26 June 2017

5 Lifestyle Changes To Feel Better!

1. Getting more sleep 

This is one I definitely need to do more, I am forever going to bed late and getting up super early for work. Getting more sleep helps the body feel refreshed and I am always more productive on a better nights sleep. *A lot nicer too* Soz work colleagues.

2. Working out 

Working out used to be my nightmare situation, the idea of getting sweaty in a public place and putting tons of effort into working out. I used to give up going so easily but I started to think about it a new way. So I turned into something for me, it's time for me to put my headphones in, focus on myself and zone out for a while and that is a great feeling and when you start to see small changes it all becomes worth it.

3. Take time away from being 'online'

Last summer I wrote a post about taking a digital detox which shared some super cool facts from It's Time To Log off who talk about the benefits of taking time away from your devices like laptops and phones including things like being able to get a better nights sleep if you don't use your phone an hour or so before going to bed, giving your brain time to switch off and other health benefits like also you are less likely to develop eye problems over long periods of time from using your digital device so much. A digital detox/ spending less time online is something I've wanted to do since I heard the spoken word film 'look up' from Gary Turk in 2014. However being a blogger and speaking to most of my friends online makes it harder to give it up.

4. Quit smoking

This is one a lot of people do, and it is a pretty big change to make and that is quitting smoking, and a lot of people are finding it easier with vaping or other aids. A study suggests that people who vape instead of smoking stated:

"After six months, people who switched from real to e-cigarettes had far fewer toxins and cancer-causing substances in their bodies than continual smokers." 

Vape AYR offer many amazing vape flavours including Vanilla Sky and Apple Crunch! As well as quitting smoking being great for your health it is also amazing for your wallet! Win. 

5. Make more time for people

Since starting a full time job, I am so guilty of this. I always struggle to find time for my friends, after work all I want to do is eat, shower and sleep. When in reality I should make time to hang out with my friends, even if all I manage is a few hours with a friend. Spending time with people boosts your mood and makes you feel less lonely, yay.

What changes do you need to make to your life? 

*Collaborative post 


  1. I need to spend less time online but there are always so many things I want to do.

  2. I need to try and make my sleeping patterns better and work out more as they're two things I struggle with x

  3. What great advice! Love your blog! I think I need to improve positive self talk and not being so hard on myself.

  4. Definitely agree with these! I always feel so much better when I exercise regularly and get enough sleep x

  5. Guilty of all of these 👆 Except smoking thankfully! I agree, being a blogger is hard to be off social media...but I think a detox is due...even if it's a couple of hours each day!

    Thanks for sharing!
    Leigh at Fashion Du Jour LDN x

  6. I need to eat less frozen processed foods and eat more fresh, Also stop them sneaky trips into Mc D's

    1. I know this feeling too well!

  7. I definitely need to get more sleep, I find it so hard to get to bed at a reasonable time after being at work all day - there's always stuff I want to do in the evenings!!

  8. Being a blogger means spending way TOO much time online, I definitely need to start taking more time off!