, something I genuinely thought I was going to take the most attempts in the world to pass, but I did it on my 5th attempt, quite a few attempts for some, but I did it and that makes me proud. Everyday I suffer with the feeling that something isn't quite right with mental health, I have been given a diagnosis of PTSD ever since I entered the world of getting help for the way I feel, however it just feels like it doesn't feel right, like there is more yano?

I went back to the doctors a few weeks back and was put on Sertaline, my 5th type of antidepressant as usual I wonder if it will do anything at all. I suffer with these moods, these moods which can often have me feeling incredibly low, but also out of this world happy. This worries me. My doctor advised at the mental health service he has re-referred me to should be able to help me seek the correct diagnosis. I struggle like crazy some days to get up, but remember I need to go to work, my managers are super supportive which helps for sure. But I still sometimes struggle. `

I often beat myself up for the way I am, wishing I was someone else and didn't suffer with this condition, which nobody else can see. I wish I was able to control my own moods. However I realise I can't and until I manage to get this under control a little more I may not be able to. So there is only one thing left to do, realise it is okay, not be okay. I am coming to terms with the fact, my condition makes me feel this way, and I shouldn't feel bad or disappointed in myself when I struggle to do things like go out with friends, do certain chores or even when it is really bad go to work. We are all human and I have to say living with a condition that controls your thoughts and feelings is a tough one. So I should keep feeling proud of how well I do manage to cope and keep staying strong.

For all of you out there who are struggling with feeling not good enough, your low moods or anything which isn't your fault REMEMBER this, you are a badass.

The Glendower Hotel Review- St Annes.

A last minute trip to Blackpool for a few days in my week off brought us to the Glendower Hotel in St Annes, a 20 minute car journey away from Blackpool. I was excited to go to Blackpool and stay at hotel which the internet describes as clean, luxurious and welcoming. Upon arrival we were greeted at reception went through all of the little details and were shown to our room which was room 116, I first noticed in the corridor outside of the room there was a huge brown piece of wood as they were doing some renovations of the rooms in our corridor, however once we walked into our room that was all forgotten. First greeted by a beautiful looking double bed (which may I add, was SO comfy) on the site there was an assortment of coffee and teas which is always good and a couple of glasses for water, along with a hair dryer (the one time I bring mine of course!) following this I went and checked out the bathroom which had such a lovely looking sink, a bath and an array of complimentary soaps and bath items. Me and Will also noticed the bathroom had an amazing light on the mirror perfect for taking selfies. 

When looking around the room we noticed the book of information and the hotel has gym facilities along with a beauty room and for anything extra you may need you can call reception including room service, however when we went to call them for a fan we noticed that the phone wasn't actually working due to the wiring hanging out the wall. This was when we decided to test the other electrics as well, however the main lights were not working either. Due to this we went down to reception to advise, and they came up to have a look, they said as were only staying one night there wasn't much they could do about the phone however for the lights you just had to make sure the other switches were turned off, it was a little annoying they didn't seem bothered by this however with such a nice room and it only being one night we decided to let it go and not bother us. Following this we went out for the rest of the day, came back to the hotel and I had a lovely bath, followed by the BEST sleep. 

In the morning I woke up ridiculously early due to my routine from work, so we decided to go get breakfast at 7:30am, which I am glad for as there was so much choice at this time. We were greeted by a lovely waiter who took us to a table and explained how it works. Buffet breakfast followed by a hot breakfast which I was pretty impressed by. Round the corner there was a variety of cereals, fruit, pastries and finally my favourite thing ever- cheese (including babybels!) In the section after this there were two big containers of fruit juice, orange and apple which were both so yummy. Then on the back wall were two coffee machines a huge variety of teas and a machine to make toast with plenty of bread choices. For my hot breakfast I had the vegetarian breakfast which was deep fried halloumi, hash brown, egg, beans, fried bread, veggie sausage and a big mushroom. Which I also had with two rounds of brown toast, yummy. Will decided to have some crumpets followed by many bowls of cereal and some toast. 

As it was still so early once we had finished we decided to walk around the hotel, as it is very open and there are loads of comfy seating areas, perfect for reading or a great view. At the bottom of the corridor we found the gym which was INSANE better than a lot of the gyms I've been to and it was in the hotel, it had a variety of weights, choices of machines for pretty much everything, treadmills, steps and lots of other things, it was super clean, spacious and as it was so early it was empty so we made the most of this. We spent around an hour in the gym, before going back to our room and showering before heading out.

Overall my stay in the Glendower Hotel was fabulous, with a great selection of breakfast items, a lovely looking room, a great gym and free wifi. 

Visit the Glendower Hotel: North Promenade, St. Annes-on-Sea FY8 2NQ.

Taffy Mail haul + giveaway and discount code!

Taffy mail are no strangers to Dungarees & Donuts, back in 2015 I worked with them on a variety of reviews including a variety of American candy hauls, you can view them here American candy haul #2 and #3 here. First things first, I want to apologise for the lighting in this post, it was a super lovely day after work so I decided to snap some pics of the items in the garden! 

A variety of items arrived on my doorstep including Lays Stax, Peeps Oreos and some of my favourite skittles of all time the American mix. Honestly opening a box full of amazing and brightly coloured food items (mainly sweets may I add, get in!) was exciting and made my day. 

So Taffy Mail offer 3 subscription boxes one to suit almost every budget, lite for £7.49 containing 4-5 items, classic for £14.99 which includes 10-12 items and a can of American soda and then £24.99 for up to 20 items and at least one can of soda. To view the subscription choices you can here. For your first 3 months you will get 10% off with code 'DONUTS10'. You're welcome! (Stay tuned to the end of the post to win yourself a random candy box from Taffy Mail) 

Now on to the box, included in the box are the following items:

Milky way, Laffy Taffy x2, Dots, Skittles, Airheads, White Kit Kat, Dad's root beer, Snyders pretzel pieces, Applehead, Lays Stax, Fun Dip, Oreo brownie, Milk duds, Peeps Oreo.

I am going to put this out there right now, peeps Oreos are the best damn thing in the world, I mean a) pink Oreos and b PEEPS! If you haven't tried these you are missing out big tiiiiime. The Skittles are honestly life, I bought 5 packets of them when I was in the States because of the flavours sounding interesting and I was not disappointed and I'm not even going to lie, as soon as I finished taking photos I demolished the packet in about 3.5 seconds (possibly a little bit of over exaggeration) I found eating the milky way a little bit weird as it is nothing like the ones we have in the UK, it's actually more like a mars bar as opposed to the milky way, but that might just be due to the caramel and the texture. As for Airheads, those of you who read my blog regularly will know I am little bit obsessed with them from this post. So was happy to have another my stash is running a little low! Apart from the KitKat which is actually SO good. I am yet to eat everything else, but I am sure it'll be amazing! I would totally repurchase this box due to the quantity of items you get and I am always one for sweets as I have a massive sweet tooth! 

Now on to the giveaway! To win yourself this months Taffy Mail box in size extra (their largest box!) all you need to do is fill out the Rafflecopter form below and then Taffy Mail will send it out to a random entrant. UK only sorry! This will end 7 days from today (21.08.2017) there will be no alternative prize.

a Rafflecopter giveaway
Good luck all!  

*Contains PR samples