5 Effortless Ways to Make Money From Your Blog

Whether you’re a full-time blogger or occasional scribbler, there’s money to be made via your site. The following five ways — from reseller hosting to sponsored posts — are simple ways to do exactly that.

The digital age has given birth to an abundance of online and tech-based careers and hobbies; blogging being one of the most prominent. What was previously an online journal of sorts has now developed into a creative platform to reach out to the masses — and many have found it to be a lucrative career path. So how does one make money from a blog?

Let’s take a look at five ways that many bloggers make money from their blog on a daily basis, none of which require a tonne of effort or computer whizkid abilities.

1. Sponsored Posts

To you, a blog may just be your little corner of the internet for posts about your hobbies and interests — and the occasional rant, of course. But in regards to business, a blog can be an incredibly valuable marketing tool, allowing companies to connect with their customers and establish themselves further as a brand.

And while most companies have — or rather should have — a blog these days, reaching out to bloggers in their chosen niche with the hopes of publishing a post on their site can be very beneficial. It’s something that you, as a blogger, should be using to your advantage. There’s money to be made from sponsored posts and the effort involved is minimal.

2. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is another way bloggers can capitalise on a company’s interest in your site. Signing up to an affiliate marketing scheme will give you a unique link, as well some marketing media (usually images and banners) to put on your blog. Your readers see the images, think “I need that product or service” and click on it. Once a sale is complete, you get a percentage. It’s as simple as that.

Your blog will undoubtedly have a theme or ‘niche’ in regards to topics and branding. This means you’ll attract visitors with interest in the topics you write about, so it makes sense to affiliate yourself with companies in the same industry as that particular niche.

You also have to consider that many of your visitors will be bloggers themselves (after all, bloggers love blogs), so it’s beneficial to become an affiliate of a company providing services that every blogger requires, such as web hosting.  

3. Selling a Service

For some people, a blog is just one part of their website, while the remaining pages are dedicated to advertising their creative abilities. The arrival of the internet has provided creative-minded people in areas of work such as graphic design, writing and illustration with the ideal platform to sell a service.

If you have an in-depth knowledge or aptitude for a particular skillset and think it’s something that will be a valuable asset to businesses, your blog is the perfect place to advertise said skills. The current generation has more creative types than you can shake a stick at, so taking the time to design a professional and unique site will be essential to stand out.

4. Reseller Hosting Packages

As a blogger and website owner, you’ll be aware of web hosting (VPS hosting, dedicated servers, cloud hosting); the service that provides you with web space and bandwidth to host your site and provide visitors with delightful content. But, did you know that website hosting companies also offer a service called reseller hosting?

By purchasing reseller hosting packages, you become what is essentially the middle-man between a web hosting company and your clients. If you’re starting to think this is all sounding a bit technical and much like hard work, you’d be wrong. You will be selling the company’s service, meaning they will be in charge of the technical aspects, such as maintenance. Your only real task will be to be a super-savvy salesman.  

5. Advertising Space

Advertising space is in no way a new concept, but the digital age’s version of it comes in the form of small adverts on the header, footer and sidebars of your website. This space will often be filled with various widgets improve the aesthetic of your site, but to businesses, it can be very valuable for advertising.

Blogging has transformed from a relatively unique activity to a fully-fledged phenomenon of the modern era. Thousands of blog posts are written on a daily basis, published on the millions and millions of blogs that currently exist, all of which contain advertising space. These areas on your site could be valuable to the right businesses. Finding those in your niche or industry who could benefit most will make it an easier sales pitch.

Whether you write a blog for fun or as a profession, it’s something that requires a bit of startup money for serious blogging (web hosting and domain registration fees). So now that you’ve invested some money into your blog, why not use it to make some money, too? Joining an affiliate scheme, purchasing a reseller hosting package, or accepting sponsored posts are just a few of the ways to make some extra cash without working your fingers to the bone.

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