Alternative products wishlist for July!

Two posts already this week, I am on a roll! A lot you are probably aware I recently started a full time job, which has put my blog on the back burner for the last few months, but since I've started to get more into a routine I am able to bring you more content again! I was looking back at old content and I used to a lot of wishlist styled posts (I even did a wishlist Wednesday for a while!) and they always used to go down really well. I did used to do specific wishlists like Sephora, alternative bags and even a Dungarees & Donuts wishlist! Today I decided I would just bring you a wishlist of things I've seen throughout July (which a few of the items, are definitely being purchased on payday, not even gonna lie to ya!) Hopefully you enjoy this post as much as I enjoyed making it.

Killstar Book Of Shadows phone case!
How freakin' amazing is this phone case though? I've been lusting over some pretty much everything on Killstar this month, my current phone case is the I'm already dead one and it gets so many looks but honestly, I enjoy having the most out there phone cases.

A bugs life funko pops!
I recently discovered there are bugs life pop figures, which is a complete throwback and they're pretty damn adorable too. The sad thing is I can't seem to find a UK stockist that has them in stock, so I am not sure if they're available to buy over here yet. But once I find somewhere I can purchase them, they will all be miiiiine.

Lampcommerce lamps
I think it officially makes you an adult when you become excited about buying house things, however, I love all things quirky and quite fun. So when I found out about Lampcommerce and their amazing range of unique lamps, I fell in love. Honestly, guys, these lamps are like pieces of art. I, of course, fell in love with their cuboluce lamps (they look like mini rubix cubes!) as well as their Artemide lights.

Hype Cassy backpack
First things first, I am pretty sure I've never seen a bag by the brand Hype that I don't like, their designs are always original and fun and I have started to resort to using backpacks instead of handbags again, mainly because trying to fit your lunch, 3 drinks and all of your work stuff in the handbags I own, just isn't going to happen. The reason I fell for the Cassy bag is simply the amazing colour and it stands out, which in case you didn't guess from my bright hair. I love!

Ohh Deer Homewares
I am forever on the search for cute homewares, last year in Brighton I bought 10 coasters with funny slogans on just so I could pop them around my house to make me laugh, I love things that make me smile. I am constantly buying new candles and when I saw Ohh Deer, sell adorable fruit shaped ones including a kiwi (featured above) I knew I had to add them to my wishlist.

What's on your wishlist this month? 

*Collaborative post


  1. Omg that Funko Pop.... LOVE IT
    Love Vicki ♡ victoriajanex

  2. The book of shadows phone case is really cool! And that's such a cute little Funko pop.

    Julia // The Sunday Mode