Tips For Getting Summer Ready!

Happy Friday all, how are we doing? I am kinda nervous and feeling a bit emotional as this weekend is my last shift at my part time job before I start a full time job next week! Excited for the change though and to finally get some structure into my life. By the time I put this post up I bet the sun has gone, however when I wrote the post it was sunny and hot, so that counts right! I thought I'd share with you some of my tips for getting summer ready as it's basically summer now and us Brits need to make the most of everyday in the sun.

1. Get your tan on!
For those of you going on holiday or just wanting a bit more of a tan (living in England isn't the best place to get that perfect summer glow) faking it is the way forward! I've never been one for tanning beds, but I love the idea of a little bit of a glow and tried fake tan in the past. I've tried a various range of tanning products, but getting a professional tan, I always find that St Tropez from Ellisons suits me best.

2. Try new makeup looks
The summer is the perfect time to try out those bright eyeshadows and lipsticks you've been harbouring all year. Pinterest has SOME amazing inspiration for creating fun and outgoing looks, perfect for the summer! Hand me the orange and pink eyeshadows! 

3. Drink more water!
In the Summer I find it so much easier to drink more, whether it's because I am boiling hot and need to cool down or just like to have refreshing glasses of water with ice and lemon in. Summer seems to give me the motivation to drink more. Plus it totally gives you better skin, and who doesn't want that! 

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Olivia Jade

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