What I've Been Lovin' #4

Another month, another what I've been lovin' post! You lot loved last months so I decided I would do another post on what I've been lovin' lately! If you're new to my blog this post is basically me sharing everything what I've been loving with you over the last month, it seems to be one of my more popular posts so I decided to make it a regular feature. I hope you enjoy this months, let me know what you've been lovin' this month in the comments!

Last week I got my third tattoo and have now booked in my fourth, I am super in love with how all of them look and I can't wait to cover both of my arms in them. I've decided on a cutesy sleeve for one arm and a spooky one for the other. I got the first tattoo for the cute sleeve last week done by the lovely Emily AKA Flim Flam at Tattoos @ 58. I'm hoping she will be creating many cute pieces on my arm in the foreseeable future!

My blue hair:
I've finally got my hair a shade of blue that I love thanks to the lovely people at AJC93 and Crazy Colour. They have SO many amazing shades that I can't wait to try out, at the moment I've got Capri Blue on my hair! Two bottles covered my whole hair and I've got thick hair. Yay! From what I can tell so far, it seems to be lasting despite being temporary and me washing my hair a lot.

Home decor 
At the moment I am super in love with home decor, I plan on tidying out my office and turning it into a really cool room. I've been super interested in getting some really cool lightening in my office. LampCommerce offer some amazing styles of light which I love, including Artemide for their super cool and unique floor lamps and Metallux for their lovely roof lighting. As well as this I've been looking into alternative storage solutions which I would love to create some of to put in my office.

13 Reasons Why:
Every man and his dog has watched this, and if you haven't where on earth have you been? 13 Reasons Why is a season on Netflix, that was originally a book wrote by Jay Asher, and I read it years ago! When I saw it was on Netflix on Friday (apparently it had only been put on that day) I was straight on to it, and by the end of episode 1 I was hooked. 24 hours later I had watched all 13 episodes.

Not to give any spoilers or anything but it is basically about a girl who commits suicide and she leaves tapes with 13 reasons why. I would give a lil' trigger warning though, if you're triggered by issues around suicide and sexual abuse I would give this one a miss.

Learning To Drive: 
I've recently decided I need to pass my test, with a few failed tests under my belt and a passed theory test that is is quickly running out, I have decided I am on the lookout for a new instructor. With Pass N Go they find the best prices for lessons in your area and then you can decide how many you need. I will only need a small block before I'm ready to do my test, perfect for a refresher. You can also buy essentials you need for passing your theory, like theory test books to learn all you need to know.

*Collaborative Post


  1. Love your hair I've never been confident to go a wacky color. Your tattoos look fab too and I'm also living watching 13 reasons why.

  2. I need to learn how to drive. Hoping to get that sorted next year.

  3. I really want to watch 13 reasons why.. but I've been told it gets quite emotional in the later episodes.. so I may wait until I've had the baby or I'll be blubbing a lot!