Tips For Student Living + Giveaway

Happy Saturday all, I hope you're enjoying the bank holiday weekend! As most of you who read my blog regularly are aware I have recently just finished my degree and was at university for over 4 years (weird course length) during that time there were many things I learnt and I think I grew up a lot during my time, from a little first year so I guess now a graduate. These tips are just things which I think are useful and if I were a student again I would follow. Also, stay tuned to the end of the post to be in with the chance of winning £100!

Tip One- Make Your Account A Student One!
Student accounts give you a 0% overdraft which is always useful for when those pesky bills sneak up on you, it also gives you chance when you're a graduate to pay back your overdraft over an arranged amount of time. Just make sure you make your overdraft a reasonable amount.

Tip Two- Budget Your Money. 
When your student loan drops at the start of term the overwhelming urge to spend it all overtakes, fair enough treat yourself, pay your rent and then work out what you've got left to budget for the next few months. There is no point in living in luxury for a month and then having £100 to last 3!

Tip Three- Supplement Your Student Loan! 
Getting a job at university was one of the best things I did, it helped me be able to have some kinda life alongside my studies and not feeling guilty for spending the money I have earned at work. Supermarkets are pretty flexible with students.

Competition time: 
So the guys at Unifood Direct are offering 5 of my readers the chance to win £100 each as well as 50% off their first box with Unifood. If you don't know about Unifood Direct they are a monthly subscription box who offer an amazing box of food for £28 with 20-25 food items in each box from brands we all know and love. To be in with a chance of winning follow the rafflecopter below and be sure to check out the T&Cs.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

T&Cs as stated by Unifood. 

  • Entries made must be made by a student, parent of a student or someone who has affiliations with someone at University.

  • Each individual must sign-up to the Unifood Direct site to be entered into the competition.

  • Only one entry may be made for household.

  • The prize money of £100 and 50% discount code is given out after verification of signup to the Unifood Direct site.

  • If you are chosen as a winner you must provide a valid email address or an alternative way to be contacted within 10 days of being chosen.

  • If sufficient effort has been made to contact winner with no reply, the prize money and discount code will be annulled.

  • Each discount code can only be used by used by the person it is granted to a maximum of one times.

  • This competition will run for a duration of three weeks, any entries made after this will not be counted.


  1. Some great tips here. I remember when i used to be a student

  2. Some great ideas there. I used to have a little part-time job when I was a student :-)

  3. Great tips, I had a part time job when I wS a student

  4. Fantastic tips, I was a student not long ago!

  5. Fab tips here and a lovely competition too.

  6. I miss uni so much, but one thing I do not miss was my lack of money!
    My first paycheque since graduating felt amazing :)

    Dani x

  7. These are great tips, for everyone not just students. Budgeting is such an important thing to learn as early as possible.

  8. I remember my university times and mine was 4 years long too. Some lovely tips you've shared

  9. Some great tips. I wish I was aware of them when I was a student.

  10. The 0% overdraft is such a lifesaver for me at uni! Really helps when I have big bills to pay.

  11. Some great tips, I never did the whole Uni thing as it just wasnt for me.

  12. Such good tips! I'm a student again. I finished my degree and after children decided to go back to being a student. Best thing is to definitely get a student account! I dipped in and out of my overdraft so much in my first year!

  13. I start in September! - so scared! as a mature student i feel like ill the the oldest person there! ha!

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