21 June 2017

Why Choose an Escorted Tour Holiday

While away, like many, it's likely you'll want to book yourself onto one or two day trips from your hotel so you can see the landmarks and scenery your holiday destination has to offer. In which case, why not book an escorted tour holiday from the get-go? Not only will it help you to live like a local while away but, in the grander scheme of things, it may even save you some pennies.

Enjoy a Seamless Itinerary
From flights to your itinerary while away, escorted tour holidays offer you an entirely stress-free travel experience. When you book an escorted tour, you will be able to choose from a variety of themed itineraries that suit your particular interests and budget, which means from the minute you arrive, you'll experience everything you want to experience during your holiday. If you were to book tours separately while on a self-organised holiday, the logistics alone would, most likely, cause high levels of stress and panic, and that's not what you want while on what should be a serene, memorable, and hassle-free getaway. When you book an escorted tour holiday, you don't have to worry about the details – you just have to turn up at the pickup point at the right time.

Learn from the Experts
No guidebooks are necessary here. During an escorted tour holiday, you will learn from the best – usually, tour guides are locals that know everything there is to know about the local area, including all the historical landmarks, natural sights, and even the best places to eat and drink. Throughout the trip and after, your brain will be abuzz with knowledge learned from the locals.

Discover the Secrets
Another perk of having an expert tour guide is that, usually, you will be shown some of the more under-the-radar sights, including secluded beaches and walks through otherwise untrodden woodland, and so on. Chances are, if you organised the tours yourself, you would stick to the main trails and miss out on some of the unique sights, which means you'd be experiencing the same as thousands of other travellers. With an escorted tour, you're getting a truly unique experience.
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Escorted Tour Discounts
When travelling, you have to watch the pennies, but all that can go out the window if you haven't booked tours in advance and then, upon arriving at your hotel or accommodation, you need to fork out much more than you anticipated for the tours on offer. Also, booking tours last-minute will, often, mean paying a premium. However, if you book an escorted tour holiday with all your day trips and experiences included, you'll get the best price – that means more spending money.

Whether you're embarking on UK expedition to the Lake District or an Asian adventure in the Far East, escorted tour holidays are the best way to see and experience the wonders of your destination without having to pay a premium for your getaway, all while learning from a local.

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